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My replays have since been moved to the Touhou Project Replay Archive.

For posterity purposes, here are the old replays from 2007 which I have uploaded here, including the original comments:

  • Media:Th7_udPoochy_Easy_1CC.rpy - My first 1CC on PCB's Easy mode.
  • Media:Th7_udPoochy_Extra_Clear.rpy - My first clear on PCB's Extra Stage. A couple stupid deaths here and there (including TWO right before Ultimate Buddhist - D'OH!), and I panicked and bombed on Ultimate Buddhist when I normally get the Spell Card Bonus there, but otherwise, I'm pretty proud of this one.
  • Media:Th7_udPoochy_Phantasm_Clear.rpy - My first clear on PCB's Phantasm, and so far my proudest replay in the Touhou series. Includes my first decently successful attempt at supergrazing (on #131), although I wimp out partway through and finish it off early.