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(りん) ()
The Orange Eagle Ravi
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Moon rabbit


Growing in strength by eating dango


Unknown, at least 53 years old.[1]


Former Lunarian military informant, now a Dango saleswoman



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"Ahh, there are some pretty strong people on Earth, huh?
You've got all sorts of food, too.
I wish I had been born on Earth..."

Ringo (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Stage 2)

Ringo (鈴瑚 Ringo) is a moon rabbit who appears as the stage 2 boss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.

General Information[edit]


Ringo is an individual who prefers to be alone and away from the public's attention. She can be friendly to people that interest her, even if they are enemies. After losing, she commends her opponent's strengths and tells them where to go. She expresses a desire to live on Earth. Since she liked Earth so much, Ringo decided to desert the Moon and stay in Gensokyo, where she owns a Dango stand these days. [2]


Growing in strength by eating Dango

Ringo seems to grow stronger by eating more Dango. The specifics of her abilities are unknown, however.


She is a member of the "Eagle Ravi" Earth Recon Unit, and along with other members, she was sent to "purify" the Earth. However, she takes no direct role in this as her job is more leisurely; she is in charge of Information Management, which is considered a high-ranking job in the Lunarian Military. Despite being highly ranked, she had no info on why the Lunar Capital was relocated to the Dream World, she assumes that she would've been dealt with had she found out. [3]

Character Design[edit]


Ringo (鈴瑚) is spelled with the characters for rin () "bell, chime", and go () "coral" a marine sessile animal, attractive for it's colours and the big reefs it conforms; it could also means "person of virtue". Ringo is also phonetically the same as the word Ringo (林檎) which means "Apple".


Ringo has red eyes and short blonde hair, and two short, drooping rabbit's ears. Her outfit consists of an orange patterned crop top, yellow patterned pumpkin breeches, and a brown patterned newsboy cap. She is seen holding a bunch of dango on her left hand and a skewer with a dango on her right hand.


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Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Ringo's sprite in LoLK

Ringo shows interest in the protagonists after receiving information about them from Seiran and decides to fight against them. After losing, she shows some type of attachment to the Earth and lack of interest in the Lunar Capital plan, letting the player continue with their journey.


Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia

Aya Shameimaru reports the competition between Seiran and Ringo of who sells more dango in the Human Village. Aya claims Ringo is winning but that she supports Seiran, although she explains that she does it because she always wants to support the weak part.



Both are members of the "Eagle Ravi" Earth Recon Unit sent to "purify" the Earth. After the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom they both deserted the moon and became business rivals as Dango salesgirls.



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