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Reverb Boy

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I make Touhou Kichiku Otomad, Okay?

Reverb Boy, or Mixboy, is a famous Chinese meme, depicting (though deliberately twisted) the Touhou Doujin Lecture that actually happened in Peking University. It is originally a deliberately ill-made video, with distorted figures and funny sound effects. The video was released in June 2018, and had received over 369k views by the end of July 2020. This is one of the most famous Touhou memes in China.

Video link: 【三年动画】【东方幻想指南】混响男孩 Warning: This is a Chinese website, so it may be inaccessible in some countries or regions.

The Lines

(Italic texts are notes.)

An abstract classroom. A fat square-faced man sits in the front. Other people are depicted as abstract shapes.
The fat man: Okay, does anyone want to ask more questions?       These are all machine-created sounds, with very strong reverb effects.

*Rise Of God*       Reverb boy rises directly from the floor with a scary sound effect, his back towards the fat man. He is slimmer.
Reverb boy: I do!

*He is coming*       Reverb boy goes backwards, glitching through the tables.
*360-degree super-heavy bass sound*       With a sharp noise, Reverb boy turns his body (except his head) to the front, twisting his head. Then, his head turns to the front.
Reverb boy: It's me. Reverb. Boy.       Reverb boy's head leans to the right.

The fat man: What?
Reverb boy: I make Touhou Kichiku Otomad, Okay?       Reverb Boy's eyes move randomly.

The fat man's head suddenly pokes forward a lot, making his neck a looooong flat rectangle. Then his head goes back.
The fat man: No!

Reverb boy: 搜到有(Sou Dao You)(The Chinese voice-translation of the Japanese "Soudayo", means "Right!")
Siren noises. The fat man becomes angry, with his lips pointing down, like Baldi in "Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning".

Reverb boy: Two dimensions, two dimensions, two dimensions, two dimensions, two dimensions, two dimensions, two dimensions, two dimensions, two dimensions...
Reverb boy's head and shoulders move crazily, like a lunatic.

*A fierce duel of looking at each other*
The fat man: Enough! I cannot put up with your deeds. Now you will become one of us!

*Mysterious pink cloth appeared*       A pink dress with blonde wig appears from the wall, moving horizontally and fixing into Reverb boy.
Reverb boy: Oh f*ck. This is good.
*Reverb boy rises to a new boundary*       Reverb boy, with the dress, floats slowly into the sky like a balloon.

Real life references

The Fat man is Mr. 赵旭升(Zhao Xusheng), more famously referred to as “囧仙”(Jiong Xian). He is the organizer of many Touhou Doujin activities in mainland China, including orchestra concerts, THOnly activities and Doujin animations like The Sealed Esoteric History, and the [thwiki.cc THBWiki] as well. He even designed his original Touhou fanfic character, Keisenko! The Reverb boy is Mr. Li Zehang, then leader of the Inmu discussion community on Baidu Tieba (a reddit-like platform). Inmu is a Japanese NSFW TV series, its meme somehow spreading across Japan and even other places of East Asia.

In the Doujin Lecture that actually happened, Li wanted to ask questions about Doujin making, but he somehow failed to say anything useful to create a question. He just blabbered about his experience but did not raise a obvious question. Jiong Xian commented (from what Li actually said) that he should not divide Touhou fans into different layers, as all fans should be equal.

Interviewing Jiong Xian

In December 2018, Jiong Xian had an interview with Heitong Ganye, another Touhou content maker. Part of the interview, especially the "Netizen's Questions" part, soon established itself as a meme, where Jiong Xian talked about loli knee socks.

Video link: 【寓梦寻迹 正片】第一期:囧仙访谈 The fun part starts at 13:40.

(These are the summary of the interview after 13:40.)

Ganye: We collected a bunch of questions from our fellow netizens. I hope you will answer them one by one. 
       The first question is...
       I make Touhou Kichiku Otomad, Okay?

Jiong: Yes!        The subtitle shows: "No!" This is a reference of the Reverb Boy video.

Ganye: In China, THOnly activities are becoming more and more common these days. Do you consider this good?

Jiong: My views are a bit radical. I think it's good, without a bit of harm! (...Talks about THOnly activities being frequent in Japan...)

Ganye: How do you like those internet memes about you?

Jiong: If your meme is interesting, I will even use it myself! But if your meme is 谔谔(è è/eh-eh, silly and offensive), I will not like it, and I believe it will be quite useless. 

Ganye: Zun also commented on memes about him. He did not like his image on some memes.

Jiong: Actually it was like... There are some boring people in Japan. One of them signed up a bot account on Twitter which posted pictures of naked women with Zun's head every day! To be frank, he did it quite well... But the content was brutal- very eh-eh, very brutal.
       So Zun said those after he saw the pictures. He hoped it would not... not hoped, but CRITICIZED the behaviour, demanding it should not happen again. I think anyone will frown on it. It's way too brutal! Please STOP doing things like this. It's even... It's just a form of persecution!

Ganye: When will the Sealed Esoteric History III be released?

Jiong: After 2020, of course.

Ganye: This question is quite interesting... What's the perfect colour and length of knee socks?

Jiong: As to me, I love Pure white, or pure black ones. Pure pink or other colours are also Okay. The match with your clothes also count. Of course, I think only black and white is The Journey Of Heavens! With other colours, you should take the match into account.
       I don't very much like striped ones. I especially hate ones with pictures, like Cookie☆ ones, on them. Leopard pattern is also too brutal. That's brutal to the extreme, you know? I don't acknowledge them as socks!
       Well, speaking of the length... First, they should be over your knees, of course. Some knee socks just get stuck on the middle of your knees- Yes, I Think they are too brutal, giving others the desire to pull them up. But there are no maximum limit! You know, if they get too long they become pantyhose, but I think that's still not bad.