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Ran Yakumo

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() (くも)   (らん)
jakɯmo ɽaɴ (♫)
Ran Yakumo
Ran Yakumo
Shikigami of the Gap Youkai
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Youkai Fox (Shikigami)


Using Shikigami


At least 800 years.[1]


Yukari's servant


Boundary of Gensokyo

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"Chen is my shikigami. She has recovered, and grown stronger than before."
"... She was supposed to be strong? Wait, she's your shikigami? Aren't you a shikigami yourself?"
Ran Yakumo and Reimu Hakurei (Perfect Cherry Blossom Extra Stage.)

Ran Yakumo (八雲 藍 Yakumo Ran) is the kitsune shikigami of Yukari Yakumo and the master of the bakeneko shikigami Chen.

General Information

Ran's first appearance was as the Extra stage boss of Perfect Cherry Blossom and the Phantasm stage midboss in the same game. She frequently appears as part of Yukari's attacks in fighting spinoffs, and appeared in Imperishable Night as Yukari's focus shot. Ran made her playable debut in Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost.


Ran was formerly a resident of the Animal Realm, presumably being one of the many spirits inhabiting it. At one point, disgusted by the beastly ideology that pervaded the place, she fled to Gensokyo.[2] It is unknown when Ran met Yukari and became a youkai-possessing shikigami, but based on her interaction with Yuuma Toutetsu, it was likely after Ran left the Animal Realm.


Ran is described as a gentle youkai, unless provoked. Although Ran is a shikigami, she sometimes "forgets" her position as a servant and acts of her own volition, such as deciding to attack the heroine in Perfect Cherry Blossom to avenge Chen.


Using Shikigami

Ran is an extremely strong shikigami, to the point that she can use shikigami of her own. Her shikigami, Chen, only possesses the wisdom of a child, implying that Ran lacks the level of power that Yukari has with respect to shikigami. While Ran cannot act against Yukari's orders, Chen is capable of disobeying Ran. Because of this, she sometimes has to lure or manipulate Chen with catnip.

Clear intellect

Ran has super-human intellect equal to that of Yukari's, and excels at mathematics. According to Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, she was able to formulate and prove an equation for figuring out the width of the Sanzu River. The shikigami of Gensokyo have been often likened to personal computers found in the outside world.


One of Ran's spellcards shows that she is capable of quickly increasing her physical capabilities. As part of Yukari's attacks, Ran typically spins at high speed. Ran is shown to use Chen in a similar way in Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost.


As Yukari's shikigami, Ran must do whatever Yukari commands her to do, such as doing Yukari's chores or checking the Great Hakurei Barrier around Gensokyo for problems. Apparently, Ran's own shikigami, Chen, is too unreliable to be entrusted with doing chores. Sometimes she might be sent as a messenger, or be entrusted with investigating incidents.[2]

In her spare time, Ran often calculates various things such as the width of the Sanzu River. She may also be seen in the Human Village shopping for tofu.



Ran's true identity is that of a shikigami possessing a youkai fox, or youko (妖狐, "mystic fox"). The fox she is possessing is an entirely separate being, but since it never comes to surface, there's no problem in thinking of Ran as a nine-tailed fox herself.[3] Because she is a shikigami herself, it's highly unusual that Ran has a shikigami of her own.

Youkai fox

Ran's body is that of a youkai fox with nine large tails, which is a clear sign of great power and intelligence, as described by Akyuu[4].

Character Design


Ran Yakumo (八雲 藍) is her name. The characters for Yakumo (八雲) literally mean "eight clouds", and Ran () literally means "indigo". All of the Yakumo family are named after colors.

According to Akyuu in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, her real name is unknown and Ran was a name given to her by Yukari. Yuuma Toutetsu, however, calls her "Ran" and then specifies Ran Yakumo now despite the two not seeing each other for a long time, which would make "Ran" the real name of the beast spirit that Yukari uses as a shikigami to possess the unnamed youkai fox, rather than a name Yukari decided by herself.


In Perfect Cherry Blossom, Ran has yellow eyes, short blonde hair, and nine fox tails. She wears a white dress with purple cuffs and collar, an indigo tabard with a white print, white and blue footwear, and a light pink two-tailed hat with many amulets that hide her fox ears. According to ZUN, she is fairly tall.[5]


Perfect Cherry Blossom
Ran sprite in PCB

During Perfect Cherry Blossom, Ran is busy preparing for a banquet for her master Yukari Yakumo, who was still asleep as usual, when Ran was suddenly interrupted by the heroine.

Imperishable Night
Ran in IN

Ran makes a return in Imperishable Night, somewhat as a playable character. Instead, she appears as a familiar of Yukari, where if the player chooses to focus, then Ran will appear in front of Yukari at a distance. She'll search for enemies and spin around on them until they're defeated. She'll act the same way if Yukari is unfocused while playing solo.

Ran's back sprite in UDALG
Ran's sprite in UDALG
Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost

Because of the opening of the marketplace, ownership of the ancient land was lost. This has caused greedy animal spirits to attempt to claim ownership of the land. Ran gets told by Yukari to investigate the incident in Gensokyo.

Ran meets Sanae Kochiya, who attacks her due to Kanako’s policy of attacking all beasts youkai near the shrine. Then, she finds Tsukasa Kudamaki there, and gets told by the tube fox that the origin of the incident is in Hell after she is defeated. After adventuring through Old Hell and defeating Rin Kaenbyou, she gets told by the kasha to adventure further into Hell. In her way, she finds Suika Ibuki. After beating the oni and arriving at the Hell of Blood Pools, she finds Chiyari Tenkajin who informs Ran about Toutetsu’s movements. Suspicious, she heads to the Animal Realm where she finds Yuuma and attacks her thinking she is the culprit of the incident.

At the end, she gives her report to Yukari omitting the details of Yuuma, as she finally decided to that she only took advantage of the incident. Although Yukari said that she thought that it was a natural incident, she seemed to know who the real mastermind was.


Ran in SWR
Ran in HM
Ran in the fighters and HM

Ran appeared in Immaterial and Missing Power, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and Touhou Hisoutensoku as a projectile in Yukari's spell card Shikigami "Ran Yakumo". In Antinomy of Common Flowers she gets used in the same way, this time in a combined move with her servant Chen.

Shoot the Bullet

In Shoot the Bullet, Aya Shameimaru encountered Ran on stage 8 and took photos of her danmaku.

Hopeless Masquerade

Ran made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Hakurei Shrine stage. She is seen standing with Chen watching the fights.


Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Ran gets interviewed by Aya Shameimaru after she managed to determine the actual width of the Sanzu River. Ran also explains how equations and shikigami are related, and how Yukari's equations, which she uses to increase Ran's power indefinitely, are too much even for her to understand.

In Yukari's article, Aya confronts Yukari after the latter smacked Ran with an umbrella as a punishment for having fought humans without Yukari's permission. Although Aya is outraged by an animal being abused like that, Yukari insists that Ran is not an animal, but a shikigami that sometimes forgets that she is a servant.

Silent Sinner in Blue

Yukari requests Ran to search for allies to take revenge for her defeat in the 1st Lunar War. After asking various people, like Remilia Scarlet, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Youmu Konpaku or Suika Ibuki, Ran explains that apparently the only interested person is Remilia, but that she doubts she will cooperate. Yukari tells her not to worry, as she has everything she needs, confusing Ran. After asking about her true intentions, Yukari will claim that only when she could do more than just mathematical calculus and could "add single digits" she could understand her plan [6]

The Full Moon day arrives and Ran follows Yukari in her journey to the Lunar Capital. However, they fall in Eirin Yagokoro's trap, they are apprehended and they are taken to the Capital to be judged thanks to Watatsuki no Toyohime. After being released and surprised her master was so happy after seeing her plan failed, Ran asks for an explanation. Yukari then tells her the true nature of her plan and they celebrate their success at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia

Ran was one of the visitors of the geyser hot springs right above Former Hell. When Aya asked her why she was keeping her hat in the bath, Ran said that it was because Aya was taking a picture of her.

Cheating Detective Satori

Tired of the slowness and the supposed incompetency of Satori Komeiji, Yukari orders both Ran and Chen to search for the vengeful spirit that was possessing a lot of youkais and humans in Gensokyo between all the Netherworld phantoms. They do so, and in chapter 8 Chen contacts Satori, Rin and Reimu to inform them that they had captured it. However, in chapter 10 Marisa Kirisame tells to both of them not only that they didn't captured it, but that it possessed their master Yukari. Surprised and worried about her, they leave Marisa and Satori to find her.


Yukari Yakumo (Master)

Yukari is Ran's Master. As a shikigami, Ran must do whatever Yukari commands, but since Yukari is asleep most of the time, Ran has a lot of free time. When Ran follows Yukari's will, she can obtain power equal to Yukari's level, becoming much stronger than she usually is. However, Ran sometimes forgets that she is a shikigami, and Yukari scolds her as a result.

Chen (Shikigami)

Ran's shikigami. Since their relationship is the same as Ran's relationship with Yukari, one would expect Chen to follow anything that Ran commands, but Chen is unreliable and it's difficult for Ran to depend on her.

Yuuma Toutetsu (Old acquaintance)

Yuuma and Ran knew each other before Ran became Yukari’s shikigami. Based on their dialogue, it seemed like Ran was a member of the Animal Realm until she got bored of the “beastly ideology” there and left. She also claims to know Yuuma before she became the leader of the Gouyoku Alliance. [2] According to Yuuma’s words, it seems she treated and still treats Ran as a close friend.







Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 18
式神「仙狐思念」 Shikigami "Senko Thoughtful Meditation" PCB St. Ex
式神「十二神将の宴」 Shikigami "Banquet of the Twelve General Gods" PCB
St. Ex
式輝「狐狸妖怪レーザー」 Shiki Brilliance "Kitsune-Tanuki Youkai Laser" PCB St. Ex
式輝「四面楚歌チャーミング」 Shiki Brilliance "Charming Siege from All Sides" PCB St. Ex
式輝「プリンセス天狐 -Illusion-」 Shiki Brilliance "Princess Tenko -Illusion-" PCB St. Ex
式弾「アルティメットブディスト」 Shiki Shot "Ultimate Buddhist" PCB
St. Ex
式弾「ユーニラタルコンタクト」 Shiki Shot "Unilateral Contact" PCB St. Ex
式神「橙」 Shikigami "Chen" PCB St. Ex
「狐狗狸さんの契約」 "Kokkuri-san's Contract" PCB
St. Ex
幻神「飯綱権現降臨」 Illusion God "Descent of Izuna-Gongen" PCB St. Ex
式神「前鬼後鬼の守護」 Shikigami "Protection of Zenki and Goki" PCB
St. Ph
式神「憑依荼吉尼天」 Shikigami "Channeling Dakiniten" PCB St. Ph
密符「御大師様の秘鍵」 Esoteric Sign "Odaishi-sama's Secret Key" StB St. 8
行符「八千万枚護摩」 Ascetic Sign "Eighty Million Goma Boards" StB St. 8
超人「飛翔役小角」 Superhuman "Soaring En no Ozunu" StB
St. 8
地妖符「イドの式神」 Earth Ghostly Sign "Shikigami of the Id" Co-owner with Koishi VD Nightmare Wednesday - 2
地妖符「式神大星」 Earth Ghostly Sign "Shikigami Giant Star" Co-owner with Utsuho VD Nightmare Wednesday - 4
地妖符「エゴの式神」 Earth Ghostly Sign "Shikigami of the Ego" Co-owner with Satori VD Nightmare Wednesday - 5


  • The name of one of her Spell Cards, "Princess Tenko," is likely a reference to a famous Japanese illusionist of the same name, considering how foxes are known for their tricks and illusions in folklore.
  • Ran is the only stage mid-boss in any Touhou Project game that is immune to bombs.
  • Since her master is the only Phantasm boss, Ran is also the only Phantasm stage mid-boss.
  • Both Ran and Yukari's surname was "Suzukaze" in the trial version ver. 0.09a of PCB.[7]


Official Profiles

Perfect Cherry Blossom - キャラ設定.txt
Ran Yakumo PCB  ○すきま妖怪の式

  八雲 藍(やくも・らん)








Shikigami of the Gap Youkai

Ran Yakumo

Extra Boss, and Yukari's shikigami. She does Yukari's work for her while her master sleeps. She has the ability to mainly use shikigami.

Yukari sleeps 12 hours per day and is only awake from sunset to midnight. On top of that, she hibernates through winter. Because of that, Ran takes care of Yukari's work while she's asleep.

Ran has been a shikigami for quite long time, so she's more powerful than ordinary youkai. For that matter, she has enough power to possess her own shikigami. Perhaps she has already forgotten that she herself is a shikigami.

Every year, when cherry blossoms are about to bloom, she visits the Netherworld for flower viewing. The cherry blossoms this year feels very pleasant. Just as she was considering that, some living humans dropped in. She watched them with interest for a few moments.

She later heard that her shikigami had been defeated by them, so she plotted a little revenge.

Her true form is a fox-turned youkai. Like Chen, her shape is unchanged and she has a well-sociable personality. Even without looking closely, it's obvious that she has several tails. As a matter of fact, when it matters, she has plenty of power ever since she uses her true form.

Through all these events, her master continues to sleep.

ZUN's comment from Dai Touhouten plaque
世にも珍しい九尾の狐で、八雲紫の式神です。橙を式神として使役する者であります。自分で考えてプログラムをするプログラムという意味では、皆が考えるAIに近いのかも知れません。もっとも、今世間を騒がせているAIはまだそんなこと出来ないみたいですが……。藍といい橙といい、式神として使役されるには妖獣である必要があるようです。そして尻尾の数の多さが能力(容量)の多さに直結しています。つまり、彼女はとてもフサフサです。 Nine-tailed fox from tales of the rare, Yakumo Yukari's shikigami. Also uses Chen as her own shikigami. A program that generates programs by its own will, in some sense it's closer to what people think AI can do. Although the AI everyone's arguing about now still hasn't reached that point... Either Ran or Chen or whoever, it seems that those that can be qualified as a shikigami has to be a youkai beast. And the number of their tails directly correlates to their capability (like disk space), the more they have the more capable they are. In other word, she's very fluffy.

Official Sources

Official sources