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Perfect Cherry Blossom/Music

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  • For additional comments about the music, see Afterword.

Music List

Title Screen theme
妖々夢 ~ Snow or Cherry Petal
Ghostly Dream ~ Snow or Cherry Petal

前作のタイトル曲のイメージを引きずりつつ、和風に和風に。 この曲、「これから弾幕の嵐!」って雰囲気を完全に削ぎます。 正直、あっても無くても良さそうな曲だったりするんですが、高揚する弾幕魂をここでなだめる役割を果たしています(笑)

The title theme, strongly influenced from the previous one, all in a Japanese style. This song completely removes any hint of the upcoming storm of danmaku. Frankly, I think this song isn't necessary, but it's also meant to restrain the player's excitement for danmaku. (lol)

Stage 1 theme
無何有の郷 ~ Deep Mountain
Mukau no kyou[1]
Paradise ~ Deep Mountain

曲名(何か有るという事が無い)通り、手付かずの自然をイメージしてあります。 でもそこはそれ、個人的に異様に癒し系だったりするのも嫌ですので、小気味良い程度の軽快さに仕上げました。 でも、爽やかさは皆無です(^^;

As the title implies (for nothing at all to be there), this theme was composed with an image of nature that has yet to be discovered by humans. However, I personally didn't want it to be healing music, oddly enough, so I made it somewhat rhythmical. But it doesn't feel invigorating at all. (^^;

Stage 1 Boss - Letty Whiterock's theme
Kurisutaraizu shirubā
Crystallized Silver

(この曲に限らず)私の曲は露骨でない和洋折衷を目指しています。 1面ボスなのですんごく短い曲ですが、この世界観の入り口として思うがままに表現してみました。 ストレートな曲なのに、どのジャンルにも当てはならない不思議な曲です。

A goal of my music is to subtly blend Japanese and Western elements together (applies to the other songs too). This one is short because it's the theme for the stage 1 boss, but I managed to express my image of the realm in this theme. While the song is direct, it's a strange one that doesn't fit into any music genre.

Stage 2 theme
Toono gensou monogatari
The Fantastic Tales from Tono

これはー、変な曲です。はい。 民族色高い曲を創る予定だったのですが、落ち着きすぎて中途半端に民族風。 曲名通り、遠野郷をイメージしています。 昔は日本にもこんな所が存在したんだなぁ、程度にレトロなメロディにしてみたつもりです。

This song is a weird one. Yeah. My original intent with this was to make it highly folkish, but since it's too calm, it ended up half-folkish. I composed this with the image of Tōno village in mind. The melody is a bit nostalgic and makes you imagine that there used to be old villages like this in Japan, too.

Stage 2 Boss - Chen's theme
ティアオイエツォン(withered leaf)
Diao Ye Zong (withered leaf)

元気な妖怪少女のイメージで作曲しました。 何の迷いも無くアドリブ的に作曲した曲です。あんまひねった事すると、狙いすぎておかしくなる事が良くわかったので(汗)、即興的に弾いたメロディで創ってみました。それはもうお酒を大量に嗜んで...  これはこれで自分に素直な曲です(^^;

I composed this title with the image of an energetic youkai girl in mind. This song is based purely on improvisation, because I found that if I think too much while composing the music tends to end up strange. Well, with the help of more than a little booze... All in all, this is an honest song (^^;

Stage 3 theme
Bukureshuti no ningyoushi
The Doll Maker of Bucuresti

いきなりもう終盤か?と感じさせる曲ですね。実は、今回体験版を先行発表するので、中途半端な体験版にしない為にゲームの1回目の節目を3面に持って来る事にしました。 なので、若干シリアス目な曲を目指してみました。とはいいつつ、実は最も昔の私っぽい曲です。 その為、多分そう感じるのは私だけでしょうが、懐かしさを覚えます。

This makes you wonder if you're near the end of the game. This is because the demo was released very early and I had finish it so it would be ready in time. Due to that, I put the first pivotal moment in stage 3. The mood is more serious than usual, too. However, that means it's similar to my older tunes. It might be just me, but this song gives a nostalgic feeling.

Stage 3 Boss - Alice Margatroid's theme
人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女
Ningyou saiban ~ Hito no katachi moteasobishi shoujo
Doll Judgement ~ The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes [2]

アリスはシリーズ的にちょっと特別なキャラなので、気合入れて作曲しました(て言うと、他の曲は手を抜いてるみたいですが) 戦闘の切羽詰まった感の中にも、お互い心に余裕が見える程度な曲を目指しています。 この心の余裕こそが彼女達の美徳なのです。 ・・・(美徳は)ゴスロリ、じゃないですよ(笑)

Alice is kind of a special character in this series, so I composed the theme with renewed vigor (not that I was lazy with the other songs). This theme's goal is to show that the characters' peace of mind despite the intensity of the fight. This peace of mind shows their virtue in my opinion... (the virtue is) not the gothic-lolita costumes, I swear (haha).

Also featured in: 夢違科学世紀 ~ Changeability of Strange Dream
Stage 4 theme
Tenkuu no hana no miyako
The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky

和風より中華風。過激で素敵な雲の上です。 4面から、ようやく本当の妖々夢の始まりとなっている為、4面だけ圧倒的に長いステージになっています。かつて、こんなに激しくも切ない曲で成層圏(そんなに高くありません)突入があっただろうか。 西遊記をイメージして作曲しています。全然関係無いけど。

The style is more Chinese than Japanese. A wonderful place above the clouds. As the true beginning of this game, stage 4 is far longer than the others. There's never been such a stratospheric (it's not that high) intrusion with violent yet sorrowful music, has there? While I composed it with "Journey to the West" in mind, it doesn't resemble that.

Stage 4 Boss - Prismriver Sisters (Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica) theme
幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble
Yuurei gakudan
Phantom Band ~ Phantom Ensemble

とにかく、明るく楽しく演奏している様な曲を創ったつもりです。 お祭りや騒がしい事が大好きな、能天気な三姉妹の勢いに任せた演奏のつもり。サビはヴァイオリン、トランペット、キーボードと三人が、思うが侭に演奏しています。 ごった煮。

I tried to make this theme sound like it was being performed brightly and joyfully. A performance by happy-go-lucky sisters who love festivals and anything noisy. At the climax, each of them play their violin, trumpet and keyboard as they please. A veritable hodgepodge.

Stage 5 theme
東方妖々夢 ~ Ancient Temple
Touhou youyoumu
Eastern Ghostly Dream ~ Ancient Temple

精一杯の日本人に根付く懐かしさと、ほんの一寸の何者かが迫り来る焦燥感を出してみました。 遠くに聞こえる笙の様な音と鐘の音が、なんとなくあの世をイメージします。私だけ?

This theme expresses the nostalgia that is deep within every Japanese and the frantic feeling that arises when someone is approaching. The sounds of far-off Shinto flutes and bells conjure up images of the netherworld. Or maybe it's just me?

Also featured in: 蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club, 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Stage 5 Boss - Youmu Konpaku's theme
広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When?
Hiroari kechou o iru koto
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?

強敵+幼さを曲で表現してみたつもりです。 一番ボスっぽい曲かも。ギターを使いつつも、はなから、ロックを諦めています(笑) このサビのメロディは妖怪を彷彿させます。

I tried to give the impression of both "A Tough Opponent" and "Childishness" with this theme. Perhaps this is the most boss-like theme in this game. While it uses guitar, I gave up trying to make it sound like rock music almost immediately. The hook's melody resembles the youkai.

Notes: This theme is named after the same chapter included in the twelfth volume of Taiheiki.
The title is spelt ひろありけてうをいること ("Hiroari keteu wo iru koto") in historic spelling system, and read as it would be ひろありけちょうをいること ("Hiroari kechou wo iru koto").

In this story, an ominous bird that cries "Itsumade, itsumade" (いつまで、いつまで) appears and frightens the people of Heian. They interpreted it that the bird was the embodiment of sorrow of epidemic disease widespread those days, repeating an evil spell "Till when (do we bodies remain left on the roads)?"; the phrase "itsumade" has been interpreted into "till when?" (何時まで? itsu made?). ZUN jokingly translates it into English.

"Jokingly" is, in fact, ambivalent in this case. There are some ideas about what ZUN implies for it. For example: (1) "Till when (does the same pattern of melody repeat again and again from the first)?"; (2) "Till when (does winter remain in this story)?". And other people think that Youmu and Yuyuko are roling "Itsumade" and "the body"; Youmu made a big incident to inform protagonists that the source of it was a suffering dead body.

Stage 6 theme
Arutimetto turūsu
Ultimate Truth

最終面はボスを中心にするために、道中はただのつなぎです。 曲もえらく短い曲ですが、割と爽やかで気持ちいい曲です(多分) ステージは、桜の海の上を高速で駆け抜けるイメージを想定していましたが、曲の方もそんな感じになったでしょうか?

The final stage is all about the final boss, so the mid-stage is only a token effort. Because of that, this song is rather short, but it's also refreshing and pleasant (in my opinion). The stage has visual imagery of flying over a sea of cherry blossoms; I hope this song will give you the same impression.

Stage 6 Boss - Yuyuko Saigyouji's theme
幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life
Yuuga ni sakase, sumizome no sakura
Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life

とにかく、東洋風でメロディアスでラストらしい曲を目指しました。 とかなんとかいっちゃって、どう聴いてもいつもの曲です(笑) 激しくも優雅で、力強くも儚げに、色々感じ取れる曲になったかなと。

I gave this theme an oriental and melodious feeling while making it the "final" song. Having said that, the style of music is my usual fare. (lol) Vehement yet elegant, powerful but ephemeral; I thought I'd make this theme quite emotional.


The song title is a reference to the legend of a man named Kamutsuke no Mineo, who upon the death of his friend wrote the following poem: "Oh, cherry blossoms in the fields of Fukukusa: if you have a heart, bloom in dyed in ink just for this year." When he finished writing the poem, the cherry blossoms near his friend's grave all bloomed ink-black.

Stage 6 Boss - Yuyuko Saigyouji's second theme
Bōdā obu raifu
Border of Life

幽々子のテーマの別バージョンです。 ちょっとミステリアスな雰囲気が強調されています。 曲自体は、疲れるほどにハードです(笑)

An arranged version of Yuyuko's theme. I put more emphasis on the mysterious atmosphere in this one. However, the melody itself is so harsh that it's almost tiresome. (lol)

Extra Stage theme
Youyou bakko
Spiritual Domination

東方に珍しい疾走感の強い曲(か?)です。 ステージを見れば分りますが、テンポとノリが重要なイメージになっています。 途中で曲調が112°程変換されますが、そこからがエクストラの始まりだと思ってください(笑)

A high-paced theme (?) which is unusual in the Touhou series. It's obvious from the stage that the tempo and feel are the keys to this song. The tone turns around about 112 degrees in the middle of the song which is where Extra really starts (heh).

Extra Boss - Ran Yakumo's theme
少女幻葬 ~ Necro-Fantasy
Shoujo gensou
A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy

幻想より幻惑的なイメージで作曲しました。 曲自体から、活きの良い妖怪を感じてもらえればいいかなと。 シューティングで長期戦になるところは、繰り返しが多くて一定の調子の方がいい感じだと思うので、そんな感じな曲に。

I composed it to be more dazzling than fantastic. Hopefully you'll get the sense of the energetic youkai from the song. In my opinion, when there's a long fight in a shooting game, the music should repeat and sustain its tempo. That is, it should be like this theme.

Also featured in: 蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club
Phantasm Stage theme
妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it!
Youyou bakko
Spiritual Domination ~ Who done it!

妖々跋扈の裏バージョンです。 曲は殆ど変化はありませんが・・・

Another version of Spiritual Domination. It's not that different from the original though...

Phantasm Boss - Yukari Yakumo's theme

藍のテーマの編曲のつもりだったけど、割と別の曲に。 こっちの方は、禍々しい感じが少し混じっています。というか、キャラ自体が禍々しさの塊みたいなもんです。 今までのキャラの中でも、胡散臭い風貌、信用できない性格、非常識な弾幕。そういうキャラの曲なので、とても胡散臭い(笑)

Meant to be an arranged version of Ran's theme, it ended up quite different. This one has an ominous feeling. Or rather, she's the very embodiment of ominous. Even compared with the past characters, she has a devious appearance, a dubious character, and unusual danmaku. The theme's just like her: devious (lol).

Also featured in: 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy
Ending theme
Shunpuu no yume[4]
Dream of a Spring Breeze

エンディングのテーマです。 ・・・だから、暗いってばさ。


The ending theme. ...It's just, it feels kind of dark.

It's supposed to represent a peaceful, everyday life, I swear.

Staff Roll theme
さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream...
Sakura sakura
Sakura, Sakura ~ Japanize Dream...

童謡「さくらさくら」をイメージした曲です。 割とすっきりする曲だったりします。

The imagery is based on the familiar song "Sakura, Sakura". I think this song is kind of refreshing.

Also See

  1. "Mukau no sato" also passes.
  2. When the の in 人の形 ("human shape") is deleted, it forms 人形 ("doll").
  3. A pun of the four-letter kanji idiom 跳梁跋扈 (Chouryou bakko), "people with ill intent running rampant".
  4. "Harukaze no yume" also passes.