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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Muenzuka

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PMiSS muendzuka.jpg
無縁塚 Muenzuka
危険度: 極高 Threat level: Extremely high
遭遇する妖怪: 幽霊、亡霊他 Encounterable youkai: Phantoms, ghosts, etc.
再思の道を奥に進むと、行き止まりにあるのは無縁塚である。 Heading further along the Road of Reconsideration, one would reach Muenzuka, where the road ends.
木に囲まれた小さな空間だが、この場所は人間、妖怪問わず幻想郷の中でも危険度が最も高い部類に入る。 Although it's a small area enclosed by trees, this is one of the most dangerous places in Gensokyo for both the humans and youkai.
この場所は、縁者の居ない者の墓地となっているのだが、縁者の居ない者とは元々外から迷い込んだ人間である事が多かった為、次第にここの比率が外の世界に偏り始め、結界が緩み始めたのである。 This place is a graveyard for those without relatives, and many of those were people from the outside world who became lost and ended up here. Thus, gradually, this area leaned toward the outside world, and the barrier began to loosen.
また、墓地ということもあり、冥界とも繋がりやすく、何が起こるか判らない場所である(*39)。 As it is also a graveyard, it is easily connected to the Netherworld and is generally a place where no one knows what might happen (*39).
ただ、ここの紫の桜と呼ばれる桜の美しさは、本数は少ないものの他に見る事の出来ない幽玄な美しさを見せる。 However, there are lovely things called purple cherry blossom trees here. Although their numbers are small, nothing else in Gensokyo can match their simple beauty.
この桜の花が散る時、無縁塚の死者は迷いから解き放たれ、漸く中有の道へと進む。 When the flowers of these cherry blossoms fall, the deceased of Muenzuka will be released from their hesitation and will finally progress to the Road of Liminality. [1]
紫の桜は無縁塚の土を浄化し、一年に一度、花を咲かせて迷いを断つという、幻想郷でも珍しい妖怪桜である。 The purple cherry blossoms purify the soil of Muenzuka, and once per year, bloom to sever all hesitation. Even for Gensokyo, these are quite peculiar youkai cherry trees.
その紫の桜のホロホロと散る花びらは、無縁塚全体が泣いているかの様な錯覚を観る者にもたらす。 Those flower petals that drop by ones and twos create a sight reminiscent of Muenzuka itself weeping, an illusion that will beguile any viewer.
花見に絶好の場所と思いきや、その涙の様なもの悲しさに、この桜を観て騒ぐ者は居ない。 This might be the most perfect place for flower viewing, or so one might think, but the sorrowful sights create such sadness that there is no one who is able to make merry while watching them.
*39 本来、結界が交わる事はあり得ないが、ここではそれが起こっている。その為、自分の存在を維持する事が困難になってしまう。 39: Normally, the barriers do not intersect, but that is happening here. For this reason, maintaining one's presence here has become difficult. [2]


  1. 中有 (Romanized: "Chuuu") can refer to the Buddhist concept of an intermediate state of existence between life and rebirth, sometimes cited as 49 days.
  2. Possibly meaning that it's difficult to stay in one realm, as opposed to slipping or wavering between different realms.

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