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Phantasmagoria of Flower View[edit]

Story Mode[edit]

Cirno (Normal)

Died once to Aya (not unexpected), then bashing face against Yamada.

Human vs Shikigami[edit]

Cirno vs Red-White (Normal)

Spent a lot of time in focus later, since there always seemed to be so much gunk onscreen. But then staying in focus is something Cirno is allowed to do - she's hardly any slower.

Cirno vs Black-White (Normal)

Cirno'd myself ten seconds into round two. lol

Cirno vs Sakuya (Normal)

Suffice to say my enmity towards Sakuya extends well beyond just this game. The knives seem to be immune to perfect freeze, which means half the time, bombing her boss just makes things worse :/.

Cirno vs Youmu (Normal)

Don't think I did it, but her boss always seems quite easy to shoot down.

Cirno vs Useless Bunny (Normal)

I hit 999990 for the first time while fighting Reisen. She sure generates an enormous number of bullets. And half of them turn bounceable every time Cirno freezes...

Cirno vs Her Delightful Self (Normal)

...No comment...

Cirno vs Lyrica (Normal)

Got entered as No Name for some reason... Watch me Cirno myself in the first ten seconds...

Cirno vs Merlin (Normal)

Can't unlock.

Cirno vs Lunasa (Normal)

Can't unlock.

Cirno vs Mystia (Normal)

If you zip around blindly, you are an idiot. If you can't dodge your way past a simple line, you are a newb. When knowing the latter doesn't stop you from doing the former, then, you are Cirno.

Cirno vs Tewi (Normal)

Tewi's bowling balls seem an exceptionally harmless EX, but those damnable contra-rotating rings make up for it...

Cirno vs Aya (Normal)

I average one victory over Aya every thirty or forty games.
Apparently this is more like once every hundred or so games - I've never been able to do it again.

Cirno vs Gas-chan (Normal)

My hatred for Medicine is implacable. Five-second-Cirno this time.

Cirno vs Yuka (Normal)

What can I say... Yuka's just too slow.

Cirno vs Komachi (Normal)

Holy crap. Hours and hours of grinding. Easily the hardest EX attack. Even Wall of Death is easier to address. I've figured out that aggressively going for spirits isn't worth giving Komachi more coin spirals. The moment one appears, I hit the bottom of the screen and bomb whenever feasible. I've also noticed the few times I managed to win that sometimes Komachi's "collapse" factor kicks in at around 1:20 rather than 2:20 or so for everyone else on Normal. I was lucky that at least happened once.

Cirno vs Yamada (Normal)

Average one victory every five rounds so theoretically, one in every twenty-five games or thereabouts, which makes her easier to me than Aya.