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Music List

Title Screen 1
Fantasia SENTIVE
Title Screen 2
Title Screen 3
Title Screen 4
Title Screen 5
Title Screen 6
Title Screen 7
Area 1 Theme
thunderstorm Cyber-Rainforce
Area 1 Boss - Aya Shameimaru's Theme
lost utopia "metropolis" Cyber-Rainforce
Area 2 Theme
freezing point Cyber-Rainforce
Area 2 Boss - Yuuka Kazami's Theme
覇裟羅-Basara- ' 煉獄庭園
Area 3 Theme
solitary Cyber-Rainforce
Area 3 Boss
Area 4 Theme
Area 4 Boss
Area 5 Theme
Area 5 Boss
Area 6 Theme
Area 6 Boss (Standard/Advanced) - Mima's Theme
Boss Battle4 星野春日
Area 6 Boss (Unlimited) / Unseen Area 3 Boss (Standard) - Shinki's Theme
Boss Battle3 星野春日
Shinki's (Unlimited) Last Spell Theme
Unseen Area 1 Theme
trance591 DeepRain
Unseen Area 1 Boss - Yukari Yakumo's Theme
Cross Pain -Distortion- Foceal
Unseen Area 2 Theme
Decommissioned Reactor Cyber-Rainforce
Unseen Area 2 Boss
Unseen Area 3 (Standard) Theme
Balance of Power 300000000℃


The version of Balance of Power used in Standard appears to be an older version than the one available on the artist's muzie (see below).

Unseen Area 3 (Advanced) Theme
Balance of Power 300000000℃


This version of Balance of Power is the one available as an mp3 on the artist's muzie.

Unseen Area 3 (Advanced) Boss - Alice Margatroid's Theme
BossBattle2 星野春日
Terminus Theme 1
Free mind DeepRain
Terminus Theme 2
Rainbow -original mix- DeepRain
Terminus Boss - Muse's Theme
Saturn DeepRain