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My replays from the danmaku games are a tad embarrassing, this page will mainly be MegaMari. Note: The MegaMari Replay Viewer utility is required to watch these.


Cirno Stage No-Miss Replay

Cirno stage, starting weapons only. Very little unintentional damage taken, and boss battle is optimal (Cirno never attempts a White Rose Cluster and the Ice Vulcan whiffs via the corner strategy.) Running away from Lily White is the best way to deal with her first appearance, but the second requires taking some intentional damage at the right time.

Eirin Stage No-Miss Replay

Eirin stage, following speedrun sequence (Cirno defeated). By far the most frustrating stage in the game, at least the most frustrating to run quickly and without dying. Could be optimized by more risk taking around Medicine and some of the rabbits, but I'm not likely to try unless someone from Speed Demos Archive comes calling. To anyone attempting a single-segment run of the whole game, good luck, because this stage requires monumental persistence and patience and a very fast trigger thumb.

Reisen Stage No-Miss Replay

Reisen stage, following speedrun sequence (Cirno and Eirin defeated). Normally Reisen would be the last of the eight bosses in the weakness sequence, following Youmu, but the Star Tank, which will be needed to save time in Youmu's stage, can be acquired now (passwords in MegaMari save the number and type of tanks you have), having Reisen's weapon will save time in Sakuya's stage, and the Magical Broom can be earned before Reimu's stage, saving still more time. Eirin's weapon is still somewhat effective against Reisen so no need to buster duel her. Some indecisive weapon switching, otherwise the stage goes well. Force Crisis, once aiming it is mastered, is highly useful.

Yuyuko Stage No-Miss Replay

Yuyuko stage, following speedrun sequence (Cirno, Eirin and Reisen defeated, 1 Star Tank). Stage is fairly straightforward, but still a tad frustrating to run quickly, mainly because of the difficult jump to reach the Mushroom Tank near the end of the stage. Mental Sacrifice turns out to be useful against Lily White. I use Alice to make the jump to the Mushroom Tank because I seem to have better luck with her than Marisa making that jump even though they both handle the exact same. Yuyuko never gets a chance to use her desperation lasers. Somebody needs to tell NKZ to get over his infatuation with the first melody line from Border of Life; first IaMP and now this...

Reimu Stage No-Miss Replay

Reimu stage, following speedrun sequence (Cirno, Eirin, Reisen and Yuyuko defeated, 1 Star Tank and 1 Mushroom Tank). Enemies aplenty in this stage, Butterfly Stream is a huge time saver against Aya. The Magical Broom also saves time by avoiding some enemies and making impossible jumps possible. Force Crisis cuts Tewi and her mech down to size. Reimu nearly kills me due to a yin-yang bouncing low instead of high, but I finish her quickly.

Remilia Stage No-Miss Replay

Remilia stage, following speedrun sequence (Cirno, Eirin, Reisen, Yuyuko and Reimu defeated, 1 Star Tank and 1 Mushroom Tank). Yin-Yang Strike and Butterfly Stream basically own this stage. Completed with Marisa only, Alice gets to rest for a stage. Remilia has been more cooperative than this, but she was kind enough to fly herself right into my shots and finish herself off, never using her desperation bullet spam.

Sakuya Stage No-Miss Replay

Sakuya stage, following speedrun sequence (Cirno, Eirin, Reisen, Yuyuko, Reimu and Remilia defeated, 1 Star Tank and 1 Mushroom Tank). Red Magic owns Meiling and most of the stage. Maids in the vertical climb section could have been more cooperative in being hit by Butterfly Stream. Mental Sacrifice enables a time-saving shortcut by blowing up the green boxes, and Magical Broom shortcuts some more jumps. Sakuya jumps more than usual and gets one chance to use her desperation knives, but they don't connect.

Youmu Stage No-Miss Replay

Youmu stage, following speedrun sequence (all other bosses defeated, 1 Star Tank and Mushroom Tank). The entire river-crossing sequence with Komachi is skipped via Magical Broom, but the Star Tank is needed midway to refill the Broom's energy. First staircase climb is perfect, second could be better but is still good overall. Red Magic weakens Youmu to 2/3 health before Thousand Knives is used to finish her. Shanghai is unlocked, completing the weapons arsenal.