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PlayStation Portable

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The PlayStation Portable (PSP for short) is a portable handheld game console that debuted in the mid-2000s and was the first of its kind to feature the use of optical discs. The device is notable for its extensive homebrew scene.

PSP owners are able to emulate and play certain Touhou Project games by installing custom firmware. PC-98 titles are limited on the platform only by the efficacy of homebrew emulators such as the Neko Project II[1][2]. In addition, there exists a complete framework through the FOSS software Kene Touhou Mohofu[3] by which Touhou games can be natively developed.

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  1. Neko Project homepage
  2. Neko Project 2 (PC-98 emulator for PSP)
  3. Kene Touhou Mohofu