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This exists, at the moment, to provide evidence I have actually completed every Last Word of Imperishable Night, and the tasks associated with it.

Let the pain begin!

Spell Card 206 「季節外れのバタフライストーム」, Wriggle Nightbug. Replay. Acquired in 44 tries, Reimu & Yukari. This spell card actually appears in 東方文化帖 ~ Shoot the Bullet!, and rather than the coward's approach I used in this, I kinda looked for a dead zone and just sat there. That should also theoretically work here, with a bit more devastating effect.

Spell Card 207 「ブラインドナイトバード」, Mystia Lorelei. Replay. Acquired in 6 tries, Reimu & Yukari. I'm a homing person addict, and I admit it. :p It suits itself well here, though, where throwing out Ran more or less negates the need to track the boss - and allows me to focus on dodging the bullets. A couple of close calls, but nothing unrepeateable. Quite easy, actually.

Spell Card 208 「日出ずる国の天子」, Keine Kamishirasawa. Replay. Acquired in 24 tries, Reimu & Yukari. Patience (or lack thereof) killed me here more than anything else, as you can see holes galore if you don't panic. It's pretty (as just about all of these are), and I wonder if going after the helpers would have made any difference.

Spell Card 209 「幻朧月睨(ルナティックレッドアイズ)」, Reisen Udongein Inaba. Replay. Acquired in 125 tries, Reimu & Yukari. Ouch. I did not get this one for the longest time - and I'm still very sure there's a much better way to do it than what I did. What I ultimately wound up doing here is flying up and down, back and forth with Reimu and relying on her homing shots to eventually kill. That, as you might guess, took a LOT of time and nerves.

Spell Card 210 「天網蜘網捕蝶の法」, Eirin Yagokoro. Replay. Acquired in 2 tries, Reimu & Yukari. I laughed. Then I laughed. And I laughed some more. Then I slaughtered her. :D This was not fitting for a Last Word, considering how tough she is in the normal game. All the same, I'm thankful I got a break. :p

Spell Card 211 「蓬莱の樹海」, Kaguya Houraisan. Replay. Acquired in 63 tries, Remilia solo. What, not Reimu and Yukari?! BLASPHEMY! It was a lot easier to park her familiars in Kaguya's face and focus on evasion. Again, one might consider trying to take out the middle - I, of course, had to do it the hard way. I'M NOT SMART ENOUGH TO THINK OF THOSE THINGS. :p

Spell Card 212 「フェニックス再誕」, Mokou Fujiwara. Replay. Acquired in 81 tries, Yukari solo. This pissed me off - not so much that the phoenixes would get me, but that she left trails all over the place. I'm still apparently very much attracted to pretty colors. :p Anyway, in true Yukari fashion, I let Ran do all the work here. ;)

Spell Card 213 「エンシェントデューパー」, Tewi Inaba. Replay. Acquired in 78 tries, Reimu & Yukari. I fell for this one hard - I kept trying to evade and react in the back of the tunnel. Which is what cost me so many tries. This is one of the few Cards I actually looked for help online about. And when I saw the solution, I smacked myself. :p

Spell Card 214 「無何有浄化」, Keine Kamishirasawa. Replay. Acquired in 80 tries, Remilia solo. Remilia actually wasn't a great choice here, as I'd rather have Ran out there - but I, for some reason, was set on having Remilia's focused speed. As a result, it's rather inelegant, but it gets the job done with a small number of close shaves. Keine doesn't really stay still, which is the problem.

Spell Card 215 「夢想天生」, Reimu Hakurei. Replay. Acquired in 166 tries, Marisa solo. If Reimu were real, I'd definitely be trying to kill her for this. This was pure memorization, no two ways about it - at least, up until the last ten seconds. Then it was "haaaaaaaaaaaaalp meeeeeeeeeeeeee" panic. Reimu floating out of existence means you can go right through her, which I considered an essential tactic at one or two points.

Spell Card 216 「ブレイジングスター」, Marisa Kirisame. Replay. Acquired in 19 tries, Marisa solo. This was a nice break, as throwing Marisa off was pie. The stars, though tending to jet off randomly, really didn't factor into it until the last seconds, where I was desperately trying to read the stars around me.

Spell Card 217 「デフレーションワールド」, Sakuya Izayoi. Replay. Acquired in 24 tries, Reimu & Yukari. Wasn't hard to throw off Sakuya too, but then again, I like shinies. Fatally. Fortunately, I got over it after being smacked around a few times. :p It also helped that my computer, lacking any real graphics acceleration, slowed down time for me to about 20fps. Thus, I genuinely cheated and the game accepted it.

Spell Card 218 「待宵反射衛星斬」, Youmu Konpaku. Replay. Acquired in 81 tries, Reimu & Yukari. Straightforward, like Youmu's personality. In my defense, the gaps I squeeze through are fairly narrow. As a strike against me, I still have twitchy fingers.

Spell Card 219 「グランギニョル座の怪人」, Alice Margatroid. Replay. Acquired in 20 tries, Yukari solo. Was mostly bwah for me - there is a lot of speed and pure stuff out there, but it's not too hard to get Alice to chase you down. In fact, she tends to retain that behavior in Shoot the Bullet.

Spell Card 220 「スカーレットディスティニー」, Remilia Scarlet. Replay. Acquired in 32 tries, Yukari solo. Now this was fun. Remilia gets FAST at the end, but it's interesting how the speed of the projectiles changes the evasion strategy (at least, in my book).

Spell Card 221 「西行寺無余涅槃」,Yuyuko Saigyouji. Replay. Acquired in 42 tries, Remilia solo. I thought I could just take it easy, plant Remilia's familiar in her face, and just dodge how I did at the end of Perfect Cherry Blossom. WRONG - but not far off. Fortunately, you have a lifebar, not a timer, to work against, which makes this added chaos a bit easier overall.

Spell Card 222 「深弾幕結界 -夢幻泡影-」, Yukari Yakumo. Replay. Acquired in 135 tries, Remilia & Yukari. Ugh. I had to rely on uberplayer replays to get this one down, and memorization of each phase. Doesn't help that the timer stays stagnant on 99 for what seems like an eternity. :p Nevertheless, I do think it's the essence of Touhou - intricate, detailed, lavish bullet patterns that drive you mad with frustration and cause others to stay and watch you die time and time again.

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