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Reimu holding two ofuda in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.

Ofuda (御札 or お札 o-fuda, a charm) are inscribed strips of paper or other material used within the Shinto religion as amulets or talismans for purification, exorcism, or protection. It is common for ofuda in manga or anime to have other abilities, such as timed explosion ("paper bombs"). In the Touhou Project, ofuda are often seen decorating characters and being used in characters' danmaku and spell cards. In print works, they are also used in other ways.

Examples of characters using ofuda

Examples of characters wearing ofuda for various reasons

  • Rumia's ribbon is actually an ofuda. Its purpose is unknown, but she can't touch it even though there have been times in which she wanted to take it off. [4]
  • Fujiwara no Mokou's hair is shown tied with ofuda and several ofuda are attached to her pants. May be wards against fire burns.
  • Ran Yakumo's hat and Suika Ibuki's gourd have some ofuda attached on them.