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Replays played by player 3123.

Double Dealing Character[edit]

Date Difficulty Character Score Replay Remarks
2013/08/18 Hard Sakuya B 1,132,784,890 Replay Overall Hard difficulty record
2013/09/07 Easy Sakuya B 1,041,965,460 Replay Overall Easy difficulty record
2013/09/09 Easy Sakuya B 1,069,804,800 Replay Overall Easy difficulty record
2013/09/15 Normal Sakuya B 1,232,652,910 Replay Overall Normal difficulty record
2014/06/06 Hard Sakuya B 1,745,465,680 Replay Overall Hard difficulty record, in the name of cchcss, ver 1.00a
2014/11/06 Normal Sakuya B 1,574,684,580 N/A Overall Normal difficulty record