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"Ahaha, you shouldn't underestimate me just because I'm the first stage boss! I'll bang, shoot, and pop your head off!"
Orange (Lotus Land Story Stage 1)

Orange (オレンジ Orenji) is a youkai that appears in the mountains during the first stage of Lotus Land Story. Apart from this, there is nothing else known about this character.

Character Design


She is named for the color orange, a blend of red and yellow (both colors are prominent in her design).

Her name appears nowhere in the game, even in the Music Room, and only appears in the OMAKE.txt file.


In Lotus Land Story's official art, Orange has red eyes, long red hair, wears a yellow cap and has a white bow in her hair. She wears green and yellow clothing and carries a baton. Her hair turns blue during the final phase of her battle in Lotus Land Story. As she bears resemblance to Hong Meiling, she may have been part of the inspiration for Meiling.


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Lotus Land Story

The main character encounters Orange in the first stage while en route to Mugenkan. She prevents them from proceeding until they have defeated her.

Orange appears when Reimu Hakurei calls out for a "Ms. Non-Human". She asks why Reimu was looking for youkai, and is answered boldly with obliteration. Orange tries to slip away but is then challenged to a battle. Claiming that she should not be underestimated, she was easily defeated and is presumably sealed away by Reimu.

Orange appears, blocking Marisa Kirisame from going past her. Intimidated by Marisa's demands to let her pass, she tries to scare her off with a battle, only to be humiliatingly defeated.

Additional Information

  • Orange may also be connected to Chen, whose name means "orange".
  • She and Hong Meiling look similar.


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