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Imperishable Night[edit]


th8_udJCSakuyaN.rpy For fun, a Sakuya Solo run. Inside are instructions on how to panic, how to unlock every last spell and fail every one, and similar silliness. But it was a fun run that didn't do too shabby.

Extra Stage[edit]

Media:th8_udExtra2JC.rpy A new Extra run. A strangely nice score amount. Could've done better in a good number of places.

Shoot the Bullet[edit]

Just a collection of my more memorable replays.

Level 7, Stage 3[edit]

Media:th95_udJ73.rpy This was one of the more interesting runs. I smoothly operate through it until I hit the last photo. There, each time I miss Sakuya, I panic. Great panic. Because each miss means more chance to mess up and get hit. But I pulled through. And fairly nicely, too.

Level 7, Stage 7[edit]

Media:th95_udJ77.rpy The very first replay in Shoot the Bullet that I saved, because I really liked the run. It was a fairly good run.

Level 7, Stage 8[edit]

Media:th95_udJ78.rpy Since you can see the number isn't golden, the actual best photo is only 120520, also made on the first shot. Everyone's seen this card a million times. No real reason to comment on it.

Level 8, Stage 3[edit]

Media:th95_udJ83.rpy Actual best score is 134k some. At the time I got that, it was my highest score, period. So I was quite peeved when I died later on. Halfway through this card I start to care a bit less about score as is indicated by my speed at photo taking. Ran is one of the most fun people to play against in this game. Her spellcards have an aura of fun.

Level 8, Stage 4[edit]

Media:th95_udJ84.rpy One of the more fun spellcards. I love the beginning. This is one of many scenes where I didn't move at the start and was plastered at the start.

Level 8, Stage 5[edit]

Media:th95_udJ85.rpy Actual high score is only a hundred or so better. This is an interesting card that one failure made me hiatus it for a week. I had used it to show others StB, and previous to that run I had only made 3 photos. I had all photos but the last one in front of all of them, but when I charged my camera I ran into a fireball. Quite annoying. But it's Ran, so it's fun.

Level 8, Stage 6[edit]

Media:th95_udJ86.rpy I wish I had a better starting shot... but overall this was a fun card. Really could've done better on that first photo, though.

Level 9, Stage 3[edit]

Media:th95_udJ93.rpy It's a simple card. Yet somehow, this took one of the longer amounts of times in order to finally capture. Best actual shot, which is also in the first shot in that run, was 150k some. Not that much higher.

Level 9, Stage 4[edit]

Media:th95_udJ94.rpy I enjoyed this card a lot. It involves a lot of running. Each subsequent run I had made a better high score photo until the last, when I finally captured it.

Level 10, Stage 4[edit]

Media:th95_JC104.rpy You'll need to rename the file to see it. Replay submitted to teru as a solution. 10-4 is one of the more fun cards because it's ten different ones all rolled into each other. This run was the first time I saw the latter three sections. Usually, I die by the third. It's a lot more fun and manageable than 7-1, that's for positive.

Level 10, Stage 7[edit]

Media:th95_JC107.rpy Same as above. The only Komachi card I can capture. It looks so innocent at the beginning... yet it's so painful...

Level 10, Stage 8[edit]

Media:th95_JC108.rpy Same as above. There's really not much to comment on this card. It's absolutely the most fun scene in the game.

Level EX, Stage 5[edit]

Media:th95_udJEX5.rpy Media:th95_udJX5S.rpy First replay is the clear. Second is the best photo. I started a new thing of saving replays as I do them, with the best shot, if I remember to save. 10-6 is currently in that way. This was definitely a fun card. At the time I got the 9th photo, I said that I needed to complete it ASAP lest I mess up. Hence the fidgetty action and hasty photo. Overall, though, a fun card. Not like Mokou's other card. Bla... that one's so painful.

Level EX, Stage 7[edit]

Media:th95_udJEX7.rpy Ah, EX-7. Captured the card twice because I only had a piddly 500k score on the first run. Best photo is 427430, but that's not in this replay or any replay I saved. Suffice to say, a lot of the scoring aspect on this scene relies on luck, because Suika has a nasty tendency to not move straight, which can sometimes place her right in the non-bullet-infested territory.