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The English Transcript of Riverbed Soul Saver.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.



In-Game Dialogue[edit]


Other Translations[edit]

Difficulty Level[edit]

Like most Touhou games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name and a short summary. Most of the levels are named after periods in the Quaternary Ice Age.

ヴュルム級 Easy Mode 寒さももう緩む難易度。初心者向け。
Würm Level Easy Mode A difficulty level where even the coldness is pretty warm. Aimed at beginners.
リス級 Normal Mode へぇへぇ、こちとら全年齢向けの難易度でさぁ!
Riss Level Normal Mode Hey hey! This here's a difficulty level for all ages! [1]
ミンデル級 Hard Mode 弾幕がみんな出る難易度。上級者向け。
Mindel Level Hard Mode A difficulty level with everyone's danmaku on full display.[2] Aimed at skilled players.
ギュンツ級 Lunatic Mode ギュンギュン殺しに来る難易度。遊ぶな。
Günz Level Lunatic Mode A difficulty level that's really günning for you. Don't play this.
レティ級 Extra Mode 眩しいほどに黒幕。
Letty Level Extra Mode So mastermindy it hurts to look at.
スノーボールアース級 Phantasm Mode 弾幕氷河期到来。氷すら覆い尽くす!
Snowball Earth Level Phantasm Mode The danmaku glacial epoch has arrived. Obscure even the ice!
スターティアン級 Overdrive Mode さあ、今こそ進化の扉を開けよ!ユーザーキー1でショット切り替え可(一部機体のみ)
Sturtian Level Overdrive Mode Now, open the door of evolution! (Change shots with user key 1 - only for certain shot types)

Stage Titles[edit]

There are six main stages and two extra stages in the full version of the game.

Stage 1 散花の出陣 Warfront of Falling Flowers
Stage 2 命を導けなかった樹 The Tree that Failed to Guide Life
Stage 3 瑠璃色に惚けた日常 A Daily Life Entranced by Azure
Stage 4 沙羅双樹の色の花 The Color of the Flowers on Gion Temple's Tree
Stage 5 とっても邪魔台国 A Deeply Obstructive Kingdom
Stage 6 呪われた藤原宮 The Cursed Fujiwara Palace
Extra Stage 東方蛇星章 Eastern Snake Star Chapter
Phantasm Stage 導命ノ蛇 Life-Guiding Snake

Shot Types[edit]

Wily and Elusive Barrier Team (神出鬼没の結界チーム - Reimu Hakurei and Yukari Yakumo)[edit]

Cross-Cultural Magic Team (和洋折衷の魔法チーム - Marisa Kirisame and Patchouli Knowledge)[edit]

"Learn New Truths from Old" Head Family Team (温故知新の豪族チーム - Mononobe no Futo and Toyosatomimi no Miko)[edit]


  1. "リス" (risu) is also the Japanese word for "squirrel", which may be why this level's description appears to be written in Momo Tobikura's manner of speech.
  2. The original phrasing here, "danmaku ga minna deru" (literally 'everyone shoots danmaku'), is likely a pun on "mindel" (minderu).