Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Paper

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PMiSS paper Toranoana.jpg
稗田家の The Hieda family's
 帰り吹く風 returning wind
   ねはんにし brings us Nirvana;
 彼女は人か Is she human,
  彼岸の人か or is she from the other side?
     博麗霊夢 - Reimu Hakurei

Akyuu; 読み終わったら
Once you've finished reading it,
hurry up and give it back, okay?
Reimu …(~♪)

PMiSS paper Melonbooks.jpg
稗田家の The Hieda family's
 借りれぬ本に unborrowable books
  舌打ちし with a smack of the lips
 密かに借りて were secretly borrowed;
  笹鳴きの道 The way of the nightingale's cry.
     霧雨魔理沙 - Marisa Kirisame

Akyuu あなたに限っては
You're the only person
who's not allowed
to leave with my copy of the "Gensokyo Chronicle".
Marisa な!? Wha!?

PMiSS paper Whitecanvas.jpg
稗田家の At the Hieda house,
  時も凍れる even time freezes
   寒の入り in midwinter;
 彼女の歴史は Is her history
   虚無の時かな a period of nothingness, I wonder?
     十六夜咲夜 - Sakuya Izayoi

PMiSS paper Gamers.jpg
稗田家の The Hieda family's
 幻想の日の出 omen book
   縁起本 of the sunrise of fantasy;
  幽霊の扱い Isn't its treatment of phantoms
   酷くないかい? a bit harsh?
     魂魄妖夢 - Youmu Konpaku