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This article describes the story of Perfect Cherry Blossom in detail.


The next world, resplendent with sin-laden cherry blossoms
Unseeable in life; unseeable again in death - ZUN

In Gensokyo, people relax and bask in the calm of a winter without end. Spring has shown no sign of arriving even though it's already May, and in fact the snowstorms are continually getting worse. Reimu Hakurei, a shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, is tired of being cold day in and day out and wants to find the source of this unnatural weather. Marisa Kirisame, a black-clothed magician, sees a cherry blossom petal float down outside her warm house and wonders if spring is happening somewhere else. Sakuya Izayoi, the maid leader of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, knows that their winter supplies are diminishing quickly, and wants to end this prolonged winter before they run out completely. Depending on who you choose, only one of these three heroines actually goes out and investigates.

Main Story[edit]

This game is Curtain Fire Shooting Game.
Girls do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready.
You will wonder at the snowy paradise, and you look at what must be hidden...

The heroine starts off her journey by heading off into the snow-covered forests in search of clues. She battles the ice fairy Cirno and the winter spirit Letty Whiterock in the forest, and the nekomata Chen in the village of Mayohiga, without any progress in her search. Finally, after defeating Alice Margatroid and her dolls, the heroine finds a lead when she notices several cherry blossoms blowing around in the sky. The heroine follows the trail of cherry blossoms high above Gensokyo, breaking through the greetings of Lily White, eventually reaching a great magical boundary and the poltergeist musicians Prismriver Sisters. After silencing the Prismriver Sisters, the heroine crosses the boundary into the Netherworld.

After fighting off several ghosts, the heroine is confronted by human-phantom gardener Youmu Konpaku. Youmu explains that she had been stealing the essence of "spring" throughout Gensokyo in order to make the Saigyou Ayakashi, a youkai cherry tree, bloom perfectly with the rest of Hakugyokurou's gardens, as per her master's orders. The heroine defeats Youmu and hurries to Hakugyokurou to get Gensokyo's spring back. Now at the end of a long journey, the heroine comes face to face with Yuyuko Saigyouji, the ghost princess of Hakugyokurou. Yuyuko reveals that she wanted to revive a certain soul that has been sealed within the Saigyou Ayakashi from before her existence. In order to break the seal, the youkai cherry blossom tree needed to bloom fully and completely. Yuyuko and the heroine wage a fierce battle, to get the last "spring" contained in the heroine needed for the Perfect Cherry Blossom, and to reclaim Gensokyo's spring, respectively. After the heroine defeats Yuyuko, the Saigyou Ayakashi starts to lose its health. However the seal has been weakened from the near-complete bloom, and the sealed soul is temporarily unleashed. The soul is actually Yuyuko's. The heroine dodges attack after attack until Yuyuko's soul is finally sealed once more.


The bad endings have Reimu and Marisa stay at home, staying warm while Sakuya in contrast merely returns home to change her clothes before immediately trying again. It should be noted that Reimu's bad ending references losing the spring she gathered but nothing happened.

Reimu A's ending has her and Marisa watching the cherry blossoms at the shrine while telling Marisa about the incident when Youmu and Yuyuko reveal themselves sitting and eating. Reimu attempts to get Youmu to clean up as Sakuya and Remilia arrive to watch the flowers. It ends on Reimu trying to get Youmu to do work and Marisa wondering about the cake Sakuya provided.

Reimu B's ending has her being amazed at the sudden spring and how warm it is when Youmu and Yuyuko appear. They talk about repairing the barrier between the Netherworld and Gensokyo, and remarking on the shrine's barrier as Yuyuko makes a reference to Yukari. It ends on noting that most barriers are so vague they don't work while the one at the shrine is most effective.

Marisa A's starts with Yuyuko talking about a nightmare she had of spring blowing away the pedals (something noted to be unsettling to ghosts in general and a black wind, which turns out to be Marisa. who's currently freeloading. Yuyuko and Youmu try to talk Marisa into going home, but not having much luck as Marisa doesn't believe she's the cause of it.

Marisa B's has Youmu complaining about cleaning up after the flower viewing parties at her home when Marisa and Reimu (in an alternate outfit and a hat rarely seen.) who arrived to see the flowers. In the conversation it's revealed that Reimu could easily dispel the barrier to Youmu's dismay. Yuyuko then comes up and tells Youmu to finish cleaning as "honored guests" are coming over, Reimu and Marisa to be exact. Marisa brought some special sake as Youmu resigns herself to another clean up. It notes that while cleaning up after such a party is empty, it's a sign the party was good and that Youmu partially finds the task reassuring.

Sakuya A's ending has Sakuya and Remilia at the mansion talking about spring when Sakuya unveils a miniature Netherworld as a gift (made by Patchy) which has real scaled down ghosts. Patchy talks about how she makes it and Sakuya remarking Cherry blossoms are in style with the dead. It says at the end how the barrier between the Netherworld and Gensokyo is faint.

Sakuya B's has Sakuya and Remilia gather at the shrine with some remarks about the cherry blossoms and soon after Youmu and Yuyuko arrive. Even though Reimu complains a bit she lets them stay. Yuyuko makes a remark about how a body decaying for 50 years is under one of those cherry trees in the shrine's garden.(A mystery of the shrine never mentioned again) It goes on to Reimu trying to get Sakuya to clean as Sakuya and Yuyuko pass the task to Youmu. It ends with saying the cherry blossoms were seemingly redding though it might be due to the sun setting.

Extra Backstory[edit]

A few days later, Yuyuko asks the heroine for a favor. The magic boundary between Gensokyo and the Netherworld was weakened by Yukari Yakumo, one of Yuyuko's friends, to make stealing Gensokyo's spring easier. Yuyuko asks the heroine to find her friend, who would be preparing for the flower-viewing event during this time, and remind her to repair the boundary.

Extra Story[edit]

How about a flower viewing in the Netherworld?
Next Phantasm...

As the heroine flies closer to her destination, Chen leaps out in front of the heroine, seemingly revitalized and much more powerful. The heroine manages to defeat Chen again, but this only serves to draw out an angry Ran Yakumo. It turns out that Chen was the shikigami of Ran, and Ran is intent on making the heroine pay. Ran reveals that she is also a shikigami, and that she will not let any troublemakers disturb her master. The heroine figures that defeating Ran will get the attention of Yuyuko's friend, and after a fierce battle, Ran is defeated. Surprisingly, Ran's master, Yukari, doesn't appear, and Ran tells the heroine that she should try coming back at night, since her master sleeps less often during the night. After returning that night and defeating a weakened Ran again, Yukari emerges to greet the heroine. Yukari is quite surprised at the heroine's ability and decides to continue where Ran left off. After a vicious fight, Yukari is defeated, and quickly uses her abilities to do the heroine's request. Or so it seems as later works reveal that the boundary isn't quite fixed so visits to Hakugyokuro and ghosts visiting Gensokyo proper aren't too uncommon.