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霊魔殿 (れいまでん)

Either the World of Fantasies or Makai

Official Games

Reimaden (霊魔殿 reimaden) is supposedly where stages 4 and 5 of Story of Eastern Wonderland take place. The place seems to be inhabited by various creatures such as crows, windmills and twisters. Here, Reimu Hakurei must face Matenshi, Marisa Kirisame and Mima. It's unknown whether it's part of the World of Fantasies or part of Makai because Genjii stated that the World of Fantasies is between "their world" and Makai. It's also unknown if Mima still lurks around this place.

"Reimaden" is possibly a pun on "Banmaden", meaning Pandemonium. Utsuho Reiuji's orb resembles the orange-like shine in the background of stage 4.