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Not to be confused with Rin Kaenbyou.
冴月麟 (さつきりん)
Rin Satsuki
Rin Saetsuki (さえつき りん)
Rin Saezuki (さえづき りん)




Official Games

Rin Satsuki (冴月麟 Satsuki Rin) would have been the third playable character of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil but was cut during production due to time constraints[1]. A trace amount of data about her name was left in the game data. Not much is known about her, but the text "冴月 麟" (or the hex code "8D E1 8C 8E 20 97 D9", Shift-JIS encoding) can be found in the "東方紅魔郷.exe" executable file near Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame's line of code.

General Information[edit]

There's traces of information scattered in relation to Embodiment of Scarlet Devil that could be associated with her. In the games data, there are two attack types: Flower Sign (花符) and Wind Sign (風符). An alleged portrait of her (or an otherwise unknown character) appears on Team Shanghai Alice's circle cut in the Comiket when Embodiment of Scarlet Devil was first released (shown in the info box on the left). Additionally, shown in the data files by using a tool to rip graphics from the game, there is an unused character in the Stage 1 enemy sprites that looks much like the character in the portrait, although there's a possibility that this was originally going to be Rumia.


Based on a remark by Marisa Kirisame in her Extra Stage [2], Rin is theorized to be a nurse, but this is pure speculation. However, in modern Japanese popular culture, the kirin is often conflated with the unicorn (cf. Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter), which has healing powers; this would suggest a connection between kirin and nurses.

Character Design[edit]

Circle cut "poster girl"


Her name Rin () stands for the mythological creature Kirin, prompting some to believe that she was supposed to be a personification of a kirin. This is supported by the fact that by the Japanese name order, her name is "Satsuki Rin." Official pronunciation and romanization are unknown. Her name "冴月 麟" is generally pronounced "Rin Satsuki" (さつき りん).

Other possibilities for reading her name includes as sae or kooru and as getsu or gatsu. "" has however only one reading: rin.


In the past it was thought that the girl in the circle cut was Rin Satsuki, however a recent Twitter post revealed the girl in the picture wasn't Rin Satsuki, and instead claimed it was a Team Shanghai Alice "poster girl".[3][4][5] The poster girl is wearing a large ribbon on her hair with cherry hair pins and a dress-like blouse. She holds an erhu upside down and the colours are unknown because the circle cut is in monochrome.




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