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A Rafflesia depicted in Oriental Sacred Place Chapter 14. Marisa Kirisame refers to it as an "ugly flower".

Plants (植物 , shokubutsu) are organisms scientifically belonging to the Plantae kingdom. Unlike the organisms from the Animalia kingdom, plants cannot move on their own and rely on food being brought to them one way or another. Plants generally support almost all terrestrial life on earth and play one of the most important roles in the food chain.

Plants in Touhou

Various species of plants are seen or mentioned primarily throughout the print works and occasionally in-game. Plants appear to be a rather common food source among humans and youkai alike during normal basis in Touhou Sangetsusei.

Plants known to be found in Gensokyo
Plants mentioned in Touhou

Plants in Seihou

In the Seihou Project, all plants on Earth went to extinction. The only known plant to still exist was the cactus (Cactaceae) (サボテン saboten), where the Cactus Company managed to extract energy from it (called cactus energy) for humanity to continue. Although this is the case, grass and a few trees were still shown to exist throughout the games. The Silk Road (that may have possibilities to have an official connection with the Touhou Project) was shown to have many plants in the background of the Extra stage of Shuusou Gyoku.

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