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General Tips[edit]

  • You can save whenever you're in the hallway. Either do so regularly or enable Autosaving in the Options menu.
  • Leaving a room and re-entering resets everything except for clear status and chests. Keep this in mind if you want to defeat every enemy or break every magic seal in a room.
  • After you obtain flight, you will regularly face a boss fight against Death and an indestructible fire flower when moving through the hallways. Moving between different rooms will, after a few moves, change the color of the pendant Patchouli gave you in the start of the game: when it gets red, you are forced into the fight. However, since the boss can be quite difficult if you are unprepared, you can leave unhurt by simply flying straight up once you've been teleported into the boss room.
  • While stars aren't indicative of completion order, they do show you how hard you can expect a room to be. It may be best to avoid early accessible areas like the Clock Tower until later in the game (though running away from the monsters and killing a Banshee over the wall with six Spear the Gungnirs can be quite fun!).


  • Keep an eye on the radar for yellow dots, indicating treasure chests. Some have keys, which are required to advance in the game.
  • If you forget, check the keys you have in your pause menu in the hallways
  • Some rooms require you to kill every enemy in the room to obtain accessories. Keep in mind that some enemies, upon death, cause spawning of other enemies, making this task harder.
  • Make sure to always break whatever furniture you see (poor furniture!), since this will wield Energie, and, ocasionally, health and MP as well.

Room-by-room Walkthrough[edit]

Many rooms have differing names in Japanese and English, though their meaning is always the same. However, the English patch didn't change some of the key names (for example, the "Training Room" is now "Meiling's Dojo", but the key to the Dojo is still called "Training Room Key").

As such, here is a quick list of name differences (referent to Remilia mode):

Japanese English
Front Foyer
Large parlor Great Hall
Room of <person> <person>'s Room
Disposal ground Scullery
Depot noX Storeroom X
Meirin's Training Room Meiling's Dojo
Large bath room Bathroom
Stock room X Storeroom X[1]
Wine seller[2] Wine Cellar
Sleeping room Somnium
Stairs Space Stairwell
Terrace of the moon Moonlight Terrace
Evil Room Magic Room
Closet room Closet
Relaxation room Lounge
Secret Aisle Secret Passage
  1. Because of this translation choice, there are, for example, two rooms named "Storeroom 1" in the English version. As such, when a distinction is needed, the Storeroom will be displayed with its respective floor instead, such as "Storeroom 1 (1F)".
  2. Sic. Likely a mistranslation.

All of the room names remain unaltered in the Attic (3F).

Remilia: Cursed Mansion[edit]


Please forgive the poor quality of the maps. Still, they should be enough to provide an overview of the mansion.

A door in the Entrance gives access to the second floor, but it is accessible only with the High Jump skill and a key named "Entrance Key". The Clock Tower gives access to the third floor after it's been unlocked, if this happens to be convenient to you.

The Stairwell gives access to the Secret Passage, but it is unaccessible directly from B1F.

The Closet gives access to the Attic 2 (3F), while the Secret Passage takes you to the Stairwell (B1F). Remilia's Secret Room is where Marisa is hidden.

Exit through the Attic 2, which leads back to the Closet.

Convenience rooms[edit]

All rooms with no monsters in it can be used as emergency rooms to recover health by entering, destroying all the furniture, leaving and repeating the process until a piece of furniture does recover some health. However, this method, while risk-free, is also considerably slow. Still, this can be slightly sped up with a Diamond Torc and a Ghost or Phantom Emblem.
  • Great Hall Right (Health): the earliest available room for recovering health. Notice there's a Health Potion near the door, though you need to do a bit of jumping to reach it. If completing the room for the first time, however, it is best to enter from Great Hall Lower.
  • Meiling's Dojo (Health): a bit to the left, a Health Potion is available; though it's accessible without flight, it is still far easier to get it without getting hurt after flight is an option. Useful if you happen to be around the left side of 1F and need some health.
  • Dining Room Right (Health/Energie): a Health Potion is right beside the door, and, below, there is some furniture and an Energie crystal to be broken. A convenient spot for farming Energie early-game (though I'd recommend killing the nearby enemies as well if Energie is the objective), as well as a good spot to refill the Bomb gauge for free simply by taking hits, leaving and refilling your HP as needed. Can also provide quick movement from the right side to the left of 1F, but note it's troublesome to go the other way around.
  • Library (Energie): another good spot for early Energie farming, by simply killing the Living Armor off-screen (without moving from the door), finishing off the fairy on the lower section, collecting said Energie and leaving.
  • Clock Tower 1F (Energie): best endgame method of farming Energie for Remilia, and also wields a considerable amount of Arcane Crystals. The method is described in detail here.
  • Somnium Upper (Health): there's a handy Health Potion a bit to the left, though it requires flight to be obtained at all (well, you shouldn't be in the basement without flight anyway!). Use this if you require health while moving around B1F.


Before obtaining Flight, it is best to first follow the order to obtain High Jump and Spear the Gungnir, and then proceed to obtain Flight as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will have to come back to many rooms later: a few prime examples are the Library and the Bathroom, which are both doable with only High Jump (to the point you can break all of their seals!), but you'll be missing the room's items in both cases, since a few monsters will be left in unaccessible areas. The rooms are also made much easier with Flight.

Therefore, my recommendation is that you prioritize obtaining Flight. From there, you can go wild and go anywhere in whatever order you wish, though I recommend you first go to the Library to obtain the two remaining spells. Other than that, you may view the full accessories list and decide what to get first.

It is also recommended to get the Destruction Choker and Red Shoes before facing the final boss, as they will make the battle much easier.

  • Guest Room 1: West Junction Door key.
  • Room of Meiling: Meiling's Dojo key (named "Training Room Key" in-game).
  • Training Room: High Jump. Must have at least 500 Energie, then talk to Meiling.
  • Head Maid's Room: Spear the Gungnir spell. Talk to Sakuya twice. It is recommended to obtain this spell as soon as possible.
  • Library: Demon Lord spell. Talk to Koakuma. This room is difficult and the spell is only situationally useful early-game, so it might be best to come here only after obtaining flight.
  • Koakuma also gives out the Bloody Square spell for 4000 Energie. The requirement is having obtained flight, since she'll only give it out after giving you the Winged Heels first.

  • Maid's Room 6: Dining Room key.
  • Dining Room: Kitchen key.
  • Scullery: Second floor key, used for the top, previously locked door of the Lobby.
  • Storeroom 2 (2F): Magic Chamber/Evil Room key.
  • Magic Room: Flying. Read the book in the center of the room.
  • At this point, you may fight Death while moving around the mansion. Note that he often drops an Arcane Crystal when defeated.

All of the following require flight to either access or complete.

  • Maid's Anteroom 2: Wine Cellar key
  • Guest Room 2: Red Orb
  • Lounge: Blue Orb
  • Portrait Room: Yellow Orb
  • Terrace: Purple Orb
  • Moonlight Terrace: Green Orb
  • Storeroom 1 (1F): Silver Orb
  • Secret Passage: Requires the six orbs to enter. Access to the back door of Somnium in the basement.
  • Somnium: Remilia's room key. Requires entering from the back door.

Clock Tower Mode[edit]

Credits go entirely to Goldom of shrinemaiden.org. The original post is here.

"(...), here's a little guide I made for myself mostly - on the last floor of the Clock Tower mode, there are some pretty tricky worm eating block puzzles - they're not THAT hard, but if you get there on a no-retry attempt, you really don't want to screw up from such a thing. So I wrote down the correct steps as I solved them, and figured I'd post them here, because why not.

--- Quote ---Clock Tower - top floor worm puzzles

"Target" blocks look like OOO and you stand on them to remove them. "Destroy" means the blocks you can shoot out.

Yuyuko (left) 1. Remove bottom two target blocks 2. Destroy bottom left block 3. Release first worm on left 4. After worm is trapped, destroy block on his left 5. Release first worm on right, and destroy the block he gets trapped behind 6. Clear the target and destroy blocks (3 total) in a straight line down the center of the tower 7. Release second left worm, followed by second right worm

Yuyuko (right) 1. Drop first worm in the left chute, while it's moving right, to land it on the ledge 2. Clear all four target blocks 3. Drop second worm in the middle chute, while it's moving right 4. Clear all three target blocks 5. Destroy the block the first worm is sitting on 6. Drop third worm in the right chute, while it's moving right

Remilia/Flandre (left) 1. Remove target blocks left of IV and VIII 2. Release lower right worm 3. Remove last target block 4. Release upper right and upper left worms out the sides (not the center) 5. Release lower left worm

Remilia/Flandre (right) 1. You can't permanently fail this one unless you kill the worm, and it's pretty simple"