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Pop-up Pirate

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UB 3rd Stage Midboss
Sprite of the midboss in Uwabami Breakers

Human(?) (native to the Outside World)


Twilight Bar Room

Official Games
Note: This article is part of the game Uwabami Breakers by the Doujin circle The Drinking Party.

This character was found at the Twilight Bar Room and is the third stage midboss of Uwabami Breakers at the bar "Saturday Night Garden". He(?) attacked Isami Asama as she flies around drunk by throwing hundreds of knifes at her (in reference to Sakuya Izayoi?) in a circular manner before the the final boss Amakasu Barley Tenji appears. While he's shooting a load of knifes, he leaves a small gap in front of him to allow Isami easily dodge the knifes. Nothing else is known about this character except that he's a reference to the classic Japanese children's game Pop-up Pirate.

Background Information

His sprite shows a pirate sticking out of a barrel which has "BEER" written on it with a beer tap and four knives sticking out. In the data files, the name for his sprite is "beertaru" (ビール樽), which translates to "beer barrel".

Official Sources