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Raiko Horikawa

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(ほり) (かわ)   (らい) ()
hoɽʲikawa ɽaiko
Raiko Horikawa
Raiko Horikawa
Raiko Horikawa in Double Dealing Character
Phantasmal Percussionist
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Making anything follow a rhythm

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"I have obtained the magic to become independent.
I no longer require the powers of the Miracle Mallet."
Raiko Horikawa (Double Dealing Character Extra Stage)

Raiko Horikawa (堀川 雷鼓 Horikawa Raiko) is a tsukumogami, transformed from a taiko drum. She appears in Double Dealing Character as the Extra Stage boss.

General Information

Though originally born as a tsukumogami from a taiko drum, Raiko now borrows the "magic energy" of modern drummers from the outside world, which is why she uses a modern-day drumset.


In all of Raiko's dialogue, she seems to simply want to be free. She seems laid-back and doesn't think much of stealing magic from the outside world. At the end of the Extra Stage, she makes friends with the main character, so she has no real ill intent, though she insists on keeping her freedom to make some noise during concerts.


Raiko was born from a taiko drum that had become a tsukumogami through age, but because she was frequently used and enjoyed use, she wasn't a vengeful tsukumogami. During the events of Double Dealing Character, Raiko noticed a strange power enter her body and a desire for revenge against those who used her. Despite her ferocity, Raiko soon realized that the new power she felt was from Shinmyoumaru Sukuna's use of the Miracle Mallet and that it would not last forever. Fearing that she would lose her newfound freedom when she ran out of power, she quickly worked to finding a suitable replacement for it.

Taking a rather large risk, she abandoned her old taiko drum for a new drum kit and drummer, cleansing her body of the Miracle Mallet's power and making her self-sufficient while claiming that her new power is from magicians who live in the outside world. She taught this method to the other temporarily empowered tools, such as Benben Tsukumo and Yatsuhashi Tsukumo, ensuring that they would be able to keep their freedom when the Miracle Mallet's power dissipated.

Since then, she has supposedly been working with her fellow tsukumogami to create a paradise for tools to live freely.

Character Design


Her surname, Horikawa (堀川), means "canal." It is possible that this name is a reference to "The Drum of the Waves of Horikawa" (堀川波鼓), a joururi play composed by Monzaemon Chikamatsu about a husband seeking revenge after his wife has an affair with a drum player. As another possible inspiration, Otogi-zoushi's telling of "Issunboushi" gives the eponymous protagonist's last name as Horikawa. As Shinmyoumaru Sukuna is descended from Issunboushi, the connection is clear.

Her given name, Raiko (雷鼓), is made up of the kanji for "thunder" and "drum". The kanji used for "Japanese percussion" (鼓) is also the second kanji in the word "taiko" (太鼓). "Raiko" is a set of percussive instruments carried by Raijin on the back, it is used for "lightning" or "thunder"—the brutal air pressure and sudden loud noise of thunder might remind people of bass drum.


In Double Dealing Character's official art, Raiko Horikawa is seen with short, wavy red hair, red eyes, and a black shirt with red cross-hatching that is tucked into a short, white skirt. She also wears a small purple tie with a white upside-down cross on it, and a white sport coat with long sleeves. She has black-purple shoes with red lacing and large drum mallets on the back of them. Raiko is also shown sitting on her magical drums, which are red decorated with white flower patterns. The floor tom is notably detached from the rest of the drum set.


Double Dealing Character
Raiko's sprite in DDC

When Reimu finds Raiko in the storm, she explains how she was born as a tsukumogami under the Miracle Mallet's power, but managed to change her own power source. She decides to fight Reimu in order to test it out. After being defeated, she explains a little more about the magic behind tsukumogamis (and tools in general), and Reimu, somewhat sympathizing with her plight, says she won't hunt tools and lets her off.

Marisa is greatly surprised at the kind of magical expertise Raiko must have to change out her own source of energy. Raiko explains a bit about how it happens, and Marisa lets her go after she promises not to harm humans, and then leaves to fix her own Mini-Hakkero.

Marisa attacks Raiko, as her Mini-Hakkero moving on its own has caused her no end of trouble. After Raiko is defeated, Marisa lets her go, insisting that she has no desire for the outside world's magic. Raiko explains that the tool depends on the user: if the user is wicked, then the tool will be, as well. Marisa takes it to heart.

Sakuya approaches Raiko with her blade in hand, to try and get rid of both problems at once. However, Raiko has already changed her power source and is looking to test it out. After being defeated, she notes that the blade seems to like its "suffering", and offers to show Sakuya how to imbue it with more magic power. The maid refuses, though, as she is worried that if the blade became a tsukumogami, it would be far too strong.

When Sakuya meets Raiko in the middle of the storm, the maid offers to remove the magic power and revert her to being a tool. Raiko has other plans, and does battle with Sakuya in order to test her new energy source. After noting that while mere tools can float in and out between Gensokyo and the real world all the time, a tsukumogami might not follow the same rules, Sakuya offers again, and Raiko turns her down.


Raiko's cameo in AoCF
Impossible Spell Card

Raiko appeared once again in Impossible Spell Card to confront the on-the-run amanojaku, Seija Kijin. Her goal was to stop Seija from abusing the power of the Miracle Mallet as well as abusing the many tools and items she was using to cheat her way through spell cards.

Antinomy of Common Flowers

She is seen with the Prismriver Sisters as a cameo at the Concert Stage of the Sun.


Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia

After publishing that the Prismriver threesome disbanded due to "creative differences," Aya Shameimaru shortly published another story reporting that the band had reformed—this time as a quartet, the fourth member being Raiko.

Afterwards, Aya interviews Raiko asking about the disband and Raiko claims that those "creative differences" only existed partially, and that she knew the band needed percussion. Also, she added that the negotiations with the Prismriver sisters had been going on since before the article and that they didn't want to break apart, but use the news to attract more public.


Benben and Yatsuhashi Tsukumo

Raiko was the one who told the Tsukumo sisters how to convert their energy source away from the Mallet's power. Not much is said about their relationship otherwise, though, aside from Raiko looking out for people that were the same as her.

Prismriver Sisters

As of Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia, Raiko Horikawa is a member of the Prismriver Sisters band, the first member outside of the Prismriver family.

Minor Relationships

Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and Sakuya Izayoi

After battling the heroine, Raiko almost invariably becomes friendly with her. They promise not to exterminate her and generally to let her be, even when she puts on a live concert.





Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 15
一鼓「暴れ宮太鼓」 First Drum "Raging Temple Taiko" DDC St. Ex
二鼓「怨霊アヤノツヅミ」 Second Drum "Vengeful Spirit Aya-no-Tsuzumi" DDC St. Ex
三鼓「午前零時のスリーストライク」 Third Drum "Three Strikes at Midnight" DDC St. Ex
死鼓「ランドパーカス」 Death Drum "Land Percuss" DDC St. Ex
五鼓「デンデン太鼓」 Fifth Drum "Den-Den Daiko" DDC St. Ex
六鼓「オルタネイトスティッキング」 Sixth Drum "Alternate Sticking" DDC St. Ex
七鼓「高速和太鼓ロケット」 Seventh Drum "High Speed Taiko Rocket" DDC
St. Ex
八鼓「雷神の怒り」 Eighth Drum "Thunder God's Anger" DDC St. Ex
「ブルーレディショー」 "Blue Lady Show" DDC St. Ex
「プリスティンビート」 "Pristine Beat" DDC
St. Ex
雷符「怒りのデンデン太鼓」 Thunder Sign "Den-Den Daiko of Rage" ISC St. 5
太鼓「ファンタジックウーファー」 Taiko "Fantastic Woofer" ISC St. 5
輝天符「迅雷のドンドコ太鼓」 Shining Heaven Sign "Thunderclap Dondoko Daiko" Co-owner with Iku VD Nightmare Thursday - 2
輝神符「謎のドンドコ人だかり」 Shining Divine Sign "Mysterious Dondoko Crowd" Co-owner with Mamizou VD Nightmare Thursday - 3
輝星符「正体不明のドンドコ太鼓」 Shining Star Sign "Unidentified Dondoko Daiko" Co-owner with Nue VD Nightmare Thursday - 6

Additional Information

  • The symbol on the smaller drums is Mitsudomoe. Mitsudomoe are believed to represent the three primary divisions in Shinto, which are "man", "Earth", and "sky", and they are also associated with the lightning god Raijin.
  • The hexagonal drum pads are reminiscient of the Simmons SDS-V, the first commercially available electronic drum kit and popular in the 1980s.
  • Raiko's Spell Cards "Blue Lady Show" and "Pristine Beat" shoot danmaku as to follow a rhythm, creating a melody out of it. The shot rate is only slightly slower than the beat rate of her own theme.


Official Profiles

Raiko DDC  ○EX面ボス 夢幻のパーカッショニスト

  堀川 雷鼓(ほりかわ らいこ)
  Horikawa Raiko











EX Stage Boss - Phantasmal Percussionist

Horikawa Raiko

Species: Tsukumogami
Ability: Capable of making anything follow a rhythm

She's a tsukumogami created from a Japanese taiko drum.
She lived for a while, feeling joy when struck by people.

However, she began to feel a strong, new magical power within her.
At the same time, ferocity flared up in her mind.
"Now is the time for the tools to take revenge," she thought.

She was wise, though, and quickly realized that this power
was that of an oni (i.e. that of the Miracle Mallet).

She felt that at this rate, she'd be completely taken over by it.

She took a big gamble.
She threw away the taiko drums that made up her body, and the drummer that held the magic power,
and sought a new magic power of her own. This was in the forbidden outside world, as well.

Thus, she obtained a new drum kit, and a new drummer as well.
Thanks to the outside world's magic power, obviously.

None of the oni's power is left in her body any more.
Even if the Miracle Mallet enters its reabsorption period, she won't turn back into a regular tool.

She taught this method to the other tsukumogami around her.

Even if we're tools, we want to have fun of our own will!
Now, shall we go build a paradise for tools?

Official Sources

Official sources