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Rinnosuke Morichika

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(もり) (ちか)   (りん) () (すけ)
moɽʲit͡ɕʲi̥ka ɽʲinːosɯ̥ke (♫)
Rinnosuke Morichika
Rinnosuke Morichika
Rinnosuke Morichika in Curiosities of Lotus Asia
The Unmoving Used Goods Seller
More Character Titles

Kourin (こう) (りん)




Knowing the name and utility of tools


Unknown, at least 220 years [1]


Owner of Kourindou, an antique shop


Kourindou, on the edge of the Forest of Magic

Music Themes
Official Games
Print Works
  • Touhou Unreal Mahjong (Playable Character, Possible Opponent) Note: This appearance is unofficial, but Rinnosuke's theme was composed by ZUN

Rinnosuke Morichika (森近 霖之助 Morichika Rinnosuke), nicknamed Kourin (香霖) by Marisa Kirisame, is the main protagonist of Curiosities of Lotus Asia and one of the few male characters depicted in the Touhou Project. He is a half-human half-youkai hybrid with the ability to know the name and purpose of an object by examining it. He runs Kourindou, an antique shop specializing in items from the Outside World.

General Information

Illustration of Rinnosuke in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

Rinnosuke is the main protagonist of Curiosities of Lotus Asia and has been a recurring character in various mangas. He's the shop owner of Kourindou located between the Forest of Magic and the Human Village. He has a habit of collecting items that drop nearby from the outside world, but due to his poor business sense, refusal to let go of any useful or interesting items, personality, location, niche merchandise, and inability to determine just how to use something, his business can be deemed a failure. He chose the location of Kourindou to do business with both humans and youkai, but he rarely ever has clients of either kind aside from a few (noisy) visitors.[2]

Rinnosuke had been to the outside world long ago. He remarks about the "outside world I knew", and tries to imagine it from old memories, but too much time has elapsed.[2] By the time he visits it again in a dream-like sequence in Curiosities of Lotus Asia's 11th chapter, it's a completely alien environment to him.


Rinnosuke has a calm and analytical demeanor, and has a tendency to keep to himself. He rarely argues or voices negative opinions of others, preferring to avoid fights.[3] Though he's rather curious, he prefers not to show it and tends to feign ignorance. He claims to prefer to keep his nose out of things, but tends to listen to the conversation of others.[4] He pretends to ignore happenings around his shop but will attempt to goad others into telling him whatever is happening.[5]

Rinnosuke has a know-it-all attitude, he is always excited to use his ability to explain things to others, even if he can't actually confirm its correctness, to the point of rambling exhaustive explanations to both himself and others. He tends to overthink his appraisal of items, to the point of it becoming wild guesses and over-the-top conclusions of the abilities of mundane items. This attitude means that, once he starts explaining things, he won't stop going into many semi-related stories until told to stop.[6] That said, he does genuinely enjoy explaining things to others if asked.

Although he won't admit it, like Marisa Kirisame, he has a bit of a hoarding habit with his shop's collection of items. Though he would claim that these items are products to be sold, not many customers buy them. He does not mind destroying or parting with some of the more dangerous or mysterious items he has, however.[7]


Apparently, Rinnosuke doesn't have any fighting abilities like Reimu Hakurei or Marisa Kirisame do, which makes him an ideal character to describe typical daily life in Gensokyo. ZUN has stated that Rinnosuke isn't the type to use spell cards, but he perhaps might.[8] Perfect Memento in Strict Sense states that he is not very strong due to a lack of training. Additionally, in a reply to a question on the former Gensou Bulletin Board, it was stated that he actually cannot fight with Reimu and other characters using danmaku.

Knowing the name and utility of tools

By examining any man-made object, Rinnosuke can learn its name and what it's used for. However, he only learns of the object's name and utility, and doesn't know how to actually use said object. The information he receives can sometimes be vague or confusing - for example, from examining a PC, he's able to know that it's a personal computer and that it's a tool for collecting and processing information, but he doesn't know how to operate it.[9]

He lacks an overall understanding about the outside and modern science, so he often ends up drawing strange conclusions about certain items (in one case leading him to mistake a Game Boy for a doomsday device).[10] This even extends to his theories about Gensokyo. ZUN mentions that Rinnosuke doesn't know as much as he thinks he does and his various hypotheses about everything are mostly pulled out of thin air.[11]

Creation of magic items

Rinnosuke made the Mini-Hakkero when Marisa left her parents' home.[12] Despite it's small size, it has extraordinary heating power, to the point of being able to reduce a mountain to ashes. It was made with various improvements and special qualities, ranging from being a cooler in the summer due to the wind blowing from its reactors to being an air purifier. Marisa uses it in daily life, most famously in combat as a conductor for the Master Spark. It's unknown just to what extent Rinnosuke can create or modify objects, but adding hihiirokane to the Mini-Hakkero at Marisa's request was his "first big job in a while" and adding various features is something he considers a hobby and part of his customer service.[13]


Rinnosuke is a half-youkai. Because of this, youkai don't attack him and he doesn't attack humans.[14] Being a human-youkai hybrid, Rinnosuke only needs to drink a cup of sake with a couple of side vegetables to provide enough sustenance for a meal, but full meals are preferred.[15] He avoids staying in the Human Village for long because his lack of aging brings unease to the humans there.[16] Also, he's resistant to both human diseases and youkai diseases, but he can still get ill every once in a rare while.[17]


Rinnosuke seems to have originally lived in the outside world, though he is unable to remember much about it. He used to work as an apprentice for Marisa's father at his store in the village. However, his ability and interest in the outside wasn't being put to its best use with the human customers, so he decided to strike out on his own. He created the Mini-Hakkero as a gift for Marisa when she cut ties with her family. He then opened Kourindou, which he still resides in.

Character Design


His full name is Rinnosuke Morichika (森近 霖之助). His surname Morichika (森近) means "near the forest", which is the location of Kourindou, near the Forest of Magic. The name is an actual place name, family name or surname. His first name Rinnosuke (霖之助) means "helps the long rain", and it possibly has something to do with Marisa Kirisame since her last name, "Kirisame", means drizzle. His nickname Kourin (香霖) is a short-form of Kourindou.


Rinnosuke has golden eyes, short silver hair and wears a pair of glasses. His clothes are black and blue, and he often carries a small bag with him. His appearance has not changed since Marisa was a small child, indicating his status as a half-youkai.



Curiosities of Lotus Asia

Rinnosuke is the protagonist of Curiosities of Lotus Asia. In the novel, he presents his thoughts about his daily life, about the people he meets or anything that crossed his mind; and information about his shop. The work also contains the dialogues he has with his clients.

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

One day, a hookah (called a nargile in the article) appears for sale in Kourindou. Aya Shameimaru comes to write an article about it and offer her opinion. Unfortunately, Rinnosuke has no idea how to use the device, despite knowing its function. He proposes that it be used as a decoration.

Some time after the article is written, Aya comes back to see if the hookah had been sold. Rinnosuke informs her that he decided to keep it for himself after being taught (by Yukari Yakumo) how to use it. Aya wonders out loud if he really intends to run a business. She considers the odd hookah to be nonsensical. Rinnosuke counters by stating that all luxury goods are nonsensical, and that people who buy them are interesting. Aya agrees with him.

Rinnosuke's appearance in Wild and Horned Hermit
Silent Sinner in Blue

In Chapter 3 of Silent Sinner in Blue, Sakuya Izayoi is sent to Kourindou in order to buy reference materials on rockets, arriving in the evening when Rinnosuke has already closed up shop. After he shows Sakuya some materials on the Apollo program, she purchases them.

Rinnosuke's appearance in Forbidden Scrollery
Cage in Lunatic Runagate

In Chapter 7 of Cage in Lunatic Runagate, Half-body Half-honor, Youmu Konpaku visits Kourindou hoping to learn what it is that Sakuya had purchased from the store. While Rinnosuke denies her the information, after Youmu mentions rockets, he informs her about the Apollo program. However, since the materials on it have been bought, Rinnosuke informs her of books with similar contents that Youmu purchases instead.

Eastern and Little Nature Deity

Appearing only in the bonus written story Fairy of the Moon, the Three Fairies of Light visited Kourindou to inquire about a fluorescent lamp. Rinnosuke explains to them what it is and is somewhat disgusted by their lack of intelligent responses. He proceeds to lecture them about the origin of the name of the fluorescent lamp.

Wild and Horned Hermit

In Chapter 34 of Wild and Horned Hermit, Kasen visits Rinnosuke's shop in order to meet with Sumireko as usual, to which Rinnosuke tries to object but is quickly persuaded. Kasen uses the moment to talk with Rinnosuke about Reimu's situation of low confidence and some way to cheer her up.

Forbidden Scrollery

In Chapter 26 and 27 of Forbidden Scrollery, Kosuzu Motoori is brought to Kourindou by Marisa in order to learn about a Ouija board that her father had found. Rinnosuke gives a long explanation to the two, lasting into the evening before he finally lets them go home.


Rinnosuke in HM

Rinnosuke has made his first ever appearance in a Touhou Project game in Hopeless Masquerade, but only as a background cameo character on the Human Village stage. Additionally, he's been mentioned in game dialogue (as Kourin) in Marisa Kirisame's Immaterial and Missing Power ending when she thinks about showing Suika Ibuki to him, as well as in her Phantasmagoria of Flower View versus script. Nazrin also mentions obtaining the Jeweled Pagoda from "a second-hand goods shop", which could be Kourindou. Kourindou also appears as a stage location in Urban Legend in Limbo and Antinomy of Common Flowers.


Rinnosuke made an unofficial appearance in the fangame Touhou Unreal Mahjong by D.N.A. Softwares. ZUN had involvement with the game and composed his theme "Curious Old Shanghai Tile".


Since he rarely leaves Kourindou and has a somewhat difficult personality, Rinnosuke is mostly acquainted with those who come by his store, either as freeloaders or the few customers he has.

Marisa Kirisame & her Family

Rinnosuke worked for Marisa's father at his shop as an apprentice in the Human Village before leaving to start Kourindou over eleven years ago before Marisa Kirisame was born, and he's known Marisa since she was small. She must have known him at least since 2001, as from Curiosities of Lotus Asia chapter 6's prologue, Marisa once eavesdropped on a conversation between Rinnosuke and her father during one of Rinnosuke's rare visits to the Kirisame residence. Marisa thinks Rinnosuke is stiff with her because of her family, but the truth is Rinnosuke keeps his guard up with her because he doesn't want her to suspect when he's lying to her, particularly when it comes to her paying Rinnosuke with items that she collects.

Rinnosuke refers to her dad as the "human whom I had received hospitality from long time ago," indicating it was Marisa's father that took him in. Rinnosuke used to make rare visits to the Kirisame residence even after that, but hasn't visited him for 10 years,[16] presumably because he ran away to start his own shop. Rinnosuke was a little nervous about seeing him again due to the time that elapsed since then, but from Rinnosuke's meeting with him, there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between them.[16]

Rinnosuke sees Marisa as something of an annoyance, as she often imposes herself on him and takes what she likes from the store, but they are still on good terms and he seems to welcome her company. They're friendly enough that he created and later gave her the Hakkero. He even agrees to repair it. [12] She's also the only one to call him by his nickname "Kourin", although whether it implies fondness, or just that they've known each other for so long, is unknown.

Because of Marisa's collecting habits, Rinnosuke is often able to get valuable things she picks up for quite cheap, as Marisa usually doesn't know the true value of the item. However, he does feel somewhat bad about it.[13]

Reimu Hakurei

He's lived long enough to know about the Hakurei Shrine and the generations of Hakurei who have come before, but it's unknown if this means he was acquainted with Reimu Hakurei's family. She's nearly as much of an annoyance as Marisa, but he tolerates and gives much leeway to her. However, from Rinnosuke's point of view, Reimu doesn't resolve incidents because they're bothering people, but rather because she just likes to stick her neck out into strange events. It is said that he originally prepared Reimu's purification rod and shrine maiden clothing for her use.[18]

Sumireko Usami

Sumireko is a common visitor of Kourindou since she came to Gensokyo, using it as a point of reunion with Reimu and other people for her travels, while chatting with Rinnosuke about objects and life on the outside world as some business intel for him. She has recently taken up a part-time job at Kourindou, helping Rinnosuke curate the store inventory in return for unwanted antiques she can resells in the outside world.

Minor Relationships

Yukari Yakumo

Yukari Yakumo and Rinnosuke mostly have a business arrangement. In exchange for fuel for his kerosene fan heater, Yukari takes merchandise she likes and occasionally provides information on items. While he is grateful, Rinnosuke also doesn't like dealing with her all that much and makes note of how ominous she seems. [19]

Sakuya Izayoi

Sakuya Izayoi is a customer who comes by the shop occasionally, mostly on the whims of her mistress, Remilia Scarlet.


Laika is Rinnosuke's pet, a dog which reincarnated in a pet robot. At first Rinnosuke thought of it as a bother because it was making a mess in his shop, but soon after learning about being a reincarnation of the spirit of a dog, he decided to adopt it. [20]





Additional Information


Official Profiles

Rinnosuke Morichika 森近 霖之助 (もりちか りんのすけ)


Rinnosuke Morichika
Human/Ability to know the name and purpose of tools.

The shopkeeper of the curio shop, "Kourindou". He has the ability
to know the name and purpose of any tool he holds. Unfortunately,
the only drawback is that he doesn't know how to use the item. Although he is very knowledgeable, when you think about it, he tends to seclude himself,
and not only does he not come out of the shop, but he's also cold to
customers, so he really is a shopkeeper ill-suited for business.
In the past, he worked in the largest second-hand shop in Gensokyo, the Kirisames' house, his friendship with Marisa is relatively long.

Official Sources

Official sources