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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu

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地獄の最高裁判長 Supreme Judge of Hell
四季映姫・ヤマザナドゥ Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
能力: 白黒はっきり付ける程度の能力 Ability: Distinctly judging things as right or wrong
危険度: 極低 Threat level: Very low
人間友好度: 普通 Human friendship level: Normal
主に活動場所: 彼岸 Main place of activity: Higan
数多い閻魔様の内の一人。 One of the many yama.
担当は幻想郷の死者を裁く事で、我々に最も関係が深い閻魔様である。(*1) As she is in charge of judging the dead of Gensokyo, she is the yama with the closest ties to us. (*1)
非常に説教臭く、さらに間違った事を言う事は無い為、ちょっと近寄りがたい雰囲気を醸し出している。 Since she is very preachy and is never mistaken about anything, she appears a little hard to approach.
ただ、その説教も基本は幻想郷の人間の為を思ってする事であり、素直な気持ちで耳を傾けたい。 However, her teachings are fundamentally for the benefit of the humans of Gensokyo, so you should listen earnestly to what she has to say.
この閻魔様は幻想郷では有名で、特に永く生きた妖怪は一度はお世話になっている。 This Yama is famous in Gensokyo, particularly among long-lived youkai, who have been helped by her at least once.
だが、妖怪にとって閻魔様が居る場所は居心地悪く、閻魔様が幻想郷に現れるとどんな妖怪も姿を隠す。 Nevertheless, youkai feel uncomfortable around the Yama, so whenever she comes to Gensokyo, all youkai go into hiding.
そういう意味では、真っ当な人間にとって閻魔様は味方の様な物である。 In this sense, the Yama is an ally of honest humans.
また、寿命がある者でも今の段階で罪を負い過ぎていて、地獄に堕ちる事が確実である場合、休暇中に直截やってきて警告し、改善を促す場合も有るという。(*2) Moreover, whenever a mortal's karma is so bad that it becomes certain that they will go to Hell, she will go directly to warn that person during her work break, and may even urge the person to better themselves. (*2)
浄玻璃の鏡 Cleansed Crystal Mirror
閻魔様が持ってる鏡。 A mirror that the yama possess.
この鏡に照らされると、過去の行いが全て判ってしまう。 By looking into the mirror, they see all your past deeds.
この鏡のお陰で公正な審判が出来ると共に、閻魔様が倦厭される理由になっている。 Although the mirror enables the yama to make fair judgments, it is also a reason why they are disliked.
この鏡の前ではプライベシーもへったくれも無く、個人情報ダダ漏れ放題という恐ろしい地獄(*3)の道具だ。 In front of the mirror privacy is nonexistent, and they can learn as much personal information as they please. It is one hellish (*3) device, indeed.
大きさは閻魔様によってまちまちであるが、彼女の鏡は手鏡程度の大きさだと言われる。 Every yama has a mirror of a different size. It is said that hers is as large as a hand mirror.
悔悟の棒 Rod of Remorse
閻魔様が常に手に持っている棒。 A rod which the Yama always carries with her.
これに罪状を書き込み、そして叩く為の棒である。 This is the rod on which she writes the nature of the offense and then beats the guilty.
悪い事をした人間は、罪の数に比例して何度も叩かれ、悔い改めるまで叩かれ続ける。 People who have done wrong are beaten many, many times in direct proportion to their sins, and she keeps beating them until they repent.
棒の重さは、その棒に書かれた罪の重さである。 The weight of the rod is equal to the weight of the sin written on it.
ちなみに、罪は現世での犯罪とは異なり、法に準拠しているしていないは一切関係ない。 Incidentally, sins are distinct from the living world's crimes, and have nothing to do with whether or not people have complied with the law.
閻魔様の一存で罪が決定する。 Sins are determined purely at a Yama's discretion.
昔は、一霊魂に付き一つ使っていたが、環境への影響を考え、今は何度も書き直しが出来る新素材を使っている。 At one time, one rod was used per ghost, but after considering the influence on the environment, now it is made of a new material which can be written on many times.
*1 ヤマザナドゥは是非曲直庁での役職名、意味はそのまま、楽園の閻魔だ。 1: Yamaxanadu is actually a job title at the Ministry of Right and Wrong. The meaning is literal: the Yama of Paradise.
*2 受ける罰を誇張して脅しているとも。 2: Perhaps by exaggerating the punishment that the person will receive.
*3:二重の意味で。 3: Both literally and figuratively.

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