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Perfect Cherry Blossom[edit]


Media:th7_2ndHardTry_-_Inari.rpy - One of my first tries practicing Hard level, with Sakuya A (oh gods, how I hate playing stage 4). Diagnosis: I don't bomb often enough.

Media:th7_trainingLunatic_Inari.rpy - In my efforts to 1cc Normal, as a training I tried to play Lunatic with Reimu A (B's shooting is nice but her foked spellcard sucks), and I almost beat Chen. Diagnosis: as long as I'm foked enough, I can dodge several seconds of tight barrage, but I soon crumble (I do beter in PoFV, though). My lackofbombingitis is getting worse (¡I barely cast 6 spellcards total in all the game!) :'(