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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Rinnosuke's Store

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PMiSS kourindou.jpg
香霖堂 Kourindo
危険度: 低 Threat level: Low
遭遇する妖怪: 様々 Encounterable youkai: Various
人間の里から魔法の森方面へ向かっていくと、森の入り口に奇妙な建物が見えてくる。 If you go towards the Forest of Magic from the human village, you’ll see a strange building.
この建物は、外も中もよく判らない道具で埋められており、営業する気があるのか判らない程静かで暗い道具屋、香霖堂である。 This building is the antique store Kourindo. There are piles of items both inside and outside that no one entirely understands, and it's so quiet and gloomy that one can’t know if it’s really intending to do business.
この店は幻想郷で唯一、外の世界の道具も、妖怪の道具も、冥界の道具も、魔法の道具も全て扱う道具屋である。 This is the sole shop in all Gensokyo that deals with outside world, youkai, netherworld and magic items.
ただ、外の世界の道具はこの店の店主ですら使い道が判らず、興味を惹く者は多いが大抵の物は売れていないと言う(*6)。 However, not even the store owner knows how to use the outside world articles, and although there are many people interested in them, most of those items are not for sale (*6).
どの商品も値段が書かれてなく、欲しい商品があったら店主と交渉しないといけない。 None of the merchandise have price tags, so when there’s something you want, you will have to bargain with the store owner.
また、外の品は特に在庫が無い物が多く、一度逃したら次は何時入荷するか判らない。 And besides, many outside world items are frequently out of stock, so if you miss a chance to buy something, it's impossible to tell when another is going to arrive.
ただ、使い方が判らない為、結局売れていないと言う。 But then again, since no one knows how to use them anyway, they end up not selling.
店主の森近霖之助は、ちょっと変わっていて、人間とも妖怪とも分け隔て無く接する事が出来る。 The owner, Rinnosuke Morichika, strangely doesn’t make any distinction between humans and youkai, dealing with both of them.
と言うのも、本人は人間と妖怪の中間くらいの人妖で、自分から人間を襲う事もなければ、妖怪から襲われる事も無いからである(*7)。 In fact, he is a human-youkai half-breed himself. He doesn’t attack humans, and he is not attacked by youkai either (*7).
人間の里から香霖堂までの道のりは若干長く、妖怪も出やすい場所なので少々買い物に行き難いが、意外と面白い物が沢山あるだろう。 The road from the human village to Kourindou is somewhat long, and youkai will appear often, making shopping trips difficult. There are many surprisingly interesting items there though.
ただ、店主の話は適当に切り上げないと中々終わらない。 However, if you don’t interrupt the owner’s stories, he will likely never stop.
*6 実は店主が蒐集家で、大抵の品が売る気が無いと専らの噂。 6: The reality is that the owner is a collector, but him not being interested in selling most of the items is entirely a rumor.
*7 相手にしたくない性格だからかも知れない。 7: Maybe because of his disagreeable personality.
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