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Re.Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker

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新約・東方幻想殺 (しんやくとうほうげんそうさつ)
Re.Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker



2014-12-31 (latest: v1.00c) (Comiket 87)


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player story mode


Windows Vista/7/8/8.1+ (Danmakufu)


Direct3D, DirectX 8.1, Except the video cards which max texture size is only 256x256 (e.g. Voodoo) (Danmakufu)

Shin'yaku: (New Testament:) Touhou Gensousatsu(Illusion Killer) ~ Re.Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker (新約・東方幻想殺 ~ Re.Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker) is a Touhou fan game written in Danmakufu by Gore, released in full on 31 December 2014. The game is a crossover with the long-running Toaru series.

Despite the subtitle, gameplay is not like Dim.Dream or Flower View. Instead, Imagine Breaker is a conventional title that appears to be inspired by Perfect Cherry Blossom, both mechanically and aesthetically.

The developer would then go on to develop the standalone Touhou fangame Frantically Forbidden Fruit.


Imagine Breaker's defining feature is the ability to use a team of two characters. These are not like Imperishable Night teams; the characters are completely separate from each other and can be swapped out with a button, similar to Marisa when partnerned with Patchouli in Subterranean Animism.

The game uses a variation of the Perfect Cherry Blossom border system. The SP (Spiritual) Gauge in the lower left is filled by cherry items dropped by enemies, but borders can be "saved up" by the player; the bigger the SP Gauge gets, the more powerful the border. Imagine Breaker also features the "collect many items at the same time" scoring mechanic from Double Dealing Character.


Gensokyo's spring has been stolen once again, while a group of people from Academy City had been suddenly transported into Gensokyo at the same time.
Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, and Sakuya each take one of these foreigners as their partners and investigated the cause of this incident.


Imagine Breaker features a combination of arrangements of songs from the Touhou Project and original music in the style of ZUN.

Original Version

The original version's title screen, using artwork from Ten Desires.

As the title suggests, this game is a remake of one of the creator's early works, Touhou Gensousatsu(Illusion Killer) ~ Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker (東方幻想殺 ~ Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker). The original was released in 2012 and seems to be taken down around the time the remake was created. Since then, the original has been made unavailable to the public.

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