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Rainbow Cavern of Earth Spirits

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地霊虹洞 (ちれいこうどう)
Rainbow Cavern of Earth Spirits
Rainbow Cavern of Earth Spirits in Touhou Gouyoku Ibun

Underworld; between the Forest of Magic and Former Hell's Hot Spring Town

Official Games

The Rainbow Cavern of Earth Spirits (地霊虹洞 Chirei Kōdō) is an underground passage located in the Forest of Magic, leading to the Hot Spring Town in Former Hell. Yamame Kurodani is known to lurk around here, and according to her, it's the fifth-largest route to the Underworld. Not much else is known about it.

Cavern's Appearances


Touhou Gouyoku Ibun

The Rainbow Cavern first appeared in Touhou Gouyoku Ibun, where it serves as the location of Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame's second Stage as they proceed underground. Reimu has a surprising encounter with Kogasa Tatara, who seems to know some information regarding the game's incident, while Marisa encounters Yamame Kurodani, who's simply hunting for prey. Pre-release material also shows Kanako Yasaka encountering Yamame in this location.