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Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream/Translation/Manual

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                              ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・                             /     
                            ・・      ・・%%%%%%・・                     /   /       
                          ・・      ・・%%%%%%%%%%・・                 /   /         
                        ・・      ・・%%  %%%%%%%%%%・・             /   /           
                       ・        ・・%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%・          /                 
                       ・          ・・%%%%%%%%%%%%%%・                            
                       ・            ・・%%%%%%%%%%%%・  |                         
                       ・              ・・%%%%%%%%%%・  |                         
                       ・                ・・%%%%%%%%・  |                         
                        ・・          %%  ・・%%%%%%・・   |                         
                          ・・          ・・%%%%%%・・    /                          
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ・・      ・・%%%%%%・・    / ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          ☆      ☆      ☆  ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・    /  ★     ★      ★           
      ☆      ☆      ☆         _____________/        ★     ★      ★       


pc98/EPSON PC 専用
1997 ZUN

Touhou Project Part 3
Touhou Yumejikuu

Only for PC-98/EPSON PC
Shrine maiden competitive shoot-em-up game
1997 ZUN
■0.目次 0. Table of Contents
  1. 東方夢時空バックストーリー
  2. キャラ別ストーリー
  3. 動作環境
  4. 起動方法
  5. ゲーム内容
  6. 操作方法
  7. 画面説明
  8. 連爆攻撃システムについて
  9. ペリットシステムについて
  10. さまざまな基本攻撃システムについて
  11. ゲージ攻撃システムについて
  12. ゲージパワーアップについて
  13. 得点、ボーナスについて
  14. Optionについて
  15. 東方あとがき
  1. Touhou Yumejikuu Backstory
  2. Character Backgrounds
  3. System Requirements
  4. How to Start
  5. Game Contents
  6. Controls
  7. Explanation of In-game Screen
  8. Combo Attack System
  9. Pellet System
  10. The Different Fundamental Attack Systems
  11. Gauge Attack System
  12. Gauge Power-up
  13. Scoring and Bonuses
  14. Options
  15. Touhou Afterword
■1.東方夢時空バックストーリー 1. Touhou Yumejikuu Backstory


Deep in the mountains in a country in the East, the Hakurei Shrine was mostly peaceful.

The shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu, was always getting wrapped up in strange circumstances (though it should be noted she was a bit strange herself), so her free time was when things were peaceful.

靈夢「あ~ぁ、ひまでしょうがないわ、なんかどひゃー っていうようなことおこんないかしら。」

Reimu: "Ah, what am I going to do with all this time on my hands. I wonder when something exciting is going to happen."

When the protagonist is idle, something is required to happen.
Reimu thought she'd get out of the shrine for a while instead of sweeping the garden, and so stumbled upon some ruins.





Reimu: "Wait, what are these ruins doing next to the shrine. They weren't there yesterday!!" (something happens!)

Mima: "Oh, Reimu. So you came, too."

Reimu: "Great, it's Mima. Hmm, actually, it looks like there's a lot of people here ... "
Reimu: "What is it with this ruins, anyway?"

Mima: "It's said that something is asleep deep in these ruins that will grant happiness to whoever comes to visit it."

Reimu: "Whatever, that sounds like something someone would say to get people to join a cult. Besides, none of this was even here yesterday. So what's up with that so-called prophesy?"

ポケットから折りたたまれた紙を取り出す魅魔。靈夢がその紙を広げてみる。その紙にはこうかかれていた。 Mima took out a folded piece of paper from her pocket. Reimu took it and unfolded it. This was written on the paper:
「       いにしえの遺跡、‘夢幻遺跡’

           本日10時 開店


The ancient ruins: "Fantasy Ruins"

Grand opening, 10am today

To you who visit the ruins, we present something to make you happy. Our sincere thanks to everyone who stops by.


靈夢「なによ~、このチラシは~(どこが古くからの言い伝えよ~)。遺跡が開店~? しかも、昨日まで何も無かったのに~。 あんたたちは、こんないかがわしいチラシに騙されて、のこのことやってきたの~!」






魔理沙「えっ、ほんと? なになに・・・」

Reimu: "Hm!"

Reimu: "What's with these pamphlets? (How is this some sort of ancient prophecy?) How can ruins have a grand opening? And none of this was here yesterday! How can you all be taken in by something that's so obviously suspicious!?"

Marisa: "Hm, so Reimu's not interested. That must mean..."

Reimu: "...Who said I'm not interested?"

Reimu: "Er, actually, I'm pretty busy (not), but having ruins suddenly pop up here is a pain to deal with. I have my complaints, you know."

Mima: "Isn't it almost time for the grand opening? I don't see an entrance anywhere. I guess we'll have to wait for now."

Reimu: (Man, when did this... well, I guess this is pretty normal around here... huh?)

Reimu: " ... it looks like there's a notice posted over here."
Marisa: "Wow, really? Hey, what's it say?"

|          @@   |
| 夢幻遺跡内 定員 1名まで |
|              |
| それ以上は、認められません |
|出来ません          |
|              |
|Inside the Fantasy Ruins                |
|Capacity: **1 person**                  |
|                                        |
|The capacity must be strictly observed. |
|If the capacity is exceeded, then       |
|we can no longer guarantee the existence|
|of these ruins in this dimension        |
|                                        |
| |
| |
| |


一同「  勝負よ!!!」

Reimu: " ........ ?"
Mima: " ... so, that means ... "
Marisa: "fufufu ... "

All together: "The battle is on!!!"

■2.キャラ別ストーリー 2. Character backgrounds
(キャラの性能とかは 夢の人々.txt を参照してね)



★ 博麗 靈夢    (巫女さん)
★  魅 魔     (悪霊さん)
★ 霧雨 魔理沙   (魔法使いさん)
★  エレン     (魔女さん)
★  小兎姫     (姫様?)
★ カナ・アナベラル (騒霊さん)
★ 朝倉 理香子   (科学信者さん)


(For character performance, etc., please refer to 夢の人々.txt ("Dream People".txt))

(Supplement about the world of this Touhou Project)
Put briefly, this world is a world of magic. The divine spell techniques used by the shrine maiden and the suspicious techniques used by evil spirits are all from the same power. The results depend on the one who uses it.
That's why all the inhabitants of this world can use magic.

Seven girls who were drawn to the ruins. (Though some may not be girls.)

Hakurei Reimu — (shrine maiden)
Mima — (evil spirit)
Kirisame Marisa — (magician)
Ellen — (witch)
Kotohime — (princess?)
Kana Anaberal — (poltergeist)
Asakura Rikako — (science believer)

The introductions for these girls are written below.

★ 夢と伝統を保守する巫女 ・・・ 博麗 靈夢 Shrine Maiden Who Maintains Dreams and Traditions — Hakurei Reimu


The shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine, who has spiritual power by nature, lacks training. She attacks with amulets and, by releasing spiritual power, performs a "spiritual attack". Also, she exterminates youkai with the power of the "Yin-Yang Orbs".
Her personality is optimistic. Lots of weird things happen around Reimu, but she enjoys them.
As usual (for some reason), she fights on a turtle.

Once again, thinking it's suspicious, she's excited.

★ 久遠の夢に運命を任せる精神  ・・・ 魅魔 Spirit Who Leaves Fate to the Dream of Eternity — Mima


An evil spirit at Hakurei Shrine holding a grudge. However, after a long period as an evil spirit, she has completely gotten rid of her malice, and now it has become her daily routine to poke fun at Reimu.
Already she has become a divine (curse god) kind of presence of Hakurei Shrine, but her personality is more human-like than a human's is.

Once again, weird events are happening, and she's quite looking forward to it.

★ 魔法と紅夢からなる存在 ・・・ 霧雨 魔理沙 A Being Made of Magic and Red Dreams — Kirisame Marisa


An absolutely unrivaled magician who idolizes Mima as "Lady Mima". Aside from being unrivaled, she is a normal human being. She's just a very ordinary girl who can use a little ridiculous and powerful magic. She's a magician, so she's basically quite intelligent. However, she's not someone who would take a jaded view of the world or, with a cry of "Lowly humans!!", explode a cobalt bomb.

This time, she was drawn to the magical power leaking from the fantastic ruins.

★ はたらきもので恋を夢見る魔女 ・・・ エレン Hardworking Witch Who Dreams of Love — Ellen
~エレンは成長しない魔法使いです。  で、長生きしているかわりにものおぼえはよくありません。ぽろぽろぽろぽろ次から次にと忘れていってしまいます。
(は○らき○の より っておぃ)



—Ellen is a magician who does not grow up. So, even though she has lived a long time, she doesn't remember well. Drop by drop, she will forget about things one after another.
That's why she remains a child forever.
(from Ha__raki__no)

That said, Ellen, despite all that, is still an impressive witch. That is, she has remained alive for a truly long time.

Once again, it's fluffy and crackling with magic.

★ 弾幕に美を夢みる姫  ・・・ 小兎姫 Princess Dreaming of Beauty in Danmaku — Kotohime


A princess who is always out of sync in some way. She doesn't know what sort of person a princess is because her personality is broken and she doesn't fit in very well. However, she has a sensibility deviating from ordinary people, and is a collector who wants to collect only things that people do not show interest in.
In short, she is a (genuine) enthusiast.

Why might she be heading to the ruins? (Perhaps on a whim.)

★ 夢を失った少女騒霊  ・・・ カナ・アナベラル Maiden Poltergeist Who Lost Her Dreams — Kana Anaberal


A so-called poltergeist. Spawned from a girl with mental instability, she is one aspect of that girl. She usually lives in (haunts) a large Western-style mansion, but recently, the mansion's residents have gotten used to her and pay no attention at all to her, so she's thinking about moving soon.

Subconsciously, without thinking, she came to observe the turbulent spot...

★ 夢を探す科学 ・・・ 朝倉 理香子 Scientist Who Looks for Dreams — Asakura Rikako


In this world, few people believe in science. Of course, magic is primary. Here, Rikako is one such truly rare devotee of science. She believes that there are always powers other than magical ones.
And yet, this Rikako is also a magician and, furthermore, holds considerably mighty magical powers. Scientific abilities aside, if she used magic in earnest, she should be so strong that no one could handle her, but she hates magic and cannot take it seriously.

These ruins, she had come to believe, were absolutely made by science, but ...

■3.動作環境 3. System Requirements







Only for PC-98 or compatible machines. (EGC-equipped models)
CPU: 486 (66 MHz) or higher recommended
(Will run with a 386, but it's doubtful that it will work as a game.
Since 386-specific instructions are used, a 286 will not work.
Also, even with a low-clocked 486, processing might drop substantially.)

Actually, as well as the CPU, fast VRAM access is important.

Please run with the GDC clock set to 2.5 MHz.
If run at 5 MHz, the game will terminate with a warning message.

MS-DOS is required. (Free memory 520 k or more)

Since this is a shoot-em-up game, it becomes easier if processing drops during the game, but it may be very difficult to see, so I think it is not very good for mental health.

An FM sound board (-86 compatible) provides a good experience.
FM sound-board joysticks are supported.

Please start the game after unloading resident TSRs as much as possible. Ideally, you should probably start it right after (re)booting.

■4.起動方法 4. How to Start
GAME.BAT を実行すると、タイトル画面が表示され選択肢が6項目表示されます。
  Start    ・・・ ストーリーモードを始めます。
 VS Start    ・・・ 選択すると、さらに次の3項目
               1P vs CPU
               1P vs 2P
               CPU vs CPU
Music Room ・・・ 音楽を聞いたり、コメントを見たりできます。
 HiScore   ・・・ スコアネームを見れます。
  Option    ・・・ 各種設定を変えることが出来ます。(後述)
   Quit     ・・・ ゲームを終了しDosに戻ります。


When GAME.BAT is executed, the title screen will be displayed, along with 6 options:
Start the story mode.
VS Start
If selected, displays the following 3 modes:
1P vs CPU
1P vs 2P
Please select the mode you want.
Music Room
Listen to music and see comments.
See the high scores.
Change various settings (see below).
End the game and return to DOS.

Be sure to start from the batch file. Do not start from the program file directly.

■5.ゲーム内容 5. Game Contents





This is a competitive shoot-em-up about the mysterious world surrounding the shrine maiden.

As usual, it is a shoot-em-up with lots of bullets. Shooting hard, evade hard-hitting bullet attacks. (Getting hit hard by bullets...)

If you know Twinkle Star _prites, the system is easy to understand ... but this is a Twinkle _tar with a lot of bullets.

The attack system looks complicated, but in general, avoid bullets; since defeating enemies will automatically launch attacks, at first let's focus on avoiding bullets.
Once you've gained experience, work on being able to erase bullets.

Also, unless you read the story, the endings may not make sense...

■6.操作方法 6. Controls
★ 一人プレー時 Solo Play
  キーボード   カーソル   テンキー  ジョイスティック
   RTY     ↑     789      ↑
   F H     ←→     4 6      ←→
   VBN     ↓     123      ↓
   Zキー もしくは ジョイスティックのBボタン
   Xキー もしくは ジョイスティックのAボタン
Player Movement (any method is fine)
    Keyboard    Cursor      Keypad    Joystick
     R T Y        ↑         7 8 9         ↑
     F   H       ← →        4   6        ← →
     V B N        ↓         1 2 3         ↓
    Z key or joystick button B
    X key or joystick button A
★ 対戦プレー時 Competitive Play
Can be changed from Option.
If there is no FM sound-board joystick, set to Type 1 (Key vs Key).
 ○TYPE1 Key vs Key
       1P      2P
     キーボード    テンキー
      RTY     789
      F H     4 6
      VBN     123
       1P      2P
       Z       ←
       1P      2P
       X       →
Type 1: Key vs Key
Player Movement
             1P            2P
          Keyboard       Keypad
            R T Y        7 8 9
            F   H        4   6
            V B N        1 2 3
              1P           2P
              Z            ←
              1P           2P
              X            →
 ○TYPE2 Joy vs Key
       1P      2P(次のうちどれでも良い)
   ジョイスティック  キーボード  カーソル  テンキー
       ↑      RTY    ↑    789
       ←→      F H    ←→    4 6
       ↓      VBN    ↓    123
       1P      2P
  ジョイスティックのB   Z
       1P      2P
  ジョイスティックのA   X
Type 2: Joy vs Key
Player Movement
             1P           2P (any of the following)
          Joystick     Keyboard   Cursor    Keypad
              ↑         R T Y       ↑       7 8 9
             ← →        F   H      ← →      4   6
              ↓         V B N       ↓       1 2 3
              1P           2P
      Joystick button B    Z
              1P           2P
      Joystick button A    X
 ○TYPE3 Key vs Joy
Type 3: Key vs Joy
Type 2's 1P and 2P, swapped.
★ 共通 Common Controls
Esc key
Pauses the game.
While the game is paused, pressing the Q key will quit the current game.
Also, during the intermediate demo, etc., you can press Esc to fast-forward.
By holding down the shot button, you can charge up. (See below.)
Triggers a bomb if you have bombs in stock. If you have none, but the Gauge is at the maximum, for a certain period of time you will be in an invincible powered-up state. (See below.)
■7.ゲーム画面説明 7. Explanation of In-game Screen
        | ------------- ------------- |
        | |           | |           | |
        | |           | |           | |    画面左側が1P側で、右側が
        | | 1P側    | |2P側     | |    2P側です。
        | |           | |           | |
        | | フィールド| |フィールド | |
        | |           | |           | |
        | |           | |           | |
        | |           | |           | |
        | ------------- ------------- |
     | ------------- ------------- |
     | |           | |           | |
     | |           | |           | |   The screen's left side is
     | |           | |           | |   the 1P side, and its right
     | |  1P-side  | |  2P-side  | |     side is the 2P side.
     | |   field   | |   field   | |
     | |           | |           | |
     | |           | |           | |
     | |           | |           | |
     | ------------- ------------- |
  |④        ①       ②  | それぞれのフィールドは、次の様になってい
 |  ⑤               ③  |  ます。
  |                       |
  |                       |  ① ・・ HP。(ハートマーク)
  |                       |  ② ・・ 得点。
  |                       |  ③ ・・ 残り人数。(CPU戦のみ)
  |           ⑩          |  ④ ・・ 勝ちポイント。
  |                       |  ⑤ ・・ 連爆数。(連爆したとき現れます)
  |                       |       なお、連爆数の下の数字は連爆ポイ
  |                       |       ントで、この数字がある点以上に
  |                       |       なると、自動的に攻撃します。
  |                       |       このポイントも得点に加算されます
  |                     ⑥|  ⑥ ・・ ボムのストック。(2P側は左側)
  | ⑧        ⑦       ⑨|  ⑦ ・・ 連爆ゲージ。(後述->■11.)
  -------------------------  ⑧ ・・ 現在のゲージアタックのレベル。
                ⑨ ・・ 現在のBOSSアタックのレベル。
                ⑩ ・・ 弾幕広場(^^;。
|4         1        2   | Each field includes the following:
|  5                3   |
|                       |    1  ..  Health points (heart marks)
|                       |    2  ..  Score
|                       |    3  ..  Remaining lives (Story mode only)
|                       |    4  ..  Victory points
|           10          |    5  ..  Combo count (during a combo only)
|                       |           Also, the number below this is the
|                       |           combo's Spell Points; when this
|                       |           exceeds a set value, an automatic
|                       |           attack will happen. These points
|                       |           are also added to the score.
|                     6 |    6  ..  Bomb stock (on left for 2P side)
| 8         7         9 |    7  ..  Spell Gauge (see section 11 below)
-------------------------    8  ..  Current Gauge Attack level
                             9  ..  Current Boss Attack level
                            10  ..  Danmaku area (^^;
■8.連爆攻撃システムについて 8. Combo Attack System



Each enemy explosion has a hitbox. Defeating an enemy by getting it caught in such an explosion is called a hit combo.

When making a hit combo, the hit count and Spell Points will be summed at the upper left; depending on this, you can attack your opponent.

Also, if you make a hit combo, the Spell Gauge (described later) at the bottom of your screen will increase.

■9.ペリットシステムについて 9. Pellet System


In this game, furthermore, by catching white bullets in a hit combo, you can send white bullets back to your opponent. Perhaps this should be called the "pellet system".

This is also added to the combo's hit count, so by catching many bullets in a combo at once, you can make a violent attack on your opponent.

■10.さまざまな基本攻撃システムについて 10. The Different Fundamental Attack Systems
大きな連爆や、火の玉を送りかえした時などに、相手に送れます。 キャラ独自の攻撃で、反撃を受けることが無い攻撃です。
Pellet Attack
A basic attack. If you get a modest hit combo, it can send white bullets to your opponent individually. Also, by catching bullets within a hit combo, those bullets can be sent back to the opponent's field.
Fireball Attack
Can be sent to your opponent when you get a bigger combo or have erased a lot of bullets. Blue fireballs are normal ones, while red ones have been sent back at least once.
Extra Attack
Can be sent to your opponent when you get a very big combo, send back a fireball, etc. This attack is specific to your character and cannot be countered.
Gauge Attack
Attacks the opponent's field with bullets in a character-specific pattern.
This attack is not triggered by merely defeating normal enemies.
(Explained in the next section.)
Boss Attack
Activates when the hit combo bonus at the upper left exceeds 51,200 points, sending a boss to attack your opponent.
Boss Reversal
When a boss is in your field, if the combo bonus points exceed a certain value, the boss will be sent back to your opponent's field.
Boss Panic
After a boss has been sent to your opponent's field, when your combo bonus exceeds 300,000 points, a large amount of uneraseable bullets will also drop on the opponent's field.
■11.ゲージ攻撃システムについて 11. Gauge Attack System
The gauge at the bottom of the screen is called the Spell Gauge.
The blue part of the gauge shows the current maximum gauge amount.
If you hold down the shot button, you can charge the gauge up to this maximum amount. When you release the button, you can attack according to the amount the gauge is charged.
第1段階 ・・・ ゲージ全体の4分の1溜めて離した場合。
Level 1 — When ¼ of the entire gauge is charged and released.
(Charge Shot)
You can shoot a modestly powerful Charge Shot.
Use this as often as you want.
第2段階 ・・・ ゲージ全体の2分の1溜めて離した場合。
Level 2 — When ½ of the entire gauge is charged and released.
(Gauge Attack 1)
This uses up ¼ of the gauge and sends many eraseable white bullets to your opponent's field. These drop in various patterns that depend on the character, but be aware that white bullets are easy to counterattack.
第3段階 ・・・ ゲージ全体の4分の3溜めて離した場合。
Level 3 — When ¾ of the entire gauge is charged and released.
(Gauge Attack 2)
This uses up ½ of the gauge and sends many non-eraseable bullets to your opponent's field. These drop in various patterns that depend on the character.
Level 2 and 3 Gauge Attacks have an attack intensity level. This level goes up with each Gauge Attack, finally stopping at level 16. Naturally, higher levels are stronger, so please try to use it often. The number at your screen's bottom left is the current level. (For either level 2 or level 3 Gauge Attacks, each use will increase it by 1. If you do a Boss Panic, the level will increase by 3.)
第4段階 ・・・ ゲージMAXまで溜めて離した場合。
Level 4 — When the gauge is charged to the maximum and released.
(Boss Attack)
This uses up ¾ of the gauge and activates a Boss Attack. If your side already has a boss on it, this becomes a Boss Reversal.
If a boss is already in the opponent's field, this will activate a level 3 Gauge Attack (using up ½ the gauge).
The boss also has a level. This level also ranges from 1 to 16, and each time you send a boss, the level goes up. However, the boss level is shared by both players, so raising the level also means that a higher-level boss will be sent back to you. You should send this boss back by reversal as soon as you can. (Even so, this will raise the boss level yet again.) The number at your screen's bottom right is the current boss level (same for 1P and 2P).
■12.ゲージパワーアップについて 12. Gauge Power-up




Usually, when your screen has a bomb stock number at the lower right, you can use a bomb with the bomb button.

However, even when you have no stock, if the Spell Gauge is filled up to maximum, you can use the whole gauge with the bomb button and enter an invincible powered-up state for a certain period of time.

At this time, the gauge will gradually decrease, and when it becomes ¼ of the total, it will return to normal.

What exactly "powers up" depends specifically on the character.

■13.得点、ボーナスについて 13. Scoring and Bonuses


   MAX Combo(そのラウンドの最大連爆数) ×  10000
   ゲージアタック回数(1、2関係無く)      × 100000
   ボスアタック回数 (自動、ゲージ使用関係無く) × 150000
   ボスリバーサル回数               × 200000
   ボスパニック回数                × 300000


   残り人数                    ×1000000


Extends are done twice, at 10 million and 20 million points.

The stage-clear bonus consists of 5 types of bonuses.

     Max Combo (max hit combos this round)  ×   10000
     Gauge Attack # (both 1 and 2)          ×  100000
     Boss Attack # (both auto and gauge)    ×  150000
     Boss Reversal #                        ×  200000
     Boss Panic #                           ×  300000

Furthermore, when the final stage is cleared only,

     Remaining lives                        × 1000000

makes the final total.

■14.Optionについて 14. Options
Rank     難易度です。
         Easy   ・・ あっさりクリアできます・・よね。
         Normal ・・ 普通に楽しめるはずです。
         Hard   ・・ CPUがなかなかやられません。
        Lunatic ・・ 彩京モードに入ります(^^;
Music    音楽の有無。
         FM(86) ・・ 86相当の音源で音楽有りにします
         off    ・・ 音は鳴りません。
KeyType  対戦時の操作方法です。
Quit     Optionを抜けます。
If you select Option on the title screen, the following items will be displayed.
Difficulty level
This can be easily cleared...right?
Usually this should be enjoyable.
The CPU is difficult to defeat.
Enters Psikyo mode (^^;
In other words, the bullets are super fast.
The difficulty level is also effective in competitive matches, and you can even play a match in Lunatic fast-bullet mode.
Music enabled or not
FM (86)
Music by an -86-compatible sound board
All sound is disabled.
Control scheme for competitive battles.
Please see the Controls section for this.
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■15.東方あとがき 15. Touhou Afterword


あと、FM音源ドライバー P.M.D. の著作権は、





TEL 0493-35-3016-208
355 埼玉県 東松山市 元宿 1-6-5 中村ビル 208
Copyright of the program, data, etc. used belongs to the author.

This program is not free software. Reproduction, transfer, distribution, etc. without permission are copyright violations. Distribution after modification and such are, of course, not allowed.

Also, copyright of the FM sound-board driver PMD belongs to

Mr. M. Kajihara (KAJA).

Thank you for the wonderful driver.

Feel free to ask questions, express opinions, etc.

Contact info

Tel. 0493-35-3016-208
355 Saitama Prefecture, Higashimatsuyama City, Motojuku 1-6-5, Nakamura Building 208
Oota Jun'ya (ZUN)


  • 夢時空.TXT, included with the game

Translation note

In this manual, the game's other documentation (夢の人々.TXT, おまけ.TXT, README.TXT), and the game itself, several items in the game are called by terms that differ from those used in the Touhou Wiki's Gameplay page:

Term in original manual Transliterated term Expected translation Term on Wiki Gameplay page
連爆 renbaku "hit combo" or "combo" same
連爆ボーナス (or ボーナス or BONUS)
renbaku POINTO
renbaku BO–NASU
combo points
combo bonus
Spell Points
連爆ゲージ renbaku GE–JI Combo Gauge Spell Gauge
ゲージアタック GE–JI ATAKKU Gauge Attack Spell Attack
ゲージパワーアップ GE–JI PAWA–'APPU Gauge Power-up Charge Max Ability

"GAUGE ATTACK", in particular, is used by the game in the English warning which it displays when such an attack is performed against your side. This is true even in the original version, not just in the English patch. (The English patch also uses "GAUGE Atk" in its translation of the Clear bonuses.)