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Patchouli Knowledge

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pat͡ɕɯ̹ɾiː nɔ̹ːɾe̞d̚d͡ʑi (♫)
Patchouli Knowledge
Patchouli Knowledge
Patchouli Knowledge in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
The Unmoving Great Library
More Character Titles

Pache (パチェ)


Magician (Witch)


Manipulation of fire, water, wood, metal, earth, sun, and moon


About 100 years


Librarian, scholar


Scarlet Devil Mansion

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"Let's see... How to take out the black thing in front of me without having to do anything..."
Patchouli Knowledge to Marisa Kirisame (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)

Patchouli Knowledge (パチュリー・ノーレッジ Pachurii Noorejji) is a witch and resident of the Scarlet Devil Mansion in the library. She's friends with the mistress of the house, Remilia Scarlet, and acts as resident librarian. She's known as a highly capable, experienced, and studious magician, usually found researching the countless tomes within the house library. But her great abilities are offset by her poor health, caused by long-time reclusivity and asthma.

General Information

Patchouli was the Stage 4 boss and Extra midboss in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, along with being Stage 5 target in Shoot the Bullet. She became a playable character in Immaterial and Missing Power and again in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Touhou Hisoutensoku as an expansion character, she was a support character for Marisa Kirisame in Subterranean Animism.

She is a magician (or witch) who is over 100 years old. As described in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, she is the type of magician that was naturally born as a magician; rather than a human that has become a magician through training, such as Alice Margatroid.

She is "fairly short" and is around the height of Marisa and Youmu Konpaku[1]. She stays confined to the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion because the books and her hair are damaged by sunlight.[2] Despite her enormous magic power, she has a weak constitution, has asthma, is anaemic and has vitamin A deficiency. Her physical ability is worse than that of humans.

After the Scarlet Mist Incident during Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she became somewhat more active. It was commented that Suika Ibuki's party at the shrine was enjoyable for her[3], and in Silent Sinner in Blue, she said that she herself came to the shrine to pull an omikuji. Incidentally, the result of the omikuji was "future blessing" (末吉), though it seemed to have been something prepared by Marisa. It is noted by Reimu that she tends to have bad luck.


She doesn't have a very proactive personality, but rather always walks her own path. However, she's always interested where knowledge is concerned and will proactively go and try to acquire it. She does everything by the book, but still makes a lot of mistakes. She's also described as very dark and taciturn, which in this case means she is introverted and silent in expression and manner.


Ability: Manipulation of fire, water, wood, metal, earth, sun, and moon

Patchouli manipulates the five Chinese elements, making her an "Eastern style Western magician", an antithesis existence to Marisa Kirisame: "Western style Eastern magician". Patchouli is able to handle the five phases (commonly called Wu Xing, sometimes known as the five elements) with the addition of the sun and moon elements. The order of elements she uses follows the days of the week on a Japanese calendar. Due to this, she's known as the "one-week girl".[4] In the Japanese language, the weekdays are named after the classical planets, which in turn were named after the Wu Xing phases (e.g. Mercury, water star), plus the Sun and Moon as heavenly bodies. As this ordering is based on the planetary hours, there is no direct relationship between the weekdays and Wu Xing. The ordering of Patchouli's elements follows the weekday sequence, but places the Wu Xing phases first and "Sun" and "Moon" last.

Element Weekday Description
Fire () Tuesday (火曜日) Change and movement. Fire assists earth and inhibits metal. Fire's ashes pile up to create earth, but it melts metal.
Water () Wednesday (水曜日) Silence and purification. Water assists wood and inhibits fire. Water nourishes wood, but it quenches fire.
Wood () Thursday (木曜日) Life and awakening. Wood assists fire and inhibits earth. Wood feeds fire, but it absorbs away water and nutrients from the earth.
Metal () Friday (金曜日) Wealth and abundance. Metal assists water and inhibits wood. Metal gives forth water (by condensation), but it tears up the roots of trees.
Earth () Saturday (土曜日) Foundation and immobility. Earth assists metal and inhibits water. Earth contains metal, but it absorbs water.
Sun (日) Sunday (日曜日) Activity and offense.
Moon () Monday (月曜日) Passivity and defense.

Elemental magic (属性魔法) (also spiritual magic (精霊魔法)) borrows the powers of spirits that exist in nature.[5] Through this, she's able to receive great output from a small input. Since the Wu Xing elements interact with each other, she can combine them and multiply their power, but this runs the risk of weakening the overall effect unless the elements are precisely controlled. When she confronts enemies that likewise use elemental magic, then the interactions of Wu Xing would imply that she can somehow effectively use her own magic and somehow inhibit the opponent's magic.

Patchouli using the spell card Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign "Philosopher's Stone", as illustrated in The Grimoire of Marisa.

Since the Wu Xing elements could be said to exist in living things, she touched upon them for characters who showed up in Immaterial and Missing Power. For example, Marisa Kirisame is associated with the element "water" according to Patchouli.[6] Given Marisa's last name (Kirisame, meaning "drizzle"), her black clothing, her lack of yang (due to living in the Forest of Magic), and her "Cold Inferno" shot in Mountain of Faith, this makes sense.

She uses spell cards that combine multiple elements. In addition to using combinations with good compatibility such as Earth & Metal Sign "Emerald Megalith", she also uses combinations with poor compatibility such as Water & Fire Sign "Phlogistic Rain". Sun and moon are not within Wu Xing, but they're classically opposite to each other, and these two have been combined with each other in Sun & Moon Sign "Royal Diamond Ring". In Shoot the Bullet, she devised new experimental magic that combined elements with poor compatibility. With a large diversity of element combinations, she can do many things, such as increasing her power or covering her weaknesses.[5] As of now, among the Wu Xing, the only combination that hasn't appeared is wood & earth.

While she's capable of using advanced magic with great power, her poor health, asthma, and anemia limits her ability to use it. During Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she says "I can't finish reciting the spells because of my anemia!" and her condition limited her to using two-element spells. On another day, her asthma wasn't as bad and she felt better, so she was able to cast three advanced spells in a row: a sun, a moon, and a five-element spell.

Fitting her magic to the same attributes as the days of the week is her secret hobby, but nobody has realized this.[7] Thanks to this, she doesn't mistake the day of the week, but oddly enough she doesn't have a good sense of the date.

In Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she had the peculiarity of using different spell cards depending on the player's character and shot type (a recurring gimmick in many stage 4 bosses of the Touhou games). Other than spell cards, she's able to use a revolving laser that focuses on herself as her regular danmaku.


Patchouli has many books in the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion which are mostly used for magic. Some of these books appear to act "independently" and can shoot danmaku, as shown in Stage 4 and the Extra stage of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She also has waterproof books that Marisa finds interest in reading in the bath.[8]

Character Design

Patchouli as illustrated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense


Her full name is Patchouli Knowledge (パチュリー・ノーレッジ). Her first name Patchouli (パチュリー) is a name of a plant of the Lamiaceae family, or the essential oil or perfume that could be made from it (originally from Tamil language). Her last name, Knowledge (ノーレッジ), appears to reference to her learned, scholarly nature, though few other characters seem to have such literal surnames. The middle dot () in the middle of her name is used in foreign names to show where the next word begins. In the data files for Hopeless Masquerade, her first name was romanised as "Pachouly".

A canon nickname, used for her by Remilia Scarlet, is "Pache" (パチェ), but "Patchy" is more commonly used in the English-speaking community.


Shown in various works, her hair and eyes are purple, and has many ribbons tied to her hair and other parts of her clothing. She wears pink pajama-like clothing and a night-cap with a gold crescent moon on it, which ZUN says is her daily wear. Her dress in some appearances looks like it has stripes of purple and violet. But according to ZUN, they are not stripes. In the Immaterial and Missing Power OST booklet, a comment from Iruka Unabara notes that ZUN's design draft didn't have stripes, but they somehow ended up in the final design anyways.[9] A comment from (presumably) Alphes remarks "Everybody thinks Patchouli has stripes except ZUN-san."[10]

Her alternative outfit in Immaterial and Missing Power and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is mostly lavender while her hair is a darker shade of violet.



Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Patchouli's sprite in EoSD
Patchouli's sprite in EoSD extra stage

In Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Patchouli attempts to stop the player from going further into the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but has trouble as her anemia is preventing her from casting spells properly. Later on, when Flandre Scarlet gets out of the basement while Remilia Scarlet is away, she casts a rain spell around the mansion to prevent her from leaving. When the player returns, she challenges them again, this time with more powerful magic as she happens to be feeling better.

Perfect Cherry Blossom

Patchouli appears in one of Sakuya's endings in Perfect Cherry Blossom, where she shows Remilia how she created a clay model diorama of cherry blossoms.

Imperishable Night

Patchouli appears in Sakuya and Remilia's good ending in Imperishable Night to explain how one would build a vehicle capable of taking them to the moon.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Patchouli appears in Sakuya's ending of Phantasmagoria of Flower View to make a few comments on the potential poison in the flowers Sakuya gathered to make tea with.

Subterranean Animism

In Subterranean Animism, Patchouli noticed abnormalities underground, and had Marisa go investigate with the help of Yukari Yakumo preparing Marisa's options.

Unconnected Marketeers

She mentions that she is interested in the ability cards, and also shows up one of Sakuya's endings. One of her abilities is also seen in an ability card.


Immaterial and Missing Power

In Immaterial and Missing Power, Patchouli decides to investigate the strange events herself after shooing Marisa Kirisame out of the library. Before leaving, she puts Sakuya Izayoi in charge of keeping an eye on things. As soon as she leaves, she runs into Alice Margatroid, who's also investigating, and defeats her. From there, she makes her way to the Netherworld, where after beating Youmu Konpaku, she interrogates Yuyuko Saigyouji. Unfortunately, the ghost doesn't know anything either, but implies that Yukari Yakumo might. After fighting her at the Hakurei Shrine for a bit, Suika Ibuki finally decides to make herself known.

Shoot the Bullet
Patchouli's sprite in StB

In Shoot the Bullet, Aya Shameimaru encountered Patchouli on stage 5 and took photos of her danmaku.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Patchouli decided to find what cause of the weather disaster was.

Touhou Hisoutensoku

Patchouli appears in the beginning of Hong Meiling's story mode in Touhou Hisoutensoku when Meiling runs in and claims there is an earthquake. They fight, and while Patchouli is defeated, she gets Meiling to leave her in peace. She is also a selectable character to play with, although she's got no scenario.

Hopeless Masquerade
Patchouli in HM

Patchouli made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Hakurei Shrine stage. She is seen sitting on a chair with Remilia Scarlet under a tree, reading a book.


Patchouli's appearance in Oriental Sacred Place chapter 15
Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Patchouli appears in an article where she decides to organize a setsubun festival at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, though summer is already approaching. She claims that the word "setsubun" originally means "interval between seasons", so there should be no problem having it at that time rather than between winter and spring, when it's usually held. However, it being an outside-world holiday, Patchouli is unclear on a lot of the details. Aya Shameimaru interviews her afterwards, and she says that she's generally happy with how it turned out, though she did need to forbid the Fairy Maids from throwing beans around in her library. They also discuss the oni, and their inherent weaknesses.

Silent Sinner in Blue

Patchouli is the main force behind the research and design of the rocket that Remilia Scarlet, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and Sakuya Izayoi use to reach the Moon. However, she cannot create the rocket fuel, so she decides to get Reimu to help by using her powers. She also remains behind as the navigator as the rocket travels to the Moon.

Strange and Bright Nature Deity

Patchouli appears in a couple of chapters of Strange and Bright Nature Deity in the Scarlet Devil Mansion arc, where she enjoys a few meals with Sakuya and Remilia as the new year comes.

Oriental Sacred Place

Patchouli also appears in chapter 15 in Oriental Sacred Place, stumbling around her library for research materials. She leaves herself and goes to the shrine to recover some stolen books. The book in question had its seal unlocked, but no one knows by whom. In the meantime, the Three Fairies of Light sneak in and grab a few books and take them back home, later discovering that they're unable to read them at all.

Foul Detective Satori

As a member of the scarlet mist incident, she was the first victim of Mizuchi Miyadeguchi, who put her in to a coma. She was initially convinced that Sakuya Izayoi poisioned her, however, after an investigation by Satori and Rin Kaenbyou they discovered that this was the work of Mizuchi.

Later on, she guessed what Satori was thinking using natural methods.


Residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion

Patchouli Knowledge is Remilia Scarlet's old friend.[11] In Perfect Cherry Blossom, they called each other "Remi" (レミィ) and "Pache" (パチェ) respectively. The two have been depicted having tea and casual conversations together in Silent Sinner in Blue and Oriental Sacred Place, where Patchouli offhandedly commented that they're both creatures of the night. As stated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Patchouli's role at the mansion is to solve problems and to cause them. Patchouli will often volunteer her services when she sees Remilia in need of them.[12][13]

Patchouli is unlikely to be formally employed by Remilia. Sakuya Izayoi referred to Patchouli as "The Mistress's magician friend" while talking to Rinnosuke Morichika about her.[14], as opposed to any sort of employee title. She is referred to as Remilia's friend in other materials, as well.

The head maid Sakuya Izayoi is occasionally seen serving Patchouli. Patchouli tends to be rather sarcastic and condescending with her and Hong Meiling, but seems to appreciate her, as she always remembers to thank Sakuya for tea or for completion of other jobs. With Meiling however, she tends to tell her to read books as to improve her brain. Koakuma is an employee of Scarlet Devil Mansion seen working in the library; any dialogue interactions between the two are unknown.

Not much is known about the relationship between Patchouli and Flandre Scarlet. Patchouli is aware of Flandre's existence and the need to keep her confined to the mansion, as Remilia noted Patchouli was probably causing a rainstorm around the mansion to keep Flandre from getting out.

Marisa Kirisame

Marisa Kirisame is a thief who steals books from the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She states that she's only borrowing but Patchouli reacts by telling Marisa in Oriental Sacred Place that she has no intention to lend Marisa books in a rather serious tone.[15] However, she's one of three people who assists Marisa during Subterranean Animism's events, showing some sort of affinity despite Patchouli having her own agenda. Marisa has copied Patchouli's regular danmaku attack and named it Love Sign "Non-directional Laser", used as her normal B-type bomb in Perfect Cherry Blossom and as a spell card in Imperishable Night and other games.








Name Translated Comments Games Usage
Total: 17
サマーレッド Summer Red IaMP
Default 236B/C
ウィンターエレメント Winter Element IaMP
Default 22B/C
スプリングウィンド Spring Wind IaMP
Default 623B/C
オータムエッジ Autumn Edge IaMP
Default 214B/C
ドヨースピア Doyou Spear IaMP
Default 421B/C
サマーフレイム Summer Flame SWR Alternate 236B/C
コンデンスドバブル Condensed Bubble SWR Alternate 22B/C
フラッシュオブスプリング Flash of Spring SWR Alternate 623B/C
オータムブレード Autumn Blade SWR Alternate 214B/C
エメラルドシティ Emerald City SWR Alternate 421B/C
「エブリアングルショット」 "Every Angle Shot" Used remotely by Marisa. 5 different shots in one. SA Shot
「ファイブシーズン」 "Five Seasons" Used remotely by Marisa SA Bomb
ワイプモイスチャー Wipe Moisture Soku Alternate 236B/C
スタティックグリーン Static Green Soku Alternate 623B/C
フォールスラッシャー Fall Slasher Soku Alternate 214B/C
ダイアモンドハードネス Diamond Hardness Soku Alternate 421B/C
スティッキーバブル Sticky Bubbles Soku Alternate 22B/C

Spell Cards

With the exception of her story cards Sign I "St. Elmo's Explosion" and Sign II "Forty-Day Deluge" in Immaterial and Missing Power, whose prefixes are patterned in the style of other cards in that game, all of Patchouli's spell names are prefixed with one or more of the kanji for the seven elements she manipulates. The longest of these is Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign "Philosopher's Stone" (火水木金土符「賢者の石」 Ka-sui-moku-kin-do-fu "Kenja no Ishi"). Except in the fighting games, all other card with multiple elements have the kanji for those elements separated by an ampersand in the prefix.

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 38
火符「アグニシャイン」 Fire Sign "Agni Shine" EoSD
St. 4: E/N
水符「プリンセスウンディネ」 Water Sign "Princess Undine" EoSD
St. 4: E/N
木符「シルフィホルン」 Wood Sign "Sylphy Horn" EoSD
St. 4: E/N
土符「レイジィトリリトン」 Earth Sign "Lazy Trilithon" EoSD
St. 4: E/N
金符「メタルファティーグ」 Metal Sign "Metal Fatigue" EoSD
St. 4: N
火符「アグニシャイン上級」 Fire Sign "Agni Shine High Level" EoSD St. 4: N/H/L
木符「シルフィホルン上級」 Wood Sign "Sylphy Horn High Level" EoSD St. 4: N/H/L
土符「レイジィトリリトン上級」 Earth Sign "Lazy Trilithon High Level" EoSD St. 4: N/H/L
火符「アグニレイディアンス」 Fire Sign "Agni Radiance" EoSD St. 4: H/L
水符「ベリーインレイク」 Water Sign "Bury In Lake" EoSD St. 4: H/L
木符「グリーンストーム」 Wood Sign "Green Storm" EoSD St. 4: H/L
土符「トリリトンシェイク」 Earth Sign "Trilithon Shake" EoSD St. 4: H/L
金符「シルバードラゴン」 Metal Sign "Silver Dragon" EoSD St. 4: H/L
火&土符「ラーヴァクロムレク」 Fire & Earth Sign "Lava Cromlech" EoSD
St. 4: E/N/H/L
木&火符「フォレストブレイズ」 Wood & Fire Sign "Forest Blaze" EoSD
St. 4: E/N/H/L
水&木符「ウォーターエルフ」 Water & Wood Sign "Water Elf" EoSD
St. 4: E/N/H/L
金&水符「マーキュリポイズン」 Metal & Water Sign "Mercury Poison" EoSD St. 4: N/H/L
土&金符「エメラルドメガリス」 Earth & Metal Sign "Emerald Megalith" EoSD
St. 4: E/N/H/L
月符「サイレントセレナ」 Moon Sign "Silent Selene" EoSD
St. Ex
日符「ロイヤルフレア」 Sun Sign "Royal Flare" EoSD
St. Ex
火水木金土符「賢者の石」 Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign "Philosopher's Stone" Five Elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth. This is sometimes used in English TLs. EoSD
St. Ex
火金符「セントエルモピラー」 Fire Metal Sign "Saint Elmo's Pillar" IaMP
土水符「ノエキアンデリュージュ」 Earth Water Sign "Noachian Deluge" IaMP
金木符「エレメンタルハーベスタ」 Metal Wood Sign "Elemental Harvester" IaMP
符の壱「セントエルモエクスプロージョン」 Sign I "St. Elmo's Explosion" IaMP Story
符の弐「デリュージュフォーティデイ」 Sign II "Deluge Forty Days" IaMP Story
金土符「ジンジャガスト」 Metal Earth Sign "Ginger Gust" IaMP Story
日&水符「ハイドロジェナスプロミネンス」 Sun & Water Sign "Hydrogenous Prominence" StB St. 5
水&火符「フロギスティックレイン」 Water Fire Sign "Phlogistic Rain" StB St. 5
月木符「サテライトヒマワリ」 Moon Wood Sign "Satellite Himawari" Note: StB and GoM use "&". StB
St. 5
日月符「ロイヤルダイヤモンドリング」 Sun Moon Sign "Royal Diamond Ring" Note: StB uses "&". StB
St. 5
水符「ジェリフィッシュプリンセス」 Water Sign "Jellyfish Princess" SWR
日木符「フォトシンセシス」 Sun Wood Sign "Photosynthesis" SWR Use
火符「アキバサマー」 Fire Sign "Akiba Summer" SWR Story
月金符「サンシャインリフレクター」 Moon Metal Sign "Sunshine Reflector" SWR Story
火水符「フロギスティックピラー」 Fire Water Sign "Phlogistic Pillar" Soku Use
土金符「エメラルドメガロポリス」 Earth Metal Sign "Emerald Megalopolis" Soku Use
火符「リングオブアグニ」 Fire Sign "Ring of Agni" Soku Story

Additional Information

  • Patchouli often refers to the science and technology of the outside world as magic. This is actually not ignorance, but more due to her personal beliefs, as she tells Marisa Kirisame in her Touhou Hisoutensoku victory quote that science and magic are the same.
  • In Immaterial and Missing Power, Patchouli refers to intruders/thieves (e.g., Marisa Kirisame) as "rats" and guards (e.g., Sakuya Izayoi and Hong Meiling) as "cats". She rates the catness/effectiveness of a guard on a scale of 1 to 96, because that's the highest number under 100 that is divisible by both 2 and 3. After defeating Sakuya in Immaterial and Missing Power, she gave her a rating of 24. As for Hong Meiling, Patchouli compares that cat to a sieve in her Immaterial and Missing Power victory quote.
  • The crescent on Patchouli's hat could be the crescent in the Sanskrit "Hum", part of the Mantra "Om mani padme hum". In Buddhism, it stands for knowledge and purity and is associated with the color white—all the 7 colors combined.
  • As of Double Spoiler, Patchouli has had appearances in 9 of the 13 Windows games (counting Touhou Hisoutensoku as a standalone). This makes her the third most featured character, behind Reimu Hakurei and Marisa.
  • In Touhou Hisoutensoku, one of Patchouli's alternate colors resembles Hina Kagiyama's outfit.
  • The books in Patchouli's spell card, Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign "Philosopher's Stone", are arranged in a similar way to the Five Magic Stones.
  • It's suggested in Immaterial and Missing Power that Patchouli drinks coffee occasionally when she's studying, unlike the other residents of Scarlet Devil Mansion who almost always drink tea.
  • Unofficially, Patchouli Knowledge's library has often been called "Voile" based on its stage theme. However, based on an erratum for Eastern and Little Nature Deity correcting the name of Patchouli's library from "Voile, the Magic Library" (ヴワル図書館) to "a library inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion" (紅魔館内の図書館),[16] the name "Voile" is not considered canon.
  • Shibata Masahiro's manga series "Sarai" seems to be a big inspiration for many of the characters from EoSD . Sarai is a manga about superpowered maids fighting youkai and monsters in a dystopian future. The series was published from 1997 to 2007 in Japan only.


Official Profiles

Patchouli Knowledge  ○知識と日陰の少女






  カードアタック 全21種。

The Girl of Knowledge and Shade

Patchouli Knowledge

Ability: Manipulating fire, water, wood, metal, earth, sun, and moon

The 4th stage boss. She is the friend of the young mistress and is a witch who has lived for 100 years. The "One-week Girl".

Her weak constitution makes her poor at physical combat, but she makes up for for that with her various and powerful magical attacks. Patchouli's ribbon is not a holy charm, but rather an accessory that boosts magic power.

As a genuine witch, she possesses terrifying sorcerous powers. However, due to her natural asthma, she has difficulty reciting her incantations to the end. She also seems to have a vitamin A deficiency.

Maybe her windowless library room is dusty. No, obviously, it's very dusty. But with all the time she spends near her books, she feels that they're a part of her and cannot stand to be separated from them. She's lived this way for a hundred years or so.

Total of twenty-one card attacks.

Immaterial and Missing Power - 上海アリス通信
Patchouli Knowledge  ○動かない大図書館






The Unmoving Great Library, Patchouli Knowledge

Species: Witch
Residence: Scarlet Devil Mansion
Ability: Handling magic (mainly elemental magic)

A witch who has settled down in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Unlike the mistress of the house, she is not weak against sunlight; however, she does not go out much. She spends her days in a library where the sunlight cannot reach. This is so that the books won't be damaged, but the unhealthy atmosphere is bad for her health.

She doesn't have a very proactive personality, but rather always walks her own path. However, she is always interested where knowledge is concerned and will proactively go and try to acquire it. She does everything by the book, but still makes a lot of mistakes.

Although she is quite skillful, her complete lack of physical fighting ability can't be helped. She pretty much never attempts to directly punch or kick her opponent. She makes up for this with her knowledge of a great variety of powerful magic. She's more at ease using magic than trying to attack physically. Dividing the magic she uses according to the days of the week is a secret hobby of hers, but no one has realized this.

Patchouli Knowledge  ○動かない大図書館








The Unmoving Great Library

Patchouli Knowledge

Race: Witch.

Occupation: Witch.

Place of residence: Scarlet Devil Manor.

Ability: The ability to work magic (primarily elemental magic).

Personality: Gloomy and taciturn.

Gloomy just means she isn't very sociable. Her spirits aren't so gloomy.

Subterranean Animism - キャラ設定.txt

  Patchouli Knowledge





Great Unmoving Library

Patchouli Knowledge

Species: magician
Ability: The ability to use magic.

A magician living in Scarlet Devil Manor.

She noticed a great number of earth spirits welling up from the geyser. On close inspection, these earth spirits looked just like phantoms, but they were actually vengeful spirits, a slightly different variety. Unlike phantoms, vengeful spirits bear grudges against the world. They were a threat to humans, youkai, and fairies alike.

Although she wanted to take her time to look for a book on vengeful spirits, it would have been quite dangerous if no one were to check on the geyser. Frustrated, Patchouli went to consult Yukari. Yukari, who was also surprised by the state of affairs, devised a plan to get the humans to explore the underworld.

Patchouli パチュリー・ノーレッジ (ぱちゅりーのーれっじ)


Patchouli Knowledge

Magician/Ability to use magic (primary attribute)

An old friend of Remilia's who has settled down into the great library in the cellars of Scarlet Devil Mansion. She has mastered many magics and is inventing new ones every day. However, her body is frail, and due to asthma, she often has difficulty chanting her spells.

As a member of the race called "magician", her nature is fundamentally different from that of magicians like Marisa who studied magic later in life.

ZUN's comment from Dai Touhouten plaque


Although it's a mystery why Reimu chose to break into the library first, she's a bookworm witch living in that library. I never thought about adding vertical stripes to her clothes, but in the majority of fanwork, her dress was in vertical striped patterns. I guess she had two sets of clothes, one for outdoor and one for home (lol)

I feel like I didn't make her stance in EoSD very clear. Actually, she might've been the perpetrator who released the red mist that covered Gensokyo, as she's adept in many kinds of magic.

Official Sources

Official sources

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