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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Forest of Magic

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PMiSS forestofmagic.jpg
魔法の森 Forest of Magic
危険度: 中 Threat level: Medium
遭遇する妖怪:妖獣、魔法使い他 Encounterable youkai: Beasts, magicians etc.
幻想郷で最も湿度が高く、人間が足を踏み入れる事が少ない原生林が魔法の森だ(*13)。 The most humid place in Gensokyo, this natural forest that humans rarely step foot into is the Forest of Magic (*13).
人間の里からの道のりは比較的マシな部類だが、森の中は人間にとって最悪の環境で、化け物茸の胞子が宙を舞い、普通の人間は息するだけで体調を壊してしまう。 The distance from the human village is relatively short, but the forest's environment is extremely hazardous to humans. The spores of monster mushrooms dance about in midair and a normal human's health would worsen simply by breathing here.
だが、一般的な妖怪にとっても居心地の悪い場所で、妖怪も余り足を踏み入れないという特徴もある。 However, another unique feature of the forest is that even youkai refrain from entering there, as the typical kinds also find the place uncomfortable.
その為、化け物茸が放つ瘴気に耐えられるのならば、逆に隠れ蓑となって安全な場所ともいえる。 For that reason, if one could stand the noxious gases that the monstrous mushrooms emit, then on the contrary, it would be both a safe and secretive place to seclude oneself.
森は、地面にまで日光が殆ど届かず、暗くじめじめしている。 The forest has areas of ground upon which the sun never shines, making them dark and damp.
故に、茸が際限なく育つ。 Therefore, mushrooms grow endlessly there.
ここの茸は人間にとって食用に堪えうる物もあるが、見た目は余りよろしくない。 There are mushrooms here that can be used for food for humans who can withstand them, but they don't look very appealing.
また、比較的幻覚作用を持つ茸が多い。 Also, there are a relatively high number of mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties.
そもそも魔法の森と呼ばれる様になったのも、この幻覚作用を持つ茸が生える為である。 The reason why it is called the Forest of Magic in the first place is because of the wide number of hallucinogenic mushrooms growing there.
この茸は近くにいるだけで魔法を掛けられた様な幻覚を見せる。 Simply being near them will make hallucinations appear as if one was entranced by magic.
また、この茸の幻覚が魔法使いの魔力を高めるという事で、この森に住む魔法使いも多い。 In addition, for the sake of increasing their magical powers with these hallucinogenic mushrooms, many magicians live in this forest.
*13 幻想郷はそんなに広くないので、わざわざ地名を付ける必要が少なく、通常は森といえば魔法の森、里といえば人間の里、山といえば妖怪の山の事を指す。 13: Since Gensokyo is not that big, there is not much need to bother with place names. Usually if you mention a forest, it's the Forest of Magic; if you talk about a village, it's the human village and if you talk about a mountain, it refers to Youkai Mountain.
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