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-幻想浪漫紀行- (げんそうろうまんきこう)
Phantasmagoria Trues
Phantasmagoria Trues







Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-Player Story Mode


Windows XP/Vista/7

幻想浪漫紀行 ―Phantasmagoria Trues― (Gensou Rouman Kikou, "Fantasy Romance Travel Log") is a Touhou fan game made by Len in Danmakufu. It is a remake of his earlier game Phantasm Romance containing an overhauled game system, three game modes, and an extra stage.

Version 1.0 was released on 30 August 2011, with version 1.1 adding the Terminus stage. Version 1.2 was released on 1 April 2013 and introduced Simple mode, a system which is based on that of Phantasm Romance.

In addition, Len has released an associated set of Last Word spell cards in a separate package.


The game spans six regular areas as well as three "unseen" areas which the player must unlock via special means. In addition to this, the game also contains a Terminus area which serves as a counterpart to the Extra stage in the main Touhou series.

The game's system revolves around a combination of factors, inculding a multiplier that is increased by items, bonuses caused by grazing, and a hyper system that duplicates point items and allows the player to cancel bullets into items.

In version 1.2, a Simple mode was added. This game mode has a system similar to Phantasm Romance, with the multiplier, graze and hyper system removed.


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