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The only games I'm good at are StB, MegaMari and SMW so that's probably all you'll ever see here.

Super Marisa World[edit]

Most of these will be instructional, so please pardon any stupid deaths. :C

Stage 2-2-1: This is only semi-instructional and is one of the few replays I will upload because I am actually proud of it as it is a 1LC. It shows you how to fly up to those really high clouds in the third section and it provides a sneaky strategy for the final part of the stage learned from 7-1-3.

Stage 2-2-1 redux: A special 2-2-1 100SS replay, which displays some of the nastier tricks you need to pull off to gather all the stars (though my trick in the last room looks better than it should since I shouldn't have fucked up the way I did). Warning: This one's pretty long, as I almost ran out of time.

Stage 4-1-1: Requested by Ansem. This stage has a very roundabout solution, so a replay of it isn't a bad idea at all. Note that this run was practically perfect in regards to death and losing the broom to green Hammer Bro fuzzies (if this happens, you can either run all the way back to where the broom is or simply kill yourself and respawn at the end of the broom room to save time). Your results may vary. Note that flying through the broom room isn't necessary and probably only serves to waste time.

Stage 5-1-2: A 1LC of the PrismRivers. This is probably the hardest boss stage if you're not a master jumper, so I made this to demonstrate how to trivialize the first section. My apologies for the pause, The Price Is Right was on at the time and it required my attention for a few seconds. <_<

Stage 5-1-3: A 100SS of the dreaded Unlimited Ghost Works stage. By my estimate, this stage has been the source of more aggregate aggravation than any other in the game.

  • The "leap of faith" in the first room is not purely getting lucky with fuzzy placement - it is sufficiently off-screen when you start your jump that it will always be in the same place.
  • Note what I do in the first part of the fourth room and duplicate it while making sure not to make the jump up to the top level too late - even if you just nick the corner of the ledge, it will slow you down just enough that the ghost fuzzy right there will solidify and kill you.
  • Make sure you drill kick (and hold down) the fourth pipe in the UGW room - it will move you fast enough to get you to and through the pipe without any ghosts solidifying in time to get you.

Stage 5-2-1: I actually cheat a little bit here, as you're not supposed to be able to make the jump I make. Bug Mefidex for a replay of going through the maze proper because I can't be assed to figure it out.

Stage 5-2-1 redux: A 100SS replay. Many thanks to Nameless Fairy for making the first 100SS replay of this stage, allowing me to study the proper path. This trip is VERY roundabout - I do not recommend using it as a guide for simply completing the level (Kefit's replay is much better for that). The replay's name is Kilga513 because I'm a retard.

Stage 6-2-1: An infuriating level, to be sure. Duck jumping and drill kicking are your friends. Take special note of how I deal with the aneurysm-inducing jump in the bomb block room - I recommend you copy me here. Also, I am sure there's a suicide-less strategy for the first brick-filled room, but what I do is good enough for me since it insures only 1 death barring user error.

Stage 7-1-1: A 100SS replay. Fuck this stage. Double Cluster is so much bullshit. :( My hands were shaking on the final dash, but luckily it doesn't show.

Stage 7-2-3: Special Score of 100 with 71 seconds to spare. THAT'S IT, WE'RE DONE; WE DON'T HAVE TO GO ON THERE'S NOTHIN' ELSE. OH YEAH. Who the fuck builds a maze under a wall on top like a ceiling like that but DOESN'T MATTER


If you don't want anyone to come to your maze SIX



Pardon all the pauses, it is absolutely impossible to focus on two windows at once in this level (I had NotePad open below the game with arrows providing room-by-room directions for the optimal 100 path). Also pardon the replay name, I was trying to spell "KilgaFuckYeah" but for some reason it turned into the garbage you'll see and there's no backspace option for some dumb reason. Special thanks to Mefidex for making the map and to him again and Kefit for inspiring me to attempt this.

brb suicide

Boss 100SS Replays[edit]

Herein lie boss fights where the stage is completed with a Special Score of 100. This means that all 100 stars in the stage are collected and the stage is completed without dying. This is probably the only real bragging you will ever see me do.

Cirno (1-1-3)

Letty (1-2-3)

Mystia (2-1-3)

Aya (2-2-3)

Keine (3-1-3)

Mokou (3-2-3)

Meiling (4-1-2)

Sakuya (4-1-4)

Flandre (4-2-2)

Remilia (4-2-4)

PrismRiver Sisters (5-1-2)

Youmu (5-1-4)

Merupo (5-2-2) - This replay glitches up at about the 250 time mark for some reason and Marisa stops moving, allowing Merupo to run into her five times (except for one jump on the third life). Rest assured that I did indeed hit Merupo with a fifth fuzzy (note the 100SS denotion on the replay menu list) and that the stage was completed properly.

Yuyuko (5-2-4)

Tewi (6-1-2)

Reisen (6-1-4)

Eirin (6-2-2)

Kaguya (6-2-4) - Mefidex actually beat me to this one, so I copied his Swallow's Cowrie Shell strategy.

Chen (7-1-2)

Ran (7-1-4)

Yukari (7-2-2) - Stage yet to be created.

Suika (7-2-4)

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