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This article contains the list of games that either have involvement from ZUN, but not part of the official Touhou Project; or games by former Amusement Makers members (i.e. "Shunsatsu sare do?" and RebRank) that contains elements from ZUN's works.

Seihou Project

Title Language Publisher Release Description
Shuusou Gyoku 秋霜玉

(Shuusou Gyoku)

J Shunsatsu sare do? 2000 A danmaku game inspired by the Touhou Project, with a focus on fewer, faster bullets as opposed to slower, more numerous bullets. Features music and some art by ZUN.
Kioh Gyoku 稀翁玉

(Kioh Gyoku)

J Shunsatsu sare do? 2001 A Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream style game, with massive emphasis on grazing streaming bullets. Also features music and some art by ZUN.
Banshiryuu 幡紫竜


J Shunsatsu sare do? 2008 Another danmaku style game, with focus again on fewer, faster bullets. No involvement from ZUN, though.

Project Blank

Title Language Publisher Release Description
Samidare 五月雨


J RebRank 2005 A danmaku game with shields. The first game of Project Blank and is perhaps Amusement Makers' most well-known work.
RedRive RedRive


J RebRank
RefRain ~prism memories~ RefRain ~prism memories~

(RefRain ~prism memories~)

J RebRank

ZUN Involvements

Title Language Publisher Release Description
Torte Le Magic トルテ ル マジック

(Torte Le Magic)

J Pietoro 2001 An unofficial free danmaku game based on the manga 10 Carat Torte!, with music by ZUN.
Twilight Bar-room ~Drunkard Breakers~ 黄昏酒場 ~Uwabami Breakers~

(Twilight Bar-room ~Drunkard Breakers~)

J The Drinking Party 2007 An original-based free danmaku game with ZUN's involvement, running on the Mountain of Faith engine featuring a drunkard, food and beer.
神魔討綺伝 ~ Magus in Mystic Geometries J D.N.A. Softwares 2008 A Touhou Project fangame that's a Smash TV-esque overhead shooting game. It has ZUN's rare contribution fangames, composing some music.
Touhou Unreal Mahjong 東方幻想麻雀

(Touhou Unreal Mahjong)

J D.N.A. Softwares 2009 A Touhou Project fangame based on the Mahjong game with many Touhou and Uwabami Breakers characters. It has ZUN's rare involvements in fangames and he's a playable character.


The following are either games that are based on Touhou with a completely unique setting or are completely not Touhou but contains references to the Touhouverse. They're listed here since they aren't technically fangames of the Touhou Project.

Partially Touhou

Title Language Publisher Release Description
Mrs. Estacion Mrs. エスタシオン

(Mrs. Estacion)

J 宮天界(Kyutenkai) 2010 An STG that mimics Touhou with original characters and ZUN-style music.
Shisei Ryuujin Roku 四聖龍神録

(Shisei Ryuujin Roku)

J RemicalSoft 2008 An STG with original characters that seems to be heavily based on Mountain of Faith. Gained minor fame for incredible production values, especially for a free game that also isn't a Danmakufu script.
Shisei Ryuujin Roku 2 四聖龍神録2

(Shisei Ryuujin Roku 2)

J RemicalSoft 2017 Sequel to the above. Raises the bar even higher.
Ore no Animism ~Jigoku Hen~ おれのアニミズム~地獄篇~

(Ore no Animism ~Jigoku Hen~)

J ろどり(Rodori) 2014 A free Touhou-like game (made in Danmakufu v0.12m) with various animal characters. Much tougher than a typical Touhou-like game, and only has two difficulty levels.
Ore no Animism ~Tengoku Hen~ おれのアニミズム~天国篇~

(Ore no Animism ~Tengoku Hen~)

J ろどり(Rodori) 2016 Sequel to the above, now using Danmakufu ph3. Features strange gameplay based around purchasing upgrades and bombs in real time. *Significantly* easier than the first game, for some reason.

Len'en Project

Title Language Publisher Release Description
Len'en Mugenri 〜 Evanescent Existence 鏈縁旡現里 〜 Evanescent Existence

(Len'en Mugenri 〜 Evanescent Existence)

J JynX 2013 The first game in the Len'en Project. It was developed and released alongside the second.
Len'en Tasouken 〜 Earthen Miraculous Sword 鏈縁蛇叢釼 〜 Earthen Miraculous Sword

(Len'en Tasouken 〜 Earthen Miraculous Sword)

J JynX 2013 The second game in the Len'en Project. It was developed and released alongside the first, and they resemble each other in many ways.
Len'en Reiretsuden ~ Reactivate majestical imperial 鏈縁霊烈傳 〜 Reactivate majestical imperial

(Len'en Reiretsuden ~ Reactivate majestical imperial)

J JynX 2014 The third game in the Len'en Project. Uses a tag team system somewhat similar to certain fangames like Re:Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker, etc. Also introduces "Ex+α", an additional boss fight played after the regular Extra Stage.
Len'en Teneisenki ~ Brilliant pagoda or haze castle 連縁天影戦記 ~ Brilliant pagoda or haze castle

(Len'en Teneisenki ~ Brilliant pagoda or haze castle)

J JynX 2016 The fourth game in the Len'en Project. Much bigger than the others or even over most games, featuring *twelve* playable characters through a strange team system, a huge roguelike-esque game system, an extensive upgrade shop, two separate routes with their own set of six bosses, all previous characters as bosses, an Extra stage with its own set of three bosses, and... certain other secrets. The project started simply enough, but completing the game put the developer in the hospital...


Title Language Publisher Release Description
M.U.G.E.N E Elecbyte 1999 A customizable 2D fighting game engine, for which quite some Touhou content has been released.
Boooooon!!!! ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ ブーーーーーン!!!!


J NISHISAITAMA PROJECT 2005 A horizontal shmup in which a Shift JIS version of Marisa appears as one of the enemies.
Kirby: Cosmic Chaos 星のカービィ:コズミックカオス

(Kirby: Cosmic Chaos)

J Azurarokstudio A fan-made Kirby game which features Cirno as Kirby's ice-helper and also Marisa Kirisame as a cameo in Kirisame Keke, Kirby's Beam+Clean helper
弾奏乙女2-風華輪舞の交響曲- C, J 未完童話 2007 A vertical shmup that includes Marisa and Reimu as enemy characters

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