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Touhou Yumejikuu Backstory

ここはとある東の国の山の中、博麗神社はおおよそ平穏だった。 Deep in the mountains in a country in the East, the Hakurei Shrine was mostly peaceful.
博麗神社の巫女、靈夢は、実は変なこと巻き込まれ体質だった(本人もちょっと変)ので、変なことが起こらないと暇でしょうがないのである。 The shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu, was always getting wrapped up in strange circumstances (though it should be noted she was a bit strange herself), so her free time was when things were peaceful.

靈夢「あ~ぁ、ひまでしょうがないわ、なんかどひゃー っていうようなことおこんないかしら。」

Reimu: "Ah, what am I going to do with all this time on my hands. I wonder when something exciting is going to happen."

主人公が暇なときに、なにも起こらないはずがない。 庭を掃除しようと神社から出てみると、靈夢は遺跡を発見したのだった。 When the protagonist is idle, something is required to happen. Reimu thought she'd get out of the shrine for a while instead of sweeping the garden, and so stumbled upon some ruins.


Reimu: "Wait, what are these ruins doing next to the shrine. They weren't there yesterday!!" (something happens!)


Mima: "Oh, Reimu. So you came, too."

靈夢「げげ、魅魔。それに、よくみるといろんな人がいる~」 靈夢「一体なんなの、この遺跡は~」

Reimu: "Great, it's Mima. Hmm, actually, it looks like there's a lot of people here ... " Reimu: "What is it with this ruins, anyway?"

・・・・ ...


Mima: "It's said that something is asleep deep in these ruins that will grant happiness to whoever comes to visit it."


Reimu: "Whatever, that sounds like something someone would say to get people to join a cult. Besides, none of this was even here yesterday. So what's up with that so-called prophesy?"

ポケットから折りたたまれた紙を取り出す魅魔。靈夢がその紙を広げてみる。 その紙にはこうかかれていた。 Mima took out a folded piece of paper from her pocket. Reimu took it and unfolded it. This was written on the paper:

本日10時 開店

The ancient ruins: "Fantasy Ruins"

Grand opening, 10am today

To you who visit the ruins, we present something to make
you happy. Our sincere thanks to everyone who stops by.


Reimu: "Hm!"

靈夢「なによ~、このチラシは~(どこが古くからの言い伝えよ~)。遺跡が開店~? しかも、昨日まで何も無かったのに~。 あんたたちは、こんないかがわしいチラシに騙されて、のこのことやってきたの~!」

Reimu: "What's with these pamphlets? (How is this some sort of ancient prophecy?) How can ruins have a grand opening? And none of this was here yesterday! How can you all be taken in by something that's so obviously suspicious!?"


Marisa: "Hm, so Reimu's not interested. That must mean..."


Reimu: "...Who said I'm not interested?"


Reimu: "Er, actually, I'm pretty busy (not), but having ruins suddenly pop up here is a pain to deal with. I have my complaints, you know."


Mima: "Isn't it almost time for the grand opening? I don't see an entrance anywhere. I guess we'll have to wait for now."


Reimu: (Man, when did this... well, I guess this is pretty normal around here... huh?)

魔理沙「えっ、ほんと? なになに・・・」

Reimu: " ... it looks like there's a notice posted over here."
Marisa: "Wow, really? Hey, what's it say?"

夢幻遺跡内 定員 1名まで

Inside the Fantasy Ruins
Capacity: 1 person

The capacity must be strictly observed.
If the capacity is exceeded, then
we can no longer guarantee the existence
of these ruins in this dimension




Reimu: " ........ ?"

Mima: " ... so, that means ... "

Marisa: "fufufu ... "

一同「  勝負よ!!!」

All together: "The battle is on!!!"


  • 夢時空.TXT, included with the game