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Road of Lingering Snow

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残雪 (ざねつ) (みち)
Road of Lingering Snow
za̠ne̞t͡sɯᵝ no̞ mit͡ɕi
The Road of Lingering Snow in Undefined Fantastic Object
Official Games

The Road of Lingering Snow (残雪の道 Zansetsu no Michi) is a road that's covered in snow, just as spring was starting in the season 124 (year 2009). Not much is known about this road or its location. However, it seems that, based on the name of the road, snow can last for a long time here, as shown n Double Spoiler when the game is set in autumn of the same year.

The Road's Appearances


Undefined Fantastic Object

The road first appeared on Stage 1 in Undefined Fantastic Object. The heroines will start flying over this road in order to chase the Palanquin Ship, where its shadow can be seen on the road. They'll be collecting Seed of Unknown Forms without knowing. Nazrin, being the midboss and boss of the stage, roamed down here because she thought she found something, but it turned out to be human. Either way, they'll dual, and instead of Nazrin being defeated, she'll flee. The road appears as a cameo on stage 2, 3 and the Extra Stage, when the heroine is flying through the sky.


Double Spoiler

The road appears in Double Spoiler on the Extra Stage, where Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou encounters Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame and Sanae Kochiya to try and take photos of their danmaku. It is not explained why these three were lurking around this area. The previous stage is in Hokkai within Makai, whilst the next stage is at the Waterfall of Nine Heavens in the Youkai Mountain on the Spoiler Stage. There are 9 scenes total on this stage, with three scenes per character.