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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Luna Child

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PMiSS luna.jpg
静かなる月の光 Silent Moonlight
ルナチャイルド Lunarchild [sic]
能力: 音を消す程度の能力 Ability: Ability to muffle sound
危険度: 極低 Threat level: Extremely low
人間友好度: 普通 Human friendship level: Average
主な活動場所: 魔法の森の近辺 Main place of activity: Around the Forest of Magic
風の強い日、風が止んだわけでもないのにザーいうと風の音が一瞬止み、そしてすぐにまた風の音が聞こえてくる、なんていう経験をした事があると思う。 I believe you might have had an experience in which, during a windy day, the wind's sound suddenly vanished, even though the wind hadn't stopped, and then soon after the sound came back again.
そういう時は十中八九、妖精の仕業だと思って間違いない(*1)。 When this happens, eight or nine times out of ten, you would be right to think that it is the work of a fairy(*1).
妖精は、人間にとって毒にも薬にもならない存在である。 Fairies are beings that can't harm nor benefit humans.
その悪戯が、必ずしも人間に直截被害を及ぼすとは限らない。 Their pranks don't necessarily cause direct harm to people.
ルナチャイルドは自分の周りの音を消す力を持つ。 Luna Child has the ability to silence the sounds around herself.
それ自体はなんら被害を及ぼす訳ではないのだが、他の妖精、特にサニーミルクとスターサファイアと共に三匹で行動し、悪戯を行う事が多い。 This in itself can't cause much harm, but she often joins up with other fairies, particularly Sunny Milk and Star Sapphire, carrying out their pranks as a trio.
身長はかなり低く、カゲロウのような薄い羽根を持つ。 Her stature is quite short, and she possesses thin, insect-like wings.
赤、白、青の三妖精のうち、白いのがルナチャイルド(*2)である。 Out of the red, white and blue trio of fairies, the white one (*2) is Luna Child.
三妖精の中では鈍臭い所が在るのか、はたまた音を消すという能力に頼りすぎる所為なのか、一匹だけ逃げ遅れる事が多い。 Out of the three fairies, she might be the dumbest one, or maybe she just relies too much in her ability to make sound vanish that she's often the only one who fails to escape.
サニーミルクの光の屈折と併せて、姿も音も消えるという恐怖の隠密が生まれそうだが、所詮妖精。 It seems that when her ability is used along with Sunny Milk's light diffraction, it can hide both form and sound, producing a truly fearsome stealthiness. But even so, they are still fairies, after all.
頭が弱い。 They are not very smart.
目撃報告例 Eyewitness Reports
・よく道で転んでいるのを見る。鈍臭い(西の樵) "I often see her tripping while walking down the road. She's kinda dull." (West side woodcutter.)
・音がしない筈なのに、抜き足差し足で歩いていた(匿名) "Even though she could walk without a sound, she was tip-toeing." (Anonymous)
間抜けな側面の一つである。 One of the characteristics of stupidity.
正直、懲らしめる気も失せるであろう。 Frankly, you might not even feel like punishing her any more.
・夜中に一匹だけでふらふら飛んでいるのを見た(星詠人) "I saw her flying around by herself in the middle of the night." (Star-watching poet)
夜になると活動的になるようで、頻繁に目撃される。 She's more active at night, so that's when she's most frequently sighted.
しかも単独行動を始める様である。 On top of that, she will begin to move independently of the others.
妖精としては珍しい部類に入るかも知れない。 Maybe she's in a particularly unusual class of fairies.
・よく珈琲豆(*3)が盗まれる。どうにかして欲しい(お茶屋) "She steals a lot of coffee beans (*3). I wonder what I could do about it." (Teahouse owner)
音もなく近づいてくる為、こそ泥被害を防ぐのは難しい。 With no sounds to expose them, it's difficult to guard your belongings from sneaking thieves.
一応対策も在るので後述する。 But a countermeasure will be mentioned ahead.
対策 Countermeasures
直截の被害は少ないが、基本は三匹で行動するので、サニーミルクで述べた対策が有効である。 Even though she can cause little real damage, she basically acts with the other two, so the same countermeasures mentioned for Sunny Milk can be employed.
また、ルナチャイルド単体の悪戯については、こそ泥の被害も多数報告される。 Also, out of her solitary pranks, sneak thievery is often reported.
こちらの対策として一番確実なのは、常に音を出す事である。 To counteract this, the most reliable method is to be always making sound.
音が出ている場所にこの妖精が近づくと、静かになるのですぐにわかる。 When this fairy gets close to anywhere there is noise, you will know she is there because it will become silent.
妖精も音を消す能力を使わなければバレる事は無いのだが、そこは妖精の頭。 That means she won't get caught if she doesn't use her ability, but being a fairy, she will be unable to realize this.
盗む時は音を消す、と結びついていて、他に頭が回らないのである。 She has associated silencing her surroundings with her thefts. She won't think of doing it any other way.
*1:妖精の仕業にしておけば、耳の不具合と悩まなくて済む。 1: You can avoid worrying about your hearing if you blame fairies.
*2:赤はサニーミルク、青はスターサファイア。服の色である。 2: Sunny Milk is red, and Star Sapphire is blue. These are the colors of their clothes.
*3:珈琲が好きな妖精は珍しい。妖精の好みは人間の子供と同じである事が多い。 3: Fairies who love coffee are rare. The preferences of fairies are often the same as that of human children.

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