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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Memorandum

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夜の竹林ってこんなに迷う物だったかしら? Is it supposed to be this easy to get lost in a bamboo forest at night?
携帯電話も繋がる気配は無いし、GPSも効かないし、 My cell phone shows no sign of getting any signal, and the GPS isn't working,
珍しい天然の筍も手に入ったし、 and there are rare natural bamboo shoots for the taking...
今日はこの辺で休もうかな……って今は夢の中だったっけ? Maybe I'll rest around here for today... but am I not already dreaming now?
しょうがないわ、もう少し歩き回ってみようかしら。 There's nothing else I can do, so I'll try walking around a little more.
それにしても満天の星空ねえ。 At any rate, the entire sky is filled with stars.
未開っぷりといい、澄んだ空といい、大昔の日本みたいだなあ。 With such an undeveloped, clear sky, this place seems like Japan from a long time ago.
タイムスリップしている? Did I fall into a time slip, perhaps?
ホーキングの時間の矢逆転は本当だった? Was Hawking's reversibility of the arrow of time actually true?
これで妖怪が居なければもっと楽しいんだけどね。 If there weren't any youkai around here then this place would be more fun.
そうか、もしかしたら、夢の世界とは魂の構成物質の記憶かも知れないわ。 That's right, could it be that the Dream World is actually the memories of the substance that makes up the soul?
妖怪は恐怖の記憶の象徴で。 Youkai are the symbols of dreadful memories.
うーん、新説だわ。 Hmm, that's a new theory.
目が覚めたら蓮子に言おうっと。 I'll tell Renko about it when I wake up.
さて、そろそろまた彷徨い始めようかな。 Now then, maybe I should start wandering around again.

数百年前の迷の竹林で発見。 This was discovered several hundred years ago in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
意味不明な単語も多く見られ、未だに解読不能。 There are many words with unknown meanings, so it is still undecipherable.
外の世界の人間が書いた物だと思われるが、 It is thought to be written by someone from the outside world, but
夢の世界とはいったいどういう意味だろう。 just what is the meaning of "Dream World"?

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