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Replays for Shoot the Bullet and Imperishable Night.

Shoot the Bullet[edit]

Level 4[edit]

4-4: Spread Sign "Rocket in Mist": Reisen. Replay - 0 score.
Since her bullets phase out a lot, it was pretty easy to score 00.
4-4: Spread Sign "Rocket in Mist": Reisen. Replay.
I liked Reisen's cards in StB. It was mostly making sure that Reisen aims the correct way - move up, and take a picture before she phases the bullets out. It's always easier to say than to do.
4-6: Wave Sign "Invisible Half-Moon": Reisen. Replay - 0 score.
Reisen gives some space in between waves of blue and red bullets.
4-6: Wave Sign "Invisible Half-Moon": Reisen. Replay.
You'd think that getting the nice shot is the way to score high. Not for this card. You have to take the shot while the Red bullets are "charging", and are still in a puff of smoke. You have about 10ms to make the shot, or else the bullets actually appear and your score goes down the drain.
4-9: Mad Dream "Dream World": Reisen. Replay.
Hope that Reisen comes to you so you get Boss Shot 2.0, and that you time your shot to get the nice shot bonus of 1.5. I guess a lot of cards end up something like that. Fun card, but Aya doesn't move much.

Level 5[edit]

5-6: Moon & Wood Sign "Satellite Himawari": Patchouli. Replay.
Favorite Patchouli Card. The pattern is pretty much set. Find a good position so you don't get caught, and all is well. Getting a good score - well, that requires a bit more planning and using all the time on the timer.
5-8: Sun & Moon Sign "Royal Diamond Ring": Patchouli. Replay.
Hated Patchouli Card. Dodging bullets and lasers, and they just seem to randomly appear. Well, not exactly random, but I was never ready for this. This was my first clear.

Level 6[edit]

6-5: Oni God "Rumbling Jikoku-ten": Chen. Replay.
Chen's so cute, especially when she's spinning. But not in this card, she just stays in the middle. After figuring out this card, it made clearing Marisa's Magic Space "Asteroid Belt" -Lunatic- easier to clear. I guess I could fix my focus between bullets moving up and down from those moving left and right.

Level 7[edit]

I hated Level 7.

Level 8[edit]

8-6: Death Sign "Life of Drunk, Vision of Death": Yuyuko. Replay.
Great name for a spell card. Just have to learn how to squeeze between those butterflies and the bright shots. Another card I've played a lot, just because it's interesting.
8-7: Superman "Soaring En no Ozuno": Ran. Replay.
Somehow, I got a decent score on this. Dodging Ran for the last two shots are always hard, and I have to make sure not to run into things.
8-8: "Death Butterfly, Floating Moon": Yuyuko. Replay.
Stole the strategy from a replay on Touhou-storm. It gave a great boost to my score. I really should be thinking on my own though...

Level 9[edit]

9-8: New Impossible Request "Mysterium": Kaguya. Replay.
Somehow I just love this card. Maybe it's just easy, and I like to try to find a way to squeeze between bullets. I've been working my way up in score, but maybe I'll hit 1 million someday. It's the first card I got over 1000 shots in.

Level 10[edit]

10-1: Komachi.
Teru's explaination helped a lot. First card I cleared with a score of over 1 million. Those middle three attacks are great for scoring.
10-2: Lie "Tongue of Wolf": Sikieiki. Replay.
Luck is probably the reason why I have cleared it. I have a better strategy to score high, but I can't clear it again. *sigh*.
10-3: Death Song "Ferriage in the Deep Fog": Komachi. Replay.
A rotation card. Yay. I thought I could get a good score by trying harder. Turns out, that didn't work quite as well as I had hoped. But still a fun card nonetheless.
10-4: Judgement "Bar of the Ten Kings": Sikieiki. Replay.
I tried very hard at figuring out the best way to survive. I definitely like my strategy for photos 6 and 7. Rotating at just the right place means I didn't have to dodge at all. It means my score sucked, but hey, it was my first clear. Also, my best shot is still from photo 10.

Level Ex[edit]

Ex-1: Taboo "Forbidden Fruit": Flandre. Replay.
Minute dodging.
Ex-2: Taboo "Forbidden Games": Flandre. Replay.
A pretty fun card. After clearing it once, I figured I could score run it. It worked very well, and the pattern never really changed, so after 6 pictures of doing the same thing for each picture, I had a high score. Rotation is key.
Ex-6: Hourai "Mizunoe no Ura no Shimako and Five-Coloured Turtles": Mokou. Replay.
A crazy card. Probably one of the cards that looks the hardest, but can be done well with patience. Move Aya up so that her head is either at the very bottom of the phoenix tail, or just a bit below. Higher is better for score running. Then just tap right (or left) after you hear the click of Mokou firing. You *should* never be hit, but then again, I'm never that consistent with tapping. Take a few pictures in between, and try to be consistent and you'll have a pretty good score, and a cleared stage. Strategy from Touhou-storm again. For score running, you just have to take the picture when Mokou fires her 5th set of bullets. A 2 million+ score is possible, but I'm just not that consistent with the tapping. If I tap too quickly, a bigger bullet from the side nicks me. If I forget, or is too slow, the middle small one hits me (and I'm supposed to get out of the way). There are lots of bullets. Mokou shoots out 100 small bullets and 50 big bullets every time. Like I said earlier, crazy card.
After following the techniques show on the Japanese scoreboard, I tried it some more, and almost broke 2 million. I beat the top Japanese high score by 50,000. *dances*. I do want to be able to break 2 million...someday on this card.