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Perfect Cherry Blossom/Afterword

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○東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom.

あとがき 上海アリス通信 vol.3
上海アリス幻樂団長 ZUN

Eastern Ghostly Dream ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Afterword Shanghai Alice Correspondence vol. 3
Shanghai Alice Team Leader ZUN

 あと、強烈なネタバレのある方は、キャラ設定.txt に分離しました。

There's lots of spoilers here, so if you haven't finished the game, read it or don't.

Also, the REAL spoilers are all collected in character
intros.txt. So, the people who read that should either
have cleared the game, or not really care about the story.



0.Special Afterword Table of Contents

1. Special Afterword
2. Secret Music Comments
3. Extra Stage Story


1. Special Afterword

  初めましてZUNです。初めてじゃない人には初めませんZUNです。  ようやく7作目となります。

Nice to meet you, I'm ZUN. And for those of you I've already met, nice to not be meeting you, I'm ZUN. We've come now to my 7th work.

  妖々夢、頭の悪いゲームです。プレイして貰える方が増えたんだから、  もっとサービス精神旺盛な作りにしても良かったのに、相変わらずの内容  ・・・。

PCB ... isn't a very smart game. A lot more people have started playing my games, so it would have been nice to make something a lot more fanservicey, but in the end, it's just more of the same ...

  敵の攻撃だって、眩暈を引き起こすような弾幕、攻略するにはパターン  化が必須の高難易度モード、並の努力ではコンプリートさせる気など無い  スペルカード。

Even the enemies' attacks, the dizzying danmaku, the hard modes where pattern recognition is indispensable to capturing, the spellcards that don't seem completable without lots of effort.

言うまでもなくわざとですが(笑)。同人ゲームくらい、最近のゲーム  みたいなユーザー在ってのゲームではなく、昔のゲームみたいに、開発者  の我侭で創ったものであって欲しいものです。遊ぶ側としても。

Of course, it's all on purpose. *g* Since it's a doujin game, it's not like the games companies put out these days that are geared towards getting users, but it's more like the old days where the developer just did whatever he wanted. Even if people do end up playing it.

好きなものを思うが侭に表現できる。それこそが、同人(もしくはフリ  ー)の利点だと思ってます。商業の縮小コピー版のつもりじゃ、私なら商  業ゲームを遊びます。

It's easier to express yourself when thinking about things you like. I think this is an advantage on the side of doujin, or otherwise free, software. This is meant to be kind of like a limited-run commercial work, and I do enjoy playing commercial games.

でこのゲーム、基本はノーマルノーコンティニュークリアが目標で、こ  れ自体の難易度はかなり低めです。それでもクリアできない方、もしくは  STGを殆どやったことの無い方は、まずはイージーを遊ぶといい感じで  す。

So, the basic point of this game is to 1cc Normal, which is relatively easy. But, for those of you who can't clear the game, or perhaps those of you who don't play STG that much, it might be nice to play easy mode.

今回は、イージーでもノーコンティニュークリアをすればグッドエンデ  ィングになりますので、気持ちよく眠れます(笑)

This time, you get the good ending even if you 1cc Easy, so you can finally get a good night's sleep *g*

  どんなものも人によって目標値(限界値)が異なります。特にSTGは  その差が顕著かもしれません。実際、紅魔郷のEXTRAをクリアできた  人は、全体の何割くらいだったのでしょう? 気になるところです。

Different people all have different goals (or limits). I suspect the differences are even more striking with respect to STG. I wonder what people have been able to clear Gensokyo's EXTRAs in the past? I'm really curious.

  前作までのEXTRAをクリアできた人なら、何の問題も無く今回もク  リアできる事でしょう。むしろ易しすぎるかもしれません。  (そういう人なら、このゲーム、ノーマル初プレイでノーコンティニュー   クリア出来た人も多そう・・・)

I suppose people who have cleared the extra stage on earlier games will have no problem with this game. Maybe it's even too easy. (By the way, it seems there are a lot of people who have 1cced Normal on their first try in this game...)

  そういう方は、是非、上の難易度、目標を目指して見てください。この  ゲームの本当の姿が見えてくるはずです(笑)

I hope that kind of person will continue to aim for a higher level of difficulty, and a higher goal. If they do so, they ought to discover this game's true form *g*

  幸い、PCゲームはリプレイの配布が容易なため、超絶プレイを眺めな  がらお茶の香りを楽しむ、という楽しみ方も可能です。

Fortunately, since it's so easy to distribute replays of PC games, it's also possible to enjoy watching replays over the scent of freshly-brewed tea.

  ベストの楽しみ方は、皆が同じ目標を持つのではなく、自分なりの目標  を設定し、そこまで努力することです。目標以上の事は、もっとレベルの  高い人の努力の結晶を見て楽しむ。これも、STGならではの楽しみ方で  は無いでしょうか?

Everyone's best form of amusement, and their goals, are all different; each person sets their own goals and works toward them. One can always enjoy watching the efforts towards their own goals of those who have attained a higher level than oneself. Isn't this also a fun thing about shooting games?

  (にしては簡単すぎる? いやぁ、私が見切れる限界です(汗))

(Still, is it too easy? Well, I'm about at my limit ... )

  ―― 蓬莱の音は妖魔の眠りを妨げるか

  ―― Do the sounds of Hourai disturb the sleep of spirits?

  ちなみに今回の音楽はどうでしたか?  激しく切なく、それでいてちょっとエキゾチックな曲を目指しました。  って、いつもそればっか。どっと疲れる位ハイテンポな曲ばっかで、物凄  く癒されません。まぁ、元々STGゲームは癒されません(笑)

By the way, what do you think of the music this time? I was going for songs that were intense, emotional, and a little exotic. Well, I guess that's all I ever write. It's full of high tempo songs that can tire you out suddenly and don't have any sort of healing properties at all. Well, STG music has always been like that *g*

  今回は、やや大人の雰囲気が出るといいなぁ的な感覚で作曲しました。  紅魔郷より、対象が1才くらい上の曲になっていると思います。私が一つ  歳を取ったし、紅魔郷を遊んだユーザーも、恐らく一つ以上は歳を取って  いるはずなので・・・。

I started composing thinking it would be great to have music that had a super mature feel to it. I think the music has grown up about a year's worth compared to EoSD. I've gotten a year older, and the people who played EoSD have probably gotten at least a year older too, so...

  それにしても、いつもは西洋風の曲を創っても、何処かしら東洋風の雰  囲気が混じるのですが、今回は東洋風に徹しても、何処かしら異国風にな  っているような気がしてならない。

Even so, normally I make Western style music that still has some Oriental elements in it, but this time I tried to make Oriental music that still somehow has Western-feeling elements in it.

  決められたものを決められた通りに創れないのは、プロフェッショナル  でない証拠ですね(^^;

Not being able to have things come out the way I want is a sure sign I'm no professional ^^;


  Well, it's a blending of Eastern and Western, so...

  ―― その桜は二度と咲くことは無かった

  ―― That cherry tree would never blossom again

  もしかしたら、妖々夢。一部難解な内容もあるかもしれません。ゲーム  独自の用語でない為、ゲーム中では細かい説明が無い用語がある可能性が  あります。

So, PCB. Some of the contents might be hard to follow. None of the terminology is specific to the game, so there's no real good explanation of a lot of things in the game itself.

  ただ、難しい単語だったら辞書で調べるなり、ネットで検索するなりす  ればすぐに判るので問題は無いのですが、そうではなく、「見立て」とか  が多いため、「判らない人には、判らない事があるのかすら判らない」、  内容になっているかもしれません。

Still, if there are any terms you don't understand, you can consult a dictionary or look around online, so I don't think there's much of a problem, but due to the choices I've made, it may be more of a case of "the people who don't know don't know what they don't know".

  特に、弾幕を或る物(もしくは事象)に見立てている場面が多々ありま  すが、非常に抽象的であるため、殆ど理解されないかも知れない・・・  (もしかしたら、実は東方のユーザーは妄想力が高くて、色々分かり過ぎ   てしまうかも知れませんが(^^;)

Particularly, I chose to represent a lot of things (or phenomena) with danmaku; since that's a fairly abstract way of doing things, it may be hard to understand... (On the other hand, Touhou users probably have very strong imaginations, so maybe they understood too much ^^; )

  まぁ、ストーリー自体は物凄く単純なので、誰にでも楽しめます。  (この内容が受け入れられるかどうかは別)

Well, the story itself is very simple, anyone can enjoy it. (Whether they really understand the contents is something else.)

  ―― 弾幕結界 ~ Border of Shooting Games

  ―― Danmaku Barrier ~ Border of Shooting Games

  妖々夢は開発に時間がかかりすぎました。体験版のサポートが多く、実  質の時間はそんなに長くないのですが・・・

It took too long for me to get Youyoumu out. I had lots of support for the demo version, so it didn't take as long, but...

  プログラムをしている時が一番気楽ですね。感性があまり要らなく、予  測と結果が異なる事が余りない為、全て予定調和の上です。   それに比べて、音楽や絵は・・・(--;

The programming is the easiest part. Since there isn't much question of aesthetics, the results usually don't differ from my predictions, so everything normally goes according to plan. Compared to that, the music and art are... (--;

  それはともかく、気が付いたらアルコール量がかさんでいる事が多いで  すね。妖々夢の90%はアルコールで出来ています(いつもそればっか)   東方のキャラがお酒を飲んでいる場面がありますが、未成年がお酒を飲  んで罰せられるのは、今の日本の法律があるからです。幻想郷では、特に  そういった法律のようなものはありませんので、問題ありません。  (現在の日本では、未成年の飲酒は法律によって禁じられています、   未成年の皆さんは真似しない様に・・・)

And that aside, now that I think of it, the alcohol level really piled up a lot, too. PCB is about 90% alcohol (well, same as ever). There are scenes where the Touhou characters are drinking, but underage drinkers will be punished, since there are laws against that sort of thing in Japan these days. Since there are no such things in Gensokyo, it's not a problem. (Underage drinking is not permitted by law in modern Japan, so I hope my underage users will abstain...)

  明確な法律がない為、大変物騒にも見えます。でも、本当は法律が少な  いほど平和でもあるのです。(妖怪は人間を喰いますが :-b)

Since there are no clear laws in that area, you might find it a bit dangerous. However, it's also possible to have peace where there are not many laws. (Except for the part about youkai eating humans :-b )

  ―― 次回は

  ―― Next time

  同じものを創り続けたいのですが、世間的にそれを許してもらえるのだ  ろうか。   いつもこればっかでワンパターンだな。と言われると、ごもっともです、  としか言い様が無かったりします(^^;同じ物を創っているつもりですので。

I want to keep making the same types of work, but I wonder how long the world will let me do that. I guess I can only do the same thing over and over. Come to think of it, that's exactly right, is what I suppose I have to say (^^; Since I intend to keep doing the same thing.

 (まぁ、ずっと昔から遊んでいる方はそんなことわかっていると思います  が、紅魔郷から遊んだ方だとちょっと不安・・・)

(Well, I think people who have been playing Touhou for a long time realize that, but I wonder about those who have only been playing since EoSD...)

  本当は、ストーリーとデータ差し替えに、ほんの少しの改良点を加えて  延々と同じものを創りたい、って言うのが本音かもしれません。目先の斬  新さに踊らされる事なく、同じ事を続けていくことで、誰も見たことの無  い新しい世界に至る、と言う事もあるのです。急がば回れ、ですね。

Honestly, I wonder if I just want to keep making the same thing over and over, replacing the story and game data, and making improvements over time. Maybe I could arrive at a new world by creating the same work and not being distracted by tomorrow's novelties. You know, more haste, less speed.


Well, in any case, if you don't mind that I hope we'll continue to get along well from here on m(__)m


2. Secret Music Comments


 Sounds are first recognized as songs when they're given a name.
 The nameless ones might just be coincidental mashes of sound.
 So, with that in mind, here are a few (extra) comments of mine.

 ♪1.妖々夢 ~ Snow or Cherry Petal

 ♪1. Phantasms' Dreams ~ Snow or Cherry Petal
It's the title screen music, so it's solemn.
Is it snow or cherry blossoms that fall over Gensokyo?
That's the meaning packed into this song title.

 ♪2.無何有の郷 ~ Deep Mountain

 ♪2. Paradise ~ Deep Mountain
"Mukau no kyou".
In a word, deep in the mountains, away from the village (Laughs)


 ♪3. Crystallize Silver
An image of silver snow crystals.
Definitely not crystals of silver.


 ♪4. The Fantastic Legend of Tohno
Places deep in the mountains of Japan make me think of old man Yanagita.
Is it an academic thing or an occult thing? Well, does it really matter?

 ♪5.ティアオイエツォン(withered leaf)

 ♪5. Diao ye zong(withered leaf)
Burnt orange. More of a fall thing than winter.
Personally, cats bring to mind images of autumn.
They don't like dealing with a harsh winter or summer, and even spring's freshness doesn't really suit them.
That sort of image.


 ♪6. The Dollmaker of Bucharest
Alice has dolls from many different places.
I really wanted to write in some clay figures or terra cotta warriors.

 ♪7.人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女

 ♪7. Doll Judgement ~ The girl who plays with people's shapes
If you throw away a broken doll, say, in the forest, it makes you shiver a little.
That's probably because it's a doll in the shape of a person.
Even if you find a broken human in the forest, it doesn't make you shiver. That's just
disposing of a corpse, which is a lot easier to understand than disposing of a doll.


 ♪8. Heavenly Flower Capital
We don't notice it, but the heavens are full of gardens, cities, castles, and birds.
The truth is, the skies may be completely saturated, and we just don't know about it.
We shouldn't fly passenger planes through the sky so lightly. (← afraid of heights)

 ♪9.幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble

 ♪9. Phantom Ensemble ~ Phantom Ensemble
The phantom ensemble.
By the way, poltergeists and phantoms as we Japanese think of them are
a little different. They're the most pedestrian of the foreign spirits.
They can hold musical performances without using their hands or feet
or instruments, but they're not theremins.
And even though they can make sound without instruments, they use them.
As pointless as that is, it's absolutely wonderful. After all, ghosts
themselves are pointless in the first place.

 ♪10.東方妖々夢 ~ Ancient Temple   古の寺院。

 ♪10. Eastern Mystic Dream ~ Ancient Temple
An old temple.
All of a sudden, the atmosphere and pace change with this song.
This is the song that most directly expresses the feeling of this game, hence this title.

 ♪11.広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When?
  Till When? はただのダジャレなので気にせず(汗)

 ♪11. Wherein Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?
Needless to say, Hiroari refers to the famous youkai bird hunter Oki no
Jirouzaemon Hiroari. The image of the song was that mysterious youkai,
hence the feel of the song.
"Till When?" is just a pun, pay it no mind (Sweats)


 ♪12. Ultimate Truth
Ultimate reality. That is, absolute truth.
Though, it's not that magnificent of a song...

 ♪13.幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life

 ♪13. Bloom Nobly, Cherry Blossom of Sumizome ~ Border of Life
It's good to have an easy to understand Japanese title.
It's a very straightforward name.
There's nothing more to say.
Is this, too, the cherry tree's charm...?


 ♪14. Border of Life The boundary between life and death.
For proof of life to be possible, there must be the dead.
So, there is no living thing that won't die. If something isn't
alive it can't die, and something that can't die isn't alive either.
I believe the true state of life is this unyielding state of limbo.


 ♪15. Phantasms' Domination
Pronounced "yoyo-bakko".
When they first become youkai, all creatures enter a world where they do as they please.
In this world, even humans, lords of creation that they are, are trifling creatures.

 ♪16.少女幻葬 ~ Necro-Fantasy

 ♪16. Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy Many ways to bury the dead have been devised according to different regions, climates, and religions.
There's cremation, interment, open burial, and now even consecration to space.
I think it would be fun to play a trick by leaving in my last will and testament instructions to perform an "illusionary funeral"
(please don't)

 ♪17.妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it?
  Whodunit フーダニットです。
  異国語に詳しくないためよく分かりませんが、Who did it? が正しい

 ♪17. Phantasms' Domination ~ Who done it?
Or, whodunit.
I don't really know too much about foreign languages, but it seems
the proper usage is "Who did it?"
It turns out to be this character who shows up suddenly at the end,
which seems pretty unreasonable.

  Necro-Fantasia 死の幻想曲

 ♪18. Necrofantasia
Necro-Fantasia: a fantasia of death.
It sounds pretty hardcore.
You can't savor death while you're still alive.
Death is always a phantasm to the living.


 ♪19. Dream of a Spring Breeze
A spring breeze can't help but scatter the cherry blossoms.
Whether you're asleep or awake, can you find such a breeze unpleasant?

 ♪20.さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream...

 ♪20. Sakura Sakura ~ Japanize Dream...
Among all of our well-known songs, I think Sakura Sakura is the most Japanese-style.
Something's been bothering me, though: is the song called "Sakura Sakura",
or just "Sakura"? Or is it something else entirely?
I just can't remember...


3. Extra Stage Story


  • From おまけ.txt, included with the game