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palette ~The Gensokyo the People Loved~

palette ~The Gensokyo the People Loved~ album cover

Album by kimino-museum (君の美術館)

2009-12-30 (Comiket 77)


Disc 1 = 12
Disc 2 = 12
Total = 24



Catalog No.



Vocal, Instrumental, Rock, Jazz, Electronic



Muse 7001banner.jpg

palette ~The Gensokyo the People Loved~ (palette~人々が愛した幻想郷~ Hitobito ga Aishita Gensoukyou) is a doujin album by kimino-museum (君の美術館) released on 2009-12-30 (Comiket 77). It features vocal and instrumental arrangements of themes from Lotus Land Story, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Mountain of Faith, Subterranean Animism, Undefined Fantastic Object, Dolls in Pseudo Paradise, Changeability of Strange Dream, Magical Astronomy and Shuusou Gyoku.

It is a 2-disc collaborative arrangement album that many circles contributed to, it features a 34 page book containing 16 illustrations done by a hand full of artists in addition to the album's song lyrics. Both discs feature the same set of Touhou themes but are arranged by different people, the first disc features arrangements by kimino-museum whereas the second disc is a collection of arrangements contributed by other circles.


Production & Design
スギ (sugilight)
鶴亀 (ああ言えばこう言う)
フカヒレ (RUINON)
いおり (館箱)
サツキ (ドロちら)
Archlich (Malus facticius)
HINA (Pixiv)
岩本ジェイムズ (メガネクリップコーヒー3杯目)
ddl (LiLAC/LiLA'c Records)
fanfan.: Production & Design
PHEVOTT: Arrangement, Guitar, Accordion, Piano
黒岩サトシ: Lyrics
Cherose: Vocals
fi-fy: Vocals
ユリカ (Crest): Guest Vocals
Jhojia: Guitar, Mandolin
Azu♪: Piano, Synthesizer
fanfan.: Bass
Shimizu: Drums, Percussion
fanfan.: Mixing Engineer
Studio SK2: Recording Studio
ししまい一号: Production
ししまい二号: Design Support
ししまい三号 (Pianos DauGe): Arrangement
ししまい四号: Design Support
Liz Triangle
kaztora: Arrangement
lily-an: Vocals, Lyrics
azuki: Lyrics
えば(eba) (Black Manta): Guitar, Bass
tomo: Mixing Engineer
k-waves LAB
Kou Ogata: Arrangement
Syrufit/Studio "Syrup Comfiture"
hiro.na: Arrangement
TAK-sk: Arrangement
市松椿 (市松模様): Vocals
綾倉盟 (MeMe in wonderland.): Vocals
SHIKI: Lyrics
Tetsuwan Tokage Tanchiki
白トカゲ: Arrangement, Vocals, Lyrics
KEIYA: Producer
小林哲也: Arrangement
塚本史朗: Guitar
黒田元浩: Bass
石井悠也: Drums
浜口高知: Guest Guitar
五条下位: Arrangement


Disc1 -kimino-museum side-

  • 02. 二色蓮華蝶 (04:10)
    • Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly
    • arrangement: PHEVOTT
    • lyrics: 黒岩サトシ
    • vocals: 綾倉盟, 市松椿
    • original title: 二色蓮花蝶 ~ Ancients
    • source: 秋霜玉
  • 08. 桜花之恋塚 ~ Japanese Flower (04:53)

Disc2 -omnibus side-

  • 06. Dress (07:10)
    • arrangement: hiro.na, TAK-sk
    • lyrics: SHIKI
    • vocals: fi-fy
    • original title: 二色蓮花蝶 ~ Ancients
    • source: 秋霜玉
  • 11. 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life (04:22)