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摩多羅 (またら) 隠岐奈 (おきな)
Okina Matara
Matara Okina
Okina Matara as the Extra Stage Boss of Hidden Star in Four Seasons
The Ultimate, Absolute Secret God
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Secret God


Creating doors on the back of anything


Land of Rear Doors

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Okina Matara (摩多羅 隠岐奈 Matara Okina) is the main antagonist of Hidden Star in Four Seasons. She is a secret God and one of the Sages of Gensokyo.

General Information[edit]

Okina appeared as the Final Boss and Extra Stage Boss in Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

A God of multiple faces and roles, she has remained out of sight for some time. In the past, she was one of the Sages of Gensokyo behind its creation. She has maintained its balance and protected it from the Outside World since then.


She is said to be a classic God, having no mercy for those who disrespect her, and blessings for those who revere her. Though "hidden", she is ostentatious, confident and prideful, wanting to stand out and make herself known to others. Okina seems to pity her servants after some duration of their service, wanting to free them of their servitude under her wishing them to have a normal life again.


Creating doors on the backs of anything

As literally stated, Okina causes a door to appear on the back of anything, even living beings. This allows her to travel wherever she wishes, or to send something somewhere else. For example, the door of the seasons that gives the player character their ability to use a season's magic allowed Okina to steal the accumulated magic through their use of the season and expel the player character away to where they gained their ability.

The doors connect to the extradimensional Land of the Backdoor (後戸の国 Ushirodo-no-Kuni), through which a number of other doors of Okina's creation are accessible. Characters themselves also utilize doors on someone else to find Okina.

Controlling vitality and mental energy

Entrusted to Satono Nishida (mental energy) and Mai Teireida (vitality), the two bring out the latent ability and potential of all things through a hectic background dance behind that thing. Somehow, Okina also uses this ability to maintain Gensokyo's balance.

Somehow, Okina can also use this ability through these doors to create youkai. Aunn Komano, originally a divine spirit of a komainu statue, became a sentient youkai due to the magic flowing from the door that Okina placed on her back.


Okina appears to be really confident in her power and abilities, claiming to be able to create youkai with a snap of her fingers, and even recreate Gensokyo as a whole with ease if she wanted.

Background Information[edit]


Her full name is Okina Matara (摩多羅 隠岐奈). The first kanji in Okina, 隠 (o), means "hidden". 岐 (ki) could mean either "crossroads" or "theatre". 奈 (na) can refer to Naraka (奈落 Naraku), the Hindu and Buddhist version of hell (also known as 地獄 Jigoku in Japan) or to "the basement of a theatre". Altogether, Okina (隠岐奈) translates to something like "hidden hell theatre" or "hidden crossroads [in] hell/a theatre's basement". Aditionally, Okina (隠岐奈) is homophonous to Okina (翁 lit. old man), the name of a type of ritualized form of Noh, derived from Shinto. It is also the name of a Noh mask sometimes worshipped as a symbol of Matara-jin. Matara is from the first part of Matara-jin, on whom Okina is based.


She is based on Matara-jin (摩多羅神), an obscure, multifaceted God primarily of the esoteric Tendai Buddhism sect, introduced by Ennin. Commonly seen with two servants, Teireita and Nishita, Matara-jin came to be called many names, conflated with other deities, or associated with or became the patron of multiple things.


She has long, blonde hair and yellow eyes, which eye color changes into orange in the Extra Stage. She wears a yellow tabard adorned with a constellation pattern of stars representing the Big Dipper. She wears a green skirt and black boots, and on her head is a three-point hat.

Her stage 6 portraits depicts her sitting on a "throne" and bearing a mirror-like drum. The throne has a backdoor installed in it, out of which flames in four colors emerge, each representing one of the four seasons.

Her extra stage portrait no longer has the throne and mirror, but the flames are still present. Instead, she has a wireframe-like door in front of her that she is looking through.



Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Okina's final stage boss sprite in HSiFS
Okina's extra stage boss sprite in HSiFS

Okina emerges from obscurity, wanting to find new replacements for her servants, Satono and Mai. She orders her servants to plant doors on the backs of others and empower them, with the purpose of bringing out their best to see if they are worthy of being Okina's servant. Empowered fairies cause the seasons to go haywire, which causes the player characters to act. Deeming the player characters unworthy, she defeats them by taking the power they've gathered and expelling them to the beginning using the "door of seasons" planted on their backs. After gathering the lifeless boundary between seasons instead, preventing Okina from ejecting them again, the player returns and manages to defeat her. However, Okina's true goal is simply to stand out and make a show of her power, to engrave herself in the hearts and minds of everyone in Gensokyo once again.

Violet Detector

Okina confronts Sumireko Usami in the Dream World. She is fascinated by her struggle and decides to help her through her ordeal by lending some power. When the Sumireko she helped finally meet with her other self, the real Sumireko, Okina takes back the power she lent her to make the fight fair.


Wild and Horned Hermit, chapter 42

Okina shows up at the last Hakurei Shrine flower viewing party of the season, that followed the Four Seasons Incident. She mainly came to make sure people were talking about her, as making her presence known to the current Gensokyo was her goal.


Satono Nishida and Mai Teireida

Loyal servants of Okina. Vessels of her power, they act as extensions of her and unflinchingly obey her orders. They seemingly lack the free will to question otherwise. They are becoming less human due to Okina's influence and have little memory of their past, yet maintain their personalities. Whether because they're no longer useful or she pities them, Okina seeks to replace them, which she has periodically. However, after failing to find any, she says she is fine with retaining them. Satono and Mai do not know they are even searching for their own successors.

Sages of Gensokyo[edit]

Yukari Yakumo

It's implied in Reimu's extra stage in Hidden Star in Four Seasons that the two are familiar with each other, and that Yukari helped Reimu defeating Okina by suggesting her to use the "boundary between seasons" to fight her. Okina recognized Yukari's modus operandi, while Reimu said she didn't understand the logic behind the countermeasure method she was using.

Kasen Ibaraki

In chapter 42 of Wild and Horned Hermit, Kasen reveals to Aya Shameimaru that Okina is one of her old acquaintances, and commented how it was a misfortune that she had known her.


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