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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Memorizable Gensokyo

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東方求聞史紀 記憶する幻想郷 ~ Perfect Memento in Strict Sense: Memorizable Gensokyo (Touhou Gumonshiki: Kioku-suru Gensoukyou) is a manga that is based upon Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and published in the December 2006 issue of the Comic REX magazine. It was drawn by Aki★Eda and written by ZUN.


Memorizable Gensokyo(Main Part) (2006-12)

Artist: Aki★Eda, from Rocket Fuel 21
Translated by Solamarle, edited by Arsen



Memorizable Gensokyo Afterword.jpg


Comic Edition

Remarks on "Perfect Memento in the Strict Sense"



Greetings, it's ZUN.

This time, the comic was released through Ichijinsha Publishing and is an introductory comic to "Perfect Memento in the Strict Sense".

 『東方求聞史紀』は、作中にあった『幻想郷縁起』が含まれています。と言うか、『求聞史紀』の中身はほぼ全て『幻想郷縁起』です。 "Gensokyo Chronicles" is something that came about from and is included as a part of the "Perfect Memento in the Strict Sense". Or maybe I should say that the contents of "Perfect Memento in the Strict Sense" just about all comes from the "Gensokyo Chronicles".
 それ故に、東方初の資料集となる『求聞史紀』ですが、『幻想郷縁起』を書いた稗田阿 求に関する資料が含まれておりません。灯台もと暗しです。 And so, "Perfect Memento in the Strict Sense", Touhou's first information compilation, does not include information concerning the author of the "Gensokyo Chronicles", Hieda Akyuu. This is a case of "can`t see the forest for the trees".
 まぁ阿求の紹介は、今回のコミックで行う事が出来たんで良かったです。実は『東方文花帖』の時みたいに、作中にコミックを入れる事も考えましたが、今回は完全に『幻想郷縁起』は幻想郷の中の本という事で、あえて作中にコミックを入れるのは避けました。 Well, with regards to the introduction of Akyuu, I'm relieved that it happened with this comic. To be honest, while working on "Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red", I thought about including a comic like that book, but because this time the "Gensokyo Chronicles" was supposed to perfectly render an actual book from the world of Gensokyo, I once again avoided including a comic with the work itself.
 今回は、秋★枝さんに阿求は子供っぽい一面も持っていて可愛らしく描いて頂けたので満足です。いやもう。 This time, Aki★Eda was satisfied to draw Akyuu in a cute and lovely child-like style. So delightful!
 最後に『東方求聞史紀』ですが、発売が延び延びになって申し訳ございません。まぁその辺も紅茶でも飲んでのんびりと。 Finally, with regards to the release of "Perfect Memento in the Strict Sense", I offer my sincerest apologies for all the dallying and delays. Well, the delays themselves are like leisurely sipping poison so...
上海アリス幻樂団 ZUN (博麗神主) Team Shanghai Alice, ZUN (Hakurei Kannushi)

Message Paper

Memorizable Gensokyo Message Paper.jpg
To pay a visit
Oni and youkai
Fearful dread
Is it a tsurube-otoshi monster?
 どうも、ZUNです。 Hi there, it's ZUN.
 どんどんと妖怪が恐ろしくなくなりますね。その速度は、秋の夕日と同じで、釣瓶落としの如くです。 It's quickly becoming the case that youkai aren't so scary or dreadful anymore. Like an autumn sunset, so goes the tsurube-otoshi monster.
 でも幻想郷には、釣瓶落としという妖怪も居るのでややこしい事その上ないですな。 But the tsurube-otoshi monster does still exist in Gensokyo, and it as simple as that.
 って、折角の阿求絵の上に勝手に阿求が詠んだような句を乗せるどうなのか。ま、秋の句ですけど。 Speaking of which, just as a picture of Akyuu is finally complete, something like Akyuu composing a poem has now also been included, what's going on?! Well, it's kind of like an autumn sunset.
2006/11 ZUN (博麗神主) 2006/11, ZUN (Hakurei Kannushi)

大好きな作品のコミカライズということで、できるだけ原作を忠実に表現しようと頑張ってみました。 With regards to this cherished work of mine and its illustrations, all possible effort was made to remain faithful to the original work.
紫様は、妖怪という事を意識しすぎて、ちょっと 怖くなってしまった感もありますが(苦笑) Lady Yukari is becoming so aware of everything relating to youkai that it's kind of becoming not so frightening anymore... (Bitter Smile)
カラー有り、見開きあり…と初めて尽くしで色々と四苦八苦しながら描きました。 There's color, there's two-paged illustrations, and all kinds of other extremely difficult to produce qualities in this work which I illustrated.
楽しんでいただけたら嬉しいです。 It was fun and enjoyable to put together, and to hold it in my hands is simply happiness.
二〇〇六年 十一月 秋★枝 2006 November, Aki★Eda

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