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Palace of the Earth Spirits

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地霊殿 (ちれいでん)
Palace of the Earth Spirits
Th135 Palace of the Earth Spirits.png
The Palace of Earth Spirits in Hopeless Masquerade and Urban Legend in Limbo

The Underworld; centre of Former Hell, above the Remains of Blazing Hell

Official Games
Print Works

The Palace of the Earth Spirits (地霊殿 Chireiden) is a mansion situated in the center of what used to be Hell (now Former Hell) in the Underworld, and is near the Former Capital.

General Information

The palace is a Western-style mansion with what appears to be many stained glass windows on a chequered floor. In the courtyard is a large hole that leads to the Hell of Blazing Fires below. It's said that the Palace was constructed after the Underworld was separated from Hell.

Satori Komeiji took control of the Palace and managed it by herself with the help of her pets, keeping it relatively peaceful. Of her pets, Rin Kaenbyou's duty is to carry corpses to the Remains of Blazing Hell for the heating of Former Hell and Utsuho Reiuji is to maintain that heat. The other pets' duties were said to be tending the garden and playing with Satori's sister, Koishi Komeiji.

The Palace's Appearances


Subterranean Animism

The palace appears in Subterranean Animism on Stage 4. After Yuugi Hoshiguma pointed the heroine to come here on Stage 3 at the Former Capital, they'll roam through the palace, where they'll fight various fairies and flying yin-yangs, also encountering Rin Kaenbyou in her cat form twice as a midboss. After more roaming, the heroine, will encounter Satori Komeiji. After they've had a battle, Satori will point the heroines towards the courtyard that leads to the Remains of Blazing Hell for the cause of geysers and vengeful spirits in Gensokyo.


The palace made an appearance as a stage location in Hopeless Masquerade and Urban Legend in Limbo, despite being located far away from other locations in these games. It is associated with Koishi Komeiji. In the latter game, an Occult Ball ended up here in Marisa's scenario.