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This article describes the story of Phantasmagoria of Flower View in detail.


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Lotus Paradise was tenderly coloured. What will you see beyond the world of colorness?

Spring has come once again in Gensokyo, and instead of the usual flowers blooming, flowers from every season are coming up at the same time. The heroines realize something odd is going on when they see this thick layer of flowers covering much of Gensokyo and soon head out in search of answers, whether out of curiosity, duty, or boredom.

General Story[edit]

Starting off somewhere near the Misty Lake next to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the heroines set out and soon encounter the other characters. Battling them in succession, they eventually reach those who have the answers, Komachi Onozuka and Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu.

Reimu's Story[edit]

Reimu was alarmed when she noticed the flowers everywhere and quickly went out looking for answers, thinking that not only was it her duty but that if she didn't people might think she was neglectful.

Marisa's Story[edit]

Marisa, on the other hand noticed the oddness of the out of season flowers, but didn't seem to think too deeply into it at first. Instead she sets out to find who's behind it all simply because she wants to and, more importantly, so she can be the first to find out what's happening.

Sakuya's Story[edit]

Sakuya also began searching for answers, but again more out of curiosity than from any sense of danger.

Youmu's Story[edit]

Youmu looked for answers while admiring the scenery, but without any clue where to start all she could do was wander as well. What she did notice were the ghosts hanging around the flowers, which most of the other heroines paid no attention to.

Reisen's Story[edit]

Reisen didn't sense any need to be worried about the flowers, but checked them out anyways. While she was at it she also looked for Tewi who had left without saying anything.

Cirno's Story[edit]

Cirno at first appeared to be, basically, an idiot, but at closer look she actually realized not only that there was something strange about the flowers early on but also that a similar event happened 60 years ago before anyone else figured that part out (even characters that had been around 60 years ago). Maybe that has something to do with being a fairy, since all the fairies were becoming more active because of the flowers. She just doesn't seem to care about why it's happening, and instead chose to enjoy herself while she can between bumping into the other heroines.

Lyrica's Story[edit]

The only thing Lyrica is interested in is finding a good place for a solo performance and to find new sounds to use. Poor Lyrica just keeps bumping into weird people while looking for a place to play until she gets more and more lost.

Mystia's Story[edit]

Like Lyrica, Mystia just wants to make music during the whole event, literally singing her way into every encounter. This time even Cirno makes Mystia look a bit "slow" in their encounter.

Tewi's Story[edit]

Tewi was so excited about the flowers everywhere that she just forgot to say where she was going.

Aya's Story[edit]

Aya knows a big scoop when she sees one. With all the flowers blooming at once she was sure there'd be something newsworthy around, but what was even more interesting were all the ghosts showing up. Everyone was so focused on the flowers that hardly anyone even noticed those ghosts at first.

Medicine's Story[edit]

Meanwhile Medicine had no interest in finding out what was happening, but rather used this opportunity to defeat whoever she came across with poisonous flowers.

Yuuka's Story[edit]

Yuuka, being a Youkai that's been around for a long time, knew exactly what was happening when this incident started. Of course being the youkai of flowers helped too, but unfortunately that also put her straight at the top of everyone's suspect list when they found her enjoying the flowers.

Extra Story[edit]

Komachi's Story[edit]

Timed after the other story modes (and initially Extra mode only), Komachi wanders around, claiming to check the flowers but is really slacking off, something that doesn't escape the attention of most of the people she runs into. With Maria she ends lecturing her (copying her boss' habit, something she does rather often in SWR) and ends up fighting Reimu before Eiki appears.

Eiki's Story[edit]

At a similar time of Komachi's, she tries to see if the lectures she gave sank in... sadly they didn't. It ends with Reimu confronting her with how slow things are going.


At the end of the heroine's battles, they reach the field of Muenzuka, where Komachi currently is. It seemed that Komachi was such a slacker that everyone in Gensokyo noticed the flowers except her. The flowers were being possessed by ghosts which were waiting to cross over to Higan and though it was Komachi's job to get them there, she was busy neglecting her job. 60 years ago (1945, the end of World War II) there had been another flower incident like this because of the sudden large number of ghosts needing to be ferried across to Higan. It can be assumed Komachi was slacking back then too. The number 60 is also the number of nature. It is the product of 3, 4, and 5: the three lights (sun, moon, and stars), four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), and five phases (fire, water, wood, metal, and earth).[1]

After a brief battle with her, Eiki (the judge of the dead and Komachi's boss) showed up to give Komachi a scolding for slacking so much. However, before the heroine could leave, Eiki saw a perfect opportunity to lecture her on whatever various faults each heroine has, which somehow turned into a danmaku battle to prove the point.


Reimu's Ending[edit]

Reimu's cleaning up some more cherry blossoms, remarking about her shoulders being lighter when Eiki and Komachi appear as they talk about the true nature of the incident (an event in the outside world), whether Reimu's actually accounting for her sins, and various jabs pertaining to slacking off to Reimu and Komachi (Mostly Komachi). The bit at the end mentions souls choose flowers based on their temperment (cheery souls choose sunflowers for example)

Marisa's Ending[edit]

Marisa returns to her home, thinks on what she has learned, and decides that the ghost-flowers aren't that nice or worth the trouble. She decides to not force herself to try solving the 'incident' and to just enjoy it. Marisa then travels to the Scarlet Devil Mansion where she proclaims she shall "borrow" some items. They go on to talk about snacks and how Marisa being so forth coming was a surprise. Marisa then asks for snacks despite openly thieving from the mansion.

Sakuya's Ending[edit]

Sakuya and Remilia are talking about the flower blooms when Remilia is surprised that Sakuya's content with seeing them and not trying to resolve an incident with Sakuya responding it's more a natural phenomenon. Patchouli then arrives with some flowers asking what to do with the flowers with Sakuya telling her to keep them away from the table. Patchouli goes on about how while the flowers are poisonous, only Sakuya might have to worry about them. Sakuya's concern about the poison surprises them as she talks about possibly using such a poison flower to improve things but recommends Patchouli drinking a tea that's good for her body. She then mentions she's trying to be warmer in general in the future and not say any cold remarks. It goes to say she felt things should be left up to Reimu.

Youmu's Ending[edit]

Youmu's cleaning when Yuyuko appears as they talk about Youmu's trip outside (and how the incident couldn't be helped), an accusation of not really cleaning and being scolded by the yama. Yuyuko reveals she heard from the Yama directly and that she should teach Youmu more. It then goes into Yuyuko's unusual lesson in tea making and the nature of her sword. It goes to explain the fully problem of Youmu cutting ghosts (it basically sends them up to heaven no matter what they did in life), and that Yuyuko's unusual efforts was basically meant to get Youmu to give up on it. Youmu seems content to see the flowers afterwards.

Reisen's Ending[edit]

Reisen and Eirin are talking about the Nameless Hill and the doll that lives there (Medicine). It then goes into the nature of poison, the use of Suzuran as medicine, and how the doll could be alive. Upon hearing Reisen mention the flowers might not last, Eirin prepares for a trip and forces Reisen to get ready quickly. It notes Reisen's interest in Medicine due to if it a doll like that could have sin or not.

Cirno's Ending[edit]

Aya and Cirno are talking at a mountain lake (chosen because there's not as many ghosts) about things like the Giant Frog, Cirno's experiences with it, Cirno's pondering of death and the usual lotus blooms that are in the lake. Aya manages to talk Cirno into enjoying the day as she goes after some frogs, much Aya's amusement (due to the story she'd get)

Lyrica's Ending[edit]

The sisters at the sunflower field talk about the nature of the Yama (though they didn't quite realize her position), mainly that while she doesn't mean any harm, that lying to her would end badly. They then start their show (With Yuuka watching) using songs about the cycle of death and rebirth. It goes on to say that they decided their purpose is to inform people that there's spirits within objects (Such as the ghosts currently in all the flowers) and that they'd go on a concert tour.

Mystia's Ending[edit]

Mystia's at the shrine singing while Reimu and Marisa are enjoying a flower party. The discussion from those two goes from Mystia barging in, how the nice the party is and talk of Yakatori, and other edible birds, which Mystia takes offense at. It goes on to note that while Mystia forgot the meaning of the lecture she got, it still caused her to go the shrine (the reason forgotten by her and unknown to the players) and sing a requiem, and notes it's a sign with a clear purpose. It's just one song though.

Tewi's Ending[edit]

At Eientei, Reisen's tending to a seemingly Ill Tewi who mutters things referencing the last leg of her story (The nameless hill and the Yama) and Eirin comes in with some udon powder (an intentionally prepared placebo as the placebo effect is directly referenced by her) as she said while Tewi wasn't seriously poisoned, whatever's ailing her is more something of the spirit. They then wonder what happened to affect Tewi like this. Eirin wonders if Tewi tried tricking someone and got the tables turned and if the powder'd work as Tewi reacts it. It goes on to note the difference between foolishly trickery and wise trickery (with the latter the target wouldn't get mad but rather thank the person) and the trust issues reckless trickery would cause. It also states that Tewi's trickery was littler more than lying justified by circumstance. And that the powder did work on her.

Aya's Ending[edit]

Aya's over at Muenzuka, pondering if she should write or not before she dismisses it as not being interesting enough (as the text states she likes to write about interesting but true incidents, something that other people aren't amused by as some articles are not flattering to them). Komachi appears as they talk about progress on the incident and the matter of someone measuring the length of the Sanzu (Likely referring to Ran Yakumo who ends up a subject of an article because of it). It notes that Aya realized Komachi was slacking off and that if there wasn't a real incident going on, she shouldn't worry about it. This then leads into her realizing her writing itself caused some incidents and wondering what's the point of the newspaper though after thinking a bit, realizes it's akin to the wind.

Medicine's Ending[edit]

She sees Eirin and Reisen coming and talks with them in a friendly fashion, offering to share some of her poisons (and even telling it to avoid them) and Reisen not trusting her one bit (due to the run in during her story mode). It notes that Medicine hasn't given up on her doll liberation plan, but rather trying to make allies and letting the rest of Gensokyo know the area exists. It goes on to say she's trying to learn the pain in the hearts of her enemies and that to do so she can't shut herself in.

Yuuka's Ending[edit]

Yuuka's at the shrine talking with Reimu who accuses her of being the mastermind. Yuuka points that Reimu's intuition doesn't agree. They go on talking about the incident and Yuuka remarks on the true nature which Reimu doesn't agree with. Yuuka notes that Reimu's usual guesstimating methods have it their limits. Reimu then announces she'll plan on investigating again tomorrow with Yuuka remarking on the flowers at muenzuka were nice. It goes on to say that Reimu's initution couldn't grasp it as it was not caused by youkai or specific intention. It goes on to say that such a thing is easily overlooked and that the main flower that'd appear to bloom normally would be the bamboo flowers (as they bloom every 60 years) and that they represent the countries of ghosts and that they're a signal for such a unusual bloom.

Extra Endings[edit]

Komachi's Ending[edit]

Komachi's talking to a ghost she's ferrying about things, such as the true value of things, The Hakurei Shrine (in less than flattering words). It goes on to note the proceedings of Higan and how through the Yama is with things (even pointing out very small offenses, such as using insectide) and if that fails, hell awaits them. Komachi's glad she's just a shinigami.

Eiki's Ending[edit]

Reimu and Marisa are at the shrine talking about the incident winding down, summer and memories when Shiki appears and talks about the nature of memories and the "purification of memories" during the 60 year cycle. The conversation goes on to talk about lifespans and how to conduct ones self during those 60 years. It goes to state that such an occurrence is practically fated to be forgotten even though it may be worth remembering. It comes down how to deal with the time period.

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