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Rainbow-Colored Septentrion

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Rainbow-Colored Septentrion

Rainbow-Colored Septentrion album cover


2021-12-31 (Comiket 99)





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Touhou Gouyoku Ibun OST 虹色のセプテントリオン
Taboo Japan Disentanglement

Rainbow-Colored Septentrion (虹色のセプテントリオン Nijiiro no Seputentorion) is an official doujin album by Team Shanghai Alice released on 2021-12-31 (Comiket 99). Released in celebration of the return of Comiket after being absent the last two years, it's a small addition to the "ZUN's Music Collection" series, so ZUN decided to number it "vol.9.5" instead of "vol.10".


  • 01. 七ツ石の狼、雲を取りに駆ける (5:02)
    • The Wolves of Nanatsuishi Dash to Seize the Clouds
  • 03. あの賑やかな市場は今どこに 〜 Immemorial Marketeers (4:54)


多摩川水系の源流で、雲取山を初めとする名山に囲まれた小さな山村、丹波山村のRP曲です。猟師の村であるこの地では、昔から狼を神の使いとして信仰していたそうです。七ツ石山の山頂近くには、狼像が祀られた七ツ石神社が建っています(2018年に再建)。かつて絶滅前のニホンオオカミが見ていた険しくも美しい山の世界と、現在も山の守り神として、村人と登山客に風に乗って同行する情景をイメージして作曲しました。山の上でニホンオオカミが見ていた美しい北斗七星は、きっと今も変わりは無いのでしょう。星空を通して過去と現在が繋がる、そんなような曲です。 A song composed for the Tabayama Village, a small mountain village surrounded by many famous mountains. Chief among them is the Kumotori Mountain, the origin of the Tama River and its other associated streams. The people of this hunting village have long since believed that wolves were the messengers of the gods. They built the Nanatsuishi Shrine near the peak of Mt. Nanatsuishi (re-constructed in 2018), where a wolf statue is enshrined. I composed this song based on the image of the dangerous yet beautiful world of the mountain that the now-extinct Japanese wolves must have once seen; and the image of these wolves, who remain the protector gods of the mountain even now, traveling alongside the villagers and hikers atop the winds. The gorgeous Big Dipper that the mountain wolves must've gazed upon in the past, I'm sure they remain unchanged even now. The past and present connected through the starry sky, that's the kind of song this is.