Reawakening of Youkai Mountain

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Reawakening of Youkai Mountain
The Jewel Case for RoYM

Team Mystique


Team Mystique


Trial: Winter 2018
Full Version: TBA


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-Player Story Mode

Official Site

Official Website

TouhouYatsugatake (Yatsugatake Mountains) ~ Reawakening of Youkai Mountain (東方八ヶ岳 ~ Reawakening of Youkai Mountain) is an upcoming fan-made Touhou Project script for the Touhou Danmakufu ph3 shooting game engine.


There are star fragments that can be picked up, they will give you 4, 6, 8, or 10 stardust points depending on the shape.

You can have up to 300 star fragments. Once you have 300 fragments, you can press space to activate its effect.

Upon activating Stardust mode, all bullets in a 250 radius circle are deleted and each gives you 20 PiV.

The Stardust Mode stays active for 10 seconds during which you gain: 100 per graze, 50 per bullet deleted, 10 per item collected, 10 for bullet delete items.

If you are hit during this time you do not die. Instead bullets are deleted in a 250 radius circle (each of which will give you 10 PiV), you are lock to the position you got hit in temporally, and any remaining stardust is lost.

If you are not hit while Stardust Mode is active, you are rewarded with resources. The amount/quality of resources is based upon the amount of PiV gained during the stardust period.

Resources are gained in the pattern of bomb, bomb, bomb, life, but upon gaining the life piece you no longer gain the 3 bomb pieces prior

While Stardust Mode is active, all star fragments will become 1.5x their value in point flecks (each of which gives 10 PiV), so for example, if there is a 4x value star fragment, it will split into 6 point flecks.


The girls have received an invite to the Mansion of Fears, and each of them are eager to go (apart from Youmu, who finds the invite suspicious). Will this invitation be actually real or just a trap?


Reawakening of Youkai Mountain features music in the style of ZUN, composed by various musicians, mainly Kaori Mystique, Kirruma Maru and Gusano Wornis, although other musicians like Syn -NestorLight- have also participated in the OST. The game also features "Nether Mode Versions" of the music, which uses a style never done before in a Touhou game. These versions are arranged by AYhaz.

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