Reactivate majestical imperial

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鏈縁 霊烈傳 (れんえん れいれつでん)
Reactivate majestical imperial
Reactivate majestical imperial

Trick Nostalgie


Trick Nostalgie


March 19, 2014 (trial)
October 2, 2014 (full)


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-Player Story Mode


Windows XP/Vista/7

Len'en Reiretsuden ~ Reactivate majestical imperial (鏈縁霊烈傳 〜 Reactivate majestical imperial, lit. "Connecting Chain of Raging Spirit Tales") is the third game in the Len'en Project made by JynX, the only member of Trick Nostalgie. As a Len'en game, it features completely new characters and locations separate from the Touhou Project. The first trial version of the game was sold at Winter Comiket 2013, and the updated public trial version was released on March 19, 2014. The full version of the game was released on October 2, 2014.


The game has three playable teams with two team members each, a story mode with 6 stages and an Extra Mode with selectable difficulty – Easy Extra Mode and Extra Mode which can be unlocked by clearing the main game on any difficulty, as well as Absurdly Extra Mode which is only unlocked once the main game is cleared on Unreal difficulty.

The game features several new gameplay mechanics. The player can switch between the two members of their chosen team, each of whom has their own attacks, bombs, play style and even power gauge. Team members switch out by activating a bomb or by getting hit by an enemy bullet. The team member that is not currently active is shown at the bottom edge of the screen, and moves to follow the active member. The inactive member can collect power items that fall to the bottom of the screen, as well as ghost items (which can only be collected through this method). Ghost items fill the "Spirit Jar" on the right side of the screen, which provides the player with a brief power-up for a limited time when filled - the inactive member starts attacking from the bottom edge of the screen as well the active member gains an auto-bombing shield which triggers a normal bomb in case of getting hit.



The game features original tracks composed by JynX.

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